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Service & Paton, 5, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c.
Sewell & Co., 28, Paternoster row, E.C.
Shaw, John F., & Co., 48, Paternoster row, E.C.
Shaw, John, & Sons, 7, Fetter lane, E.C.
Shearer, R. S., & Son, 6, King street, Stirling, N.B.
Sherlock, Frederick, 30 & 31, New Bridge street, E.C. 1888
Shiells, James, & Co., 18, Bury street, w.c.
Shrimpton, A. Thos., & Son, 23 & 24, Broad street, Oxford
Simpkin, Marshall

, Hamilton, Kent, & Co. Ltd., 4, Stationers' Hall court;
31-32, Paternoster row, E.C.; and at 317, Strand, w.c.
Sinkins, W. J., 27, Paternoster square, E.C.
Skeffington & Son, 163, Piccadilly, w.
Skerry, G. E., & Co., 27, Chancery lane, w.c.
Slark, John, Busby place, Kentish Town, N.w.
Slater, George, 74, Strand, w.C.
Small, David M., 3, Howard street, Edinburgh. 1898

Fiction, History, and General
Smith, Ainslie, & Co., 25, Newcastle street, Strand, w.c. 1867
Smith, C., & Son, 63, Charing Cross, s.w. 1799. See advt. page 18

Maps and Globes, Educational, &c.
Smith, Elder, & Co., 15, Waterloo place, s.W.
Smith, Joseph, & Co., 12, St. Bride street, E.C.
Smith, T. J., Son, & Downes, 109, Queen Victoria street, E.C.
Smithers, Leonard, 4 & 5, Royal arcade, Old Bond street, w.
Snow, John, & Co., 2, Ivy lane, E.C.
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Northumberland avenue,

Charing Cross, w.c.; 43, Queen Victoria street, E.C.; and at 135, North

street, Brighton Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 19, Delahay

street, Westminster, s.w. Sonnenschein (Swan) & Co. Ltd., 6, White Hart-st., Paternoster-sq., E.C.

(Est. 1878.) Scientific, Theological, Educational, &c.

Telegrams, “Sonnenschein, London.” Sotheran, H., & Co., 140, Strand ; and 37, Piccadilly, w. Southam & Co., 29, Paternoster row, E.C. Southern Pub. Co. Ltd., 62, Fleet-st., E.C.; and 130, North-st., Brighton Southwell, Mrs. M., 27, Ivy lane, E.C. Spencer & Co., 15, Great Queen street, w.c.

Spencer, Walter T., 27, New Oxford street. See advt. within front cover
Spon, E. & F. N., Ltd., 125, Strand, w.c.; and at New York. (Scientific)
Spottiswoode & Co., 54, Gracechurch street, E.C.
Stanford, Edward, 26, Cockspur street, Charing Cross, s.w.
Stationers' Company, The, Stationers' Hall, Ludgate hill, E.C.
Stevens & Haynes, 13, Bell yard, Temple Bar, w.c. (Law)
Stevens & Sons Ltd., 119, Chancery lane, w.c.

Stevens, W., Ltd., 421, Strand, w.
Stewart, William, & Co., 41, Farringdon street, E.C.
Stock, Elliot, 61 & 62, Paternoster row, E.C. See advt. preceding title-

e-page Stoneman, George, 39, Warwick lane, Paternoster row, E.C. Sullivan Bros., Marlborough street, Dublin.

(Educational) Sunday School Association, Essex street, Strand, w.C. Sunday School Union, 57–59, Ludgate hill, E.C.

Telegramx, “Sunday School Union, London.” Telephone, 1775 Swedenborg Society, 1, Bloomsbury street, w.c.

Est. 1810, for translating, printing, and circulating the writings of Swedenborg Sweet & Maxwell Ltd., 3, Chancery lane, w.C. See advt. page 19. (Law)

Taylor, Charles, 23, Warwick lane, E.C.
Technical Publishing Co. Ltd., 31, Whitworth street, Manchester. 1887

Engineering and Technical. Telephone, 2202, Manchester
Thacker, W., & Co., 2, Creed lane, E.C.; also at Calcutta and Simla. 1816

Indian and General, Books on Horses. Telegrams, “Mofussil, London."
Thatcher, Thomas, 44 & 45, College Green, Bristol. 1862. (General)

Telephone, 972
Theosophical Book Co., 3, Vernon place, Bloomsbury square, w.C.
Theosophical Publishing Society, 26, Charing Cross, s.w.
Thin, James, 55, Southbridge, Edinburgh
Thynne, Charles J., Wycliffe House, 6, Great Queen street, w.c. 1891

Treacher, H. & C., 170, North street, Brighton
Trinitarian Bible Society, 25, New Oxford street, w.c.
Tripplin, Julien, 31, Holborn viaduct, E.C.

