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OF HOLGATE, YORK, SUITABLE FOR ALL NATIONS, TRADES, AND PROFESSIONS, And already in use by H.M. Government, the Bank of England, many Insurance and

Railway Companies and leading Commercial Houses. Accounts may be charged out or checked by these means in about ONE-THIRD the time required by ordinary methods of calculation. These “Calculators ” have very clear and original indices and other automatic contrivances for instantly finding the exact page and column in which the answer is seen AT A GLANCE, by its fixed position, without even sighting the top or side of the page. No time is wasted in turning over a second page. Wherever the books are open the next calculation is found with precision by simply working the double index. The Calculators are varied in arrangement to suit the special need of each particular trade.

Particulars are solicited showing kind and range of calculations required, together with your present shortest way of doing them, so that we may advise readers how they may be helped by the most suitable Calculators. “DIRECT CALCULATOR (0)” shows AT A GLANCE the results of Multiplication-Division-Percentage-Average- Interest - Exchange

PRICE Square and Cube Root-Three Figures; also all General and Scientific Calculations of all Combinations of Numbers are worked at a time as

21/readily as single figures are applied in ordinary arithmetic. RAILWAY AND TRADERS' CALCULATOR” (R. & T.), as prepared for the

Railway Companies--one Company has already taken over 600 copies... 10/6 “ TIMBER TRADES MEASURER AND CALCULATOR (T)”.

3/6 “WAGES CALCULATORS” for various Standard Hours-5/- to 36/6 per week 2/6 “DIRECT CALCULATORS ” for tons, cwt., qrs., lbs., articles at so much each, per yard,

dozen, gross, &c., for all trades at various prices. “INTEREST CALCULATORS” for various rates of Interest, showing every unit value to 1000 with larger or smaller values on the same page

5/- to 7/6 N.B.-Other Direct Calculators,&c., may be had- List on application.

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[Established 1860.]



SECOND-HAND BOOKSELLER, NORFOLK BOOK SHOP, 46, NORFOLK MARKET. STOCK (entirely Second-hand):— English and Foreign, Ancient and

Modern Miscellaneous.

SPECIAL ATTENTION QIVEN TO America : Books, Pamphlets, Prints, Por- History, Genealogy, Theology, and Rare Old traits, and Maps.

Divinity. Africa, Australia, India, Ceylon, and the Napoleon : Books, Prints, and Portraits. Colonies.

Old French Literature and French Dialects. Alken, Blake, Bewick, Bartolozzi, Cruik. Prints of every description.

shank, Gillray, Leech, Rowlandson, and Rarities and Curiosa. “Phiz.”

Shakespeare, Music, and the Drama. Astrology, Folk Lore, and Witchcraft.

Scott, Burns, Dickens, Thackeray, Ruskin. Black etter, Old Chronicles, Early Presses. Seventeenth Century Pamphl Classics, Mathematics, and Philology.

Sporting Books and Prints. Fine Art Books, Bindings, and Bookplates. Topography, Antiquities, and Architecture. First Editions of Modern English Writers. Voyages and Travels.

Books and Prints "wanted," searched for and reported. Catalogues of English and Foreign Booksellers respectfully solicited, and

Books ordered therefrom.

On Correspond en anglais et en français.

The International
Directory of Booksellers.


ABERCARN, Monmouthshire. - Pop. 5,000.
Davies, David, Book Mart

ABERDARE, Glamorganshire, S. Wales.--Pop. 40,917.

Richards, D. P., 14 Canon street
Smith, Tom Ernest, 8, Canon street. 1870

Telephone, 5

Yates, Edward, 38, Commercial street
ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire.-Pop. 9,036.

Crockford, F. R., 3, High street
Davies, Arthur, 8, Cross street

Fricker, C. J., Athenæum Library, 13, Cross street
ABERGELE, Denbighshire, N. Wales. —Pop. 3,186.

Jones, Robert
ABERYSTWYTH, Cardiganshire. -Pop. 6,725.

James, Richard, 34, Bridge street
Edwards, E., 13, Great Darkgate street

Jenkins, William, 23, Great Darkgate street, and 13, Bridge street ABINGDON, Berkshire. -Pop. 6,557.

