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BECCLES, Sufolk.-Pop. 6,669.

Chase, Caleb, Market street

Harmer, H. E., New Market place
BEDFORD, Bedfordshire. -Pop. 33,550.

Baker, William T., 14, St. Mary's street
Hockliffe, Frederic, 86 and 88, High street
Howard, Frederick T., 61, High street
Hulatt & Richardson, 6, Silver street
Porter, James R., 7, High street
Robinson, William J., 3, Silver street
Rush & Warwick, 5, Harpur street
Thompson, Frederick, & Son, High street

Timæus, Charles F., 90, High street
BEDLINGTON, Northumberland.-Pop. 16,996.

Carr, Charles
BELPER, Derbyshire. -Pop. 10,420.

Edwards, Thomas, King street
Gibson, Stewart D., Bridge street
Hibbert, Frank, Bridge street

Winn, George, & Co., King street
BERKHAMSTED, Hertfordshire. -Pop. 5,034.

Loosley, George, & Sons, Castle street and High street

Slater, Anthony, High street
BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, Northumberland.—Pop. 13,377.

Henderson, Alexander, & Son, 42, West street
Plenderleith, James W., 75, Mary gate

Vance, Andrew H., Bridge end
BETHESDA, Carnarvonshire.-

Pop. 5,799. Jones, John, Stationers' Hail Roberts, Griffith, High street

Williams, John F., 54, High street
BEVERLEY, Yorkshire.-Pop. 12,539.

Green & Son, Market place
Kemp, John, & Son, Market place
Tilson, William, Butcher row.

New and Second-hand BEWDLEY, Worcestershire.-Pop. 2,876.

Bryan, Miss M. E., Load street

Mark, G. Gill, Load street
BEXHILL-ON-SEA, Sussex. ---Pop. 5,206.
Crick, William J., Devonshire road.

(Circulating Library) Shipwright, George, Devonshire road

Vale, S., Devonshire road BEXLEY HEATH, Kent.-Pop. 6,385.

Jenkins, Thomas, 73 and 75, Broadway

Mesnard, Stephen, Broadway
BIDEFORD, North Devonshire. ---Pop. 7,831.
Beer, Mrs. Judith Ann, Bridge street.

Coles, Walter, 5, Grenville street
Murphy, W. C., 2, 3, 4, and 5, Mill street. 1837. Second-hand

Old Books, Engravings, and Antiquities
Williams, Miss Jane H., 15 and 16, High street

BICESTER, Oxfordshire.—Pop. 3,343.

Boughton, John P., Market place

Pankhurst, Thomas W., Market place BIGGLESWADE, Bedfordshire. -Pop. 4,943. Allen, Joseph, Shortmead street

Second-hand Hunt, John Francis, High street

Spong & Son, High street BILSTON, Staffordshire.- Pop. 23,453.

Brereton, Henry V., Lichfield street

Price, John, 68, Church street BINGLEY, Yorkshire.-Pop. 19,284.

Pickles, James, 19, Chapel lane

Smith, Luther, 89, Main street
BIRKENHEAD, Cheshire. -Pop. 99,857.

Allen, Henry W. & John, 156, Grange road
Bennett, James, Grange mount.

Broom & Walmsley, 1, Hamilton square
Cross & Floyd, 31, Argyle street
Ellison, George F., 224, Grange road
Harem, B., & Co., Hamilton street
Pitt & Co., 85, Grange road
Robinson, Grange road
Silvester, Lucas, 193, Grange road. 1868. Second-hand

Wilson & Jones, Argyle street
BIRMINGHAM, Warwickshire.-Pop. 478,113.

Aston, John C., 39 and 40, Smallbrook street
Britten, Charles, 78, High street
Cheeseman, Henry, 125, Longmore street
Combridge, C., 4 and 5, New street
Cornish Brothers, 37, New street
Handley, James, 36, Corporation street
Harrison & Parker, 59, Broad street
Midland Educational Company Limited, Corporation street. 1890.

New and Second-hand
High-class Art Books, Editions de luxe, County Histories, &c.