(Horology, dc.)
Truelove, E., 17, Alexandra road, Hornsey, N.
Truslove & Hanson, 143, Oxford steeet; and 6, Sloane street, w.
Tuck (Ralphael) & Sons, 72, Coleman street, E.C.
Tucker, George, 1, 2 & 3, Salisbury court, Fleet street, E.C. 1878

Electrical, Engineering, and General. Telephone, 949, Holborn
Unicorn Press, The, 7, Cecil court, St. Martin's lane, w.C.
United Kingdom Band of Hope Union, 60, Old Bailey, E.C.
United Methodist Free Churches Book Room, 119, Salisbury square, E.C.
University Press, The, Ltd., Watford. 1896

Philosophy, Literature, Religion
Unwin, T. Fisher, 11, Paternoster buildings, E.C.
Valentine, P., & Son, 9, Huntley street, w.c.

Vaughan, Edwin, & Co., 11 & 13, St. Bride street, E.C.
Vinton & Co. Ltd., 9, New Bridge street, Blackfriars, E.C.
Virtue, J. S., & Co. Ltd., 26, Ivy lane, E.C.

(Fine Art)
Telegrams, “ Virtutis, London." Telephone, 7730 King's Cross
Walker, John, & Co., Farringdon House, Warwick lane, E.C.
Walker, William, & Sons, Otley, Yorkshire
Walters, William, 84, St. Paul's churchyard, E.C.
Ward & Downey Ltd., 12, York buildings, Duke street, Adelphi, w.c. 1884

Fiction, Travel, Biography, and General. Telegrams, “ Colophon, London.”
Ward, Lock, & Co. Ltd., Warwick House, Salisbury square, E.C.
Ward (Marcus) & Co. Ltd., Oriel House, Farringdon st., E.C. ; and at Belfast

Telegrams, “Wardmarks, London.”
Ward (Rowland) Ltd., 166, Piccadilly, w.

(Natural History) Warne (Frederick) & Co., 15, Bedford street, Strand, w.C. (General)

Telegrams, Warne, London.”
Warren & Son, The Wykeham Press, Winchester
Washbourne, Robert, 18, Paternoster row, E.C.

(Catholic) Waterlow & Sons Ltd., 85-86, London Wall, E.C., 49, Parliament st., S. W.; also at Temple row, Birmingham.

Watts & Co., 17, Johnson's court, Fleet street, E.C.
Werner Company, 13a, Cockspur street, Charing Cross, s.w.
Wesley (William) & Son, 28, Essex street, Strand, w.c. 1885

Natural History and Scientific
Wesleyan Methodist Book Room, 2, Castle street, E.C.
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Union, 2 & 3, Ludgate Circus

buildings, E.C.
Wesleyan School Book Depôt, 126 & 128, Horseferry road, s.w.
Whitaker, Joseph, & Sons, 12, Warwick lane, E.C.
White, F. V., & Co., 14, Bedford street, Strand, w.c.
White, Robert, Bridge street, Worksop

Whittaker & Co., 2, White Hart street, Paternoster square, E.C.

Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, and Industries
Whittingham, Charles, & Co., 21, Took’s court, E.C.
Whittingham, W. B., & Co. Ltd., 91, Gracechurch street, E.C.
Wigg, E. S., & Son, 29, Ludgate hill, E.C.
Williams, Henry, 48, Old Bailey, E.C.
Williams & Norgate, 14, Henrietta st., W.C.; and at Edinburgh and Oxford
Willing & Co., 366, Gray's Inn road, w.c.
Willoughby, Richard, 27, Ivy lane, E.C.
Wilson, Clement, Norfolk House, Norfolk street, Strand, w.c.
Wilson, Ettingham, 11, Royal Exchange, E.C.
Winsor & Newton Ltd., 37-40, Rathbone place, w
Witherby & Co., 326, High Holborn, w.c.