Baylis & Co., Market place
Hooke, William H., Market place, and Stert street
Hughes, Mrs., Market place.

(Circulating Library) ACCRINGTON, Lancashire. —Pop. 38,603.

Cox, George S., & Co., 115, Blackburn road * Wardleworth, J., 14 & 16, Blackburn rd. 1864. New and Second-hand

Whittaker, George, 7, Dutton street
ALDERLEY EDGE, Cheshire. -Pop. 2,359.

Dutton, John, London road
Gregson, Thomas, London road
Pascall, Miss L. G., London road

(Circulating Library) ALDERSHOT, Hampshire.-Pop. 25,595.

Drew, John, 39, Union street
Hughes, Richard, 95, High street
May, James, 8, Wellington street

Smith, Herbert C., 23, Wellington street
ALNWICK, Northumberland.—Pop. 7,428.

Blair, Henry Hunter, Market place
Hume & Co., 18, Bondgate


Moore Brothers, Bondgate

Smith, Mark, 39, Bondgate within ALRESFORD, Hampshire.-Pop. 1,933.

Lawrence, George, East street
ALTON, Hampshire. —Pop. 4,671.

Halliday, William S., Anstey road
King, Richard, High street

Wrenn, Edwin W., High street
ALTRINCHAM, Cheshire. -Pop. 12,440.

Balshaw, John, Station road
Bradbury, F., 84, George street
Butler, Samuel, 105, George street
Calvert, S., 83, George street
Howard, Alfred, 12, Market street.
Hunt, Henry, 23, The Downs

Wright, Arthur, 102, George street
AMBLESIDE, Westmorland.Pop. 2,360.

Banks, James, Lake road
Fleming, Mrs. and Miss, Lake road

Middleton, George, North road
ANDOVER, Hampshire. -Pop. 5,852.

Browne & Grandidge, 18, High street

Holmes, James C., 10, High street APPLEBY, Westmorland.-Pop. 1,776.

Askew, John, Boroughgate

Whitehead, John, & Son, Bridge street ARUNDEL, Sussex. — Pop: 2,644.

Lapworth, Alfred W., High street

Salter, J., High street
ASHBOURNE, Derbyshire.- Pop. over 5,000.

Henstock, J. H., Market place
Hales, Charles, St. John street

Osborne, Joseph, St. John street
ASHBY-DE-LA-Zouch, Leicestershire. Pop. 7,710.

Barker, John, 55, Market street
Brown, George, 11, Bath street

Carman, W. H., 28, Market street
ASHFORD, Kent. --Pop. 10,728.

Goulden & Wind, 35, Bank street
Miller, William, 80, High street
Norley, P., High street

Thompson, William J., 1, Middle row
ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE, Lancashire. - Pop. 40,463.

Donaldson, John, 292, Stamford street
Griffin & Sheard, 130, Stamford street
Hampson, Warrington street
Hindle, Market hall
Hurst, Scotland street
Littlewood, James, 25, Warrington street
Lumb, Warrington street
Sutcliffe, James, 31, Market avenue



ATHERTON, Lancashire. -Pop. 15,883.

Mackenzie, Thomas T., Market street
AXMINSTER, Devonshire. -- Pop. 2,809.

Snell, Edwin, West street.
AYLESBURY, Buckinghamshire. -Pop. 8,922.

Poulton, Lewis, Market square

Walker, William W., Kingsbury square
BACUP, Lancashire. -Pop. 23,498.

Booth, Albert, 23, St. James's street
Priestley, L. J., 13, St. James's street

Shepherd, Theodore, Market street
BAKEWELL, Derbyshire.-Pop. 2,748.

Wardley, Charles F., The square BALA, Merionethshire. —Pop. 2,421.

Edwards, Llewellyn, 42, High street

Evans, Humphreys
BANBURY, Oxfordshire. — Pop. 12,768.

Commin, John H., 61, High street
Hobbs, Market place
Potts, William, 51, Parsons street
Sansbury, R., Bridge street and South Bar
Stanley, H., High street

Walford, Edwin A., 72 and 57 (The Library), High street
BANGOR, Carnarvonshire, N. Wales. —Pop. 9,892.