Telegrams, “Whereby, London.” Telephone, 65,092
Woodall, Minshall, & Co., Oswestry
Wright, John, & Co., Stone bridge, Bristol.

(Medical) Young, G. A., & Co, 102, South bridge, Edinburgh. 1848

Biblical, Oriental, and Works of Reference

Music Publishers (IN LONDON).

Ashdown, Edwin, Ltd., 19, Hanover square, w.
Boosey & Co., 295, Regent street, w.
Bosworth, A. E., & Co., 4, Berners street, w.
Broome, Washington Herbert, 15, Holborn, E.C.
Chappell & Co. Ltd., 49-52, New Bond street, w.
Cocks (Robert) & Co., 6, New Burlington street, w.
Cramer, J. B., & Co. Ltd., 207 & 209, Regent street, W.; and 40 to 46,

Moorgate street, E.C.
Curwen & Sons Ltd., 8, Warwick lane, E.C.
D’Alcorn, Henri, 39, Wych street, Strand, w.c.
Enoch & Sons, 14, Great Marlborough street, w.
Everard & Co., 185, Upper street, n.
Forsyth Brothers, 267, Regent street, w.
Hopwood & Crew, 42, New Bond street, w.
Howard & Co., 25, Great Marlborough street, w.
Hutchings & Romer, 39, Great Marlborough street, w.
Jefferys (Charles) & Son, 67, Berners street, w.
London College of Music, 47, Great Marlborough street, w.
Metzler & Co. Ltd., 40-43, Great Marlborough street, w.
Novello, Ewer, & Co., 1, Berners street, W.; and 80 & 81, Queen street, E.C.
Oetzmann (Thomas) & Co., 27, Baker street, w.
Patey & Willis, 44, Great Marlborough street, w.
Portland Music Publishing Co., 74, Great Portland street, w.
Reeves, William, 185, Fleet street, E.C.
Reynolds & Co., 13, Berners street, w.
Ricordi, G., & Co., 265, Regent street, w.
Rossini & Co., 281, Regent street, w.
Sheard (Charles) & Co., 192, High Holborn, w.c.
Swan & Co., 4, Berners street, w.
Weekes & Co., 14, Hanover street, Regent street, w.
Willcocks & Co. Ltd., 21A, Berners street, w.
Williams, Joseph, 32, Great Portland street, w.

Book Publishers in Canada.