Davies, Misses M. & E., 102, High street
Humphreys & Parry, High street
Jarvis & Foster, Lorne House, High street

Nixon & Jarvis, Bank Place and Upper Bangor
BARKING, Essex.-Pop. 14,301.

Gray, John C., 38, East street
Mays, A., Broadway

Wilson & Whitworth Limited, Broadway
BARMOUTH, Merionethshire, N. Wales. —Pop. 2,757.

Hughes, John, High street
Evans, John, High street.

(Circulating Library) BARNARD CASTLE, Durham. -Pop. 4,725

Atkinson, William R., Market place
Barker, Robert, Horse market
Davies, John E., Bank

Ward, Mrs. M. J., Horse market
BARNET, Hertfordshire. -Pop. 4,563

Carter, William, 168, High street
Cowing, Miss Jane, High street

Watson, Walter A., 220, High street
BARNSLEY, Yorkshire.-Pop. 35,427.

Barham, Alfred, 23, Sheffield road
Cheeseman, Edward, 3, Market hill
Holden, H., Sheffield road
Lodge, J., New street
Neale (Walter), & Co., 1, Peel square

BARNSTAPLE, Devonshire. -Pop. 13,058.

Allan, Ralph, 90, High street
Barnes, A. E., 107, High street
Harper, Robert, 27, High street

Harris, Percival, 95, High street
BARROW-IN-FURNESS, Lancashire. -Pop. 51,712.
Alston, James, Forshaw street, 1874.

Historic, Scientific, and General
Cookson, William, 155, Dalton road
Grainger, T. L., Dalton road
Jeavons, Simeon, 9, Paxton terrace
Macrae & Blanchard, 78, Duke street

Williams, Benjamin, 150, Dalton road
BARTON-ON-HUMBER, Lincolnshire.—Pop. 5,226.
* Ball, William Henry, Market lane. 1856. Second-hand

General Literature and Topography

Telegrams, “Ball, Barton-on-Humber.”

Crowder, C. J. H., George street
BASINGSTOKE, Hampshire. —Pop. 7,960.

Bartlett, James, Wote street
Bird, John, 19, Church street

Jacob, Charles J., 23, Winchester street
BATH, Somersetshire.- Pop. 54,551.

Cleaver, H., 9, New Bond street place. 1892. Second-hand

Standard Library Books and Best Editions * Collard, Richard Frederic, 42A, Broad st. 1895. New and Second-hand

Collins & Son, 4, Margaret's buildings, Brock street
Curtis, William Henry, Newbridge road, Lower Weston

Fricker, W. H., 17, Cheap street
* Gregory, George, 5, Argyle street. 1847. Second-hand

Choice and rare, Classics, Languages, and Miscellaneous Hallett, Charles, 6 and 7, Bladud buildings Houlston, Robert F., 23, New Bond street

McWatters, David, 1, Saville row
* Meehan, B. & J. F., 82, Gay street. 1867. Second-hand

Scarce and valuable Editions
Mundy, George A., 8, Bridge street
Parker, Ernest, 16, Manvers street. 1887. Second-hand

History, Theology, Naval, Military, and General
Pearson, Benjamin, & Sons, 14, Milsom street
Pickering, G. & F., 3, Bridge street. 1852. New and Second-hand
Simms, Samuel W., 12, George street

Williams & Co., 5, Union street
BATLEY, Yorkshire.-Pop. 28,719.

Fearnsides, James, & Sons, 54, Commercial street
Mellor, Charles T., 64, Commercial street
Roberts, Edwin F., Bradford road

Sheard, Abraham & Son, Commercial street
BATTLE, Sussex.-Pop. 3,153.

Burgess, Miss Ann, 74, High street
Harold, William H., 22, High street

Ticehurst, F. W., & Co., 76 and 77, High street
BEAUMARIS, Anglesey, N. Wales. --Pop. 2,202.

Jones, Owen G., Castle street
Roberts, Mrs. C., Castle street


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