Allen, J. C., & Co., 124, Granville street, Halifax, N.S.
Baptist Book and Tract Society, 117, Granville street, Halifax, N.S.
Beauchemin, C. O., & Fils, 256-258, St. Paul street, Montreal, Que.
Bradley Garretson Co., 5, George street, Brantford, Ont.
Briggs, William, 29-33, Richmond street west, Toronto, Ont.
Brown, William Foster, 233, St. James street, Montreal, Que.
Cadieux & Derome, 1,603, rue Notre Dame, Montreal, Que.
Canada Publishing Co., 15, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont.
Canadian Literary Bureau, P.O. Box 203, Hamilton, Ont.
Carswell Publishing Co., 30, Adelaide street east, Toronto, Ont.
Church of England Publishing Co., 17, Richmond-st. west, Toronto, Ont.
Coombs, John, Queen street, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Copp Clark Co. Ltd., 8, Front street west, Toronto, Ont.
Dominion Publishing Co., Cordova street, Vancouver, B.C.
Drysdale, William, & Co., 232, St. James street, Montreal, Que.
Gage, W. J., & Co., 54, Front street west, Toronto, Ont.
Garland, S. E., 177, Water street east, St. John's, Newfoundland. 1888
Gazette Printing Co., cor. St. Fra. Xavier and Craig sts., Montreal, Que.
Grafton, F. E., & Sons, 252, St. James street, Montreal, Quebec.
Hope, J., & Co., Cor. of Sparks and Elgin streets, Ottawa, Ont.
Hunter, Rose, Co. Ltd., 25, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont.
Langlais, J. A., & Fils, 123, rue Saint Joseph, Saint Roch, Que.
Linscott Publishing Co., Toronto, Ont.
Lovell John, & Son, 23-25, St. Nicholas street, Montreal, Que.
McMillan, J. & A., 98, Prince William street, St. John, N.B.
Monetary Times Publishing Co., 70-72, Church street, Toronto, Ont.
Morang, George N., Traders' Bank building, Toronto, Ont.
Mortimer, Charles H., Office of “Canadian Architect,” Toronto, Ont.
Morton, C. C., & Co., 143, Barrington street, Halifax, N.S.
Morton, Phillips, & Co., 1,755, Notre Dame street, Montreal, Que.
Presbyterian Publishing Co., 5, Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Revell, Fleming H., Yonge street, Toronto, Ont.
Richardson, Robert D., 399, Main street, Winnipeg, Man.
Rolph, Smith, & Co., 49, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont.
Rose, G. M., & Sons, 25, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont.
Rowsell & Hutchison, 74-76, King street east, Toronto, Ont.
Sabiston Lithographic and Publishing Co., Craig street, Montreal, Ont.
Salvation Army Publishing Dept., 16-24, Albert street, Toronto, Ont.
Senécal, Eusébe, & Fils, 50, rue Saint Vincent, Quebec, Que.
Shepard Publishing Co., Adelaide street, Toronto, Ont.
Sutherland, J. & J., Brantford, Ont. 1854
Tache, J. de L., 105, Mountain Hill, Quebec, Que.
Tarte, Louis Joseph et Eugene, 69, rue Saint Jacques, Montreal, Que.
Toronto News Co., 42, Young street, Toronto, Ont.
Waitt, M. W., & Co., 64, Government street, Victoria, B.C.
Warwick Bros. & Rutter, 68-70, Front street west, Toronto, Ont.
Wesleyan Methodist Society Book Room, 141, Granville st., Halifax, N.S.
Westminster Publishing Co., Confederation Life building, Toronto, Ont.
Williamson Book Co. Ltd., 262, Yonge street, Toronto, Ont.

Book Publishers in the United States.

Albert, Scott, & Co., Chicago
Allison Co., W. L., 105, Chambers street, New York
Allyn & Bacon, Boston
Altemus, Henry, Philadelphia
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia
American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia and New York
American Bible Co., New York
American Bible Society, Bible House, New York
American Book Co., Washington square, New York. (Educational)
American News Co., 39, Chambers street, New York
American Publishers’ Corporation, 310 to 318, Sixth avenue, New York
American School Book Co., St. Louis
American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia
American Swedenborg Printing & Public'n. Soc., Cooper Union, New York
American Tract Society, Nassau and Spruce streets, New York
American Unitarian Association, Boston
Appleton, D., & Co., 72, Fifth avenue, New York
Arena Publishing Co., Boston
Armstrong, A. C., & Co., New York
Arnold & Co., Philadelphia
Baers (John) & Sons, Lancaster, Pa.
Bailey & Fairchild Co., New York
Bailey & Noyes, Portland, Me.
Baird, Henry Carey, & Co., Philadelphia
Baker & Taylor Co., 5 and 7, East Sixteenth street, New York
Baltimore Publishing Co., Baltimore
Bancroft Co., San Francisco
Bardeen, C. W., Syracuse, New York.

Barnes, A. S., & Co., 156, Fifth avenue, New York
Barnes (C. M.) Co., Chicago
Belknap & Warfield, Hartford, Ct.
Benziger Bros., 36, Barclay street, New York.

(Catholic) Blakiston (P.), Son, & Co., 1012, Walnut street, Philadelphia

Works on Medicine, Chemistry, &c. Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia and New York. (Homeopathy) Bonner (Robert) Sons, New York Boston Book Co., Boston Bowen-Merrill & Co., Indianapolis Bradley (A. I.) & Co., 234, Congress street, Boston, Mass. 1853

Subscription Books. Telegrams, “Ira, Boston.” Bradley & Co., Milton, Springfield, Mass. Bryant, J. C., Buffalo, N.Y. Bubier Publishing Co., Lynn, Mass. Burke, J. W., & Co., Macon, Ga. Butler, E. H., & Co., Philadelphia Caldwell (H. M.) Co., New York Callaghan & Co., Chicago Caspar, C. N., Milwaukee, Wis. Cassell Publishing Co., 33, East 17th street, New York; and at London Catholic School Book Co., New York Century Co., 33, East Seventeenth street, New York

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