Telegrams, “Educational, Birmingham.” Telephone, 105
Ponting, James, 166, Corporation street
Taylor, Achilles, Caxton House, Old square. New and Second-hand

* Baker, Edward, 14 and 16, John Bright street. 1884

First Editions, Railroadiana * Bates, Joseph Bernard, 126, Sandpits, Parade. 1885

High-class Miscellaneous
* Bourne, William Robert, 183, Sherlock street. 1891

Art Books, Prints, &c.
Brough, William, & Sons, 8, Broad street corner. 1845

New and Second-hand. Sporting Books a specialty
* Bullock, Charles F., 21, John Bright street. 1893

Miscellaneous Books and Engravings, Baxter's Oil Prints, &c. * Conway, Noel, & Co., 70, New street. See advt.

Autographs and Historical Documents Crees, Ernest James, 297, Monument road. 1888 * Crees, William Henry, 159, Balsall Heath road. 1884

Theological, Water-colour Drawings, &c.





Downing, William, The Chaucer's Head Library, 5, Temple row. 1830

Best Library Editions of Standard Books, Rare and Choice Works, MSS., &c. Godfrey, Charles, 187, King Edward's road. 1884

Music and Miscellaneous * Hector, E., 103, John Bright street. 1886

Foreign and English Books * Hitchman, John, 51, Cherry street. 1855

Antiquarian, Topographical, and Historical Lowe Brothers, 37, Cannon street * Lowe Charles, New street * Middleton, M. A., Dr. Johnson passage, Bull street

Music and Musical Literature Nicholas, Edward, 66, Hill street * Reeves, Arthur, 36, Whittall street. 1880

Richardson, Miss, 83, Bristol street * Robinson, James, 155, Bristol street. 1879 * Thistlewood, Alfred, 6, Broad street. 1889

Ancient and Modern Books, Prints, and Musical Literature

Telegrams, “ Thistlewood, Birmingham.” * Wilson, James, Hutton House, 35, Bull street

Union Book Mart, 36, George street west. BINGLEY, Yorkshire. —Pop. 19,284.

Dobson, John, 89, Main street

Pickles, James, 19, Chapel lane
BIRSTALL, Yorkshire. -Pop. 4,286.

Hargreaves, Robert, Low lane
BISHOP AUCKLAND, Durham.-Pop. 11,765.

Braithwaite (Matthew), & Son, Market place
Cooke, Abraham, Newgate street
Guy, John, 69, Newgate street.

New and Second-hand
Smith, Thomas, Central buildings, Newgate street

Thwaites, Edward, Princes street
BISHOP'S CASTLE, Shropshire. -Pop. 1,586.

Hughes, Christopher, Market place
BISHOP STORTFORD, Hertfordshire.-Pop. 6,595
Boardman, Arthur, North street.

New and Second-hand
Copley, H., & Co., North street

Mardon, Harry, North street
BLACKBURN, Lancashire.-Pop. 120,064.

Astley, Alfred, 57, Church street
Baxter, Henry L., Market hall
Brown, M. J., 40, Church street
Cotterill, John, 5, Lord street, Market place. 1889. Second-hand
Denham, R., & Co., 31, King William street
Stephenson, Joseph, 7, Penny street

Johnson, Thomas, 30, Church street
BLACKPOOL, Lancashire.-Pop. 23,846.

Aldred E., & Son, 90, Church street
Blackpool Printing Company Limited, 43 and 45, Church street
Donnelly, Thomas, Continental Bazaar, Bankhey street
Kay, Richard, 4, Central Beach
Lawrenson, Thomas, & Son, 6A, Birley street. 1870. Second-hand
Lord, Harry, 64, Topping street

BLAENAVON, Monmouthshire. -Pop. 11,377.

Probert (Evan), & Co., 1 and 2, High street
Rees, George, Broad street

Ward, James T., Broad street
BLAINA, Monmouthshire.-Pop. about 20,000.

Edwards, William, High street
BLANDFORD, Dorsetshire. - Pop. 3,974.

Hobbs, John J., Salisbury street

Shipp, Henry, Market place.
BLYTH, Northumberland.-Pop. 4,553.

Alder & Co., Ridley street and Market street
Dunn, Christopher, Regent street, Cowpen quay
Lee, Stephen A., Regent street, Cowpen quay

Tweedy, John, Bridge street
BODMIN, Cornwall. Pop. 5,151.

Crabb, Miss Mary, 16, Fore street

Liddell, E. & H. G., 7, Fore street
BOGNOR, Sussex.—Pop. 3,171.
Webster & Webb, High street

(Circulating Library) Wood, Edward, 25, High street

(Circulating Library) BOLTON, Lancashire.--Pop. 115,002.

Abbatt, Thomas, 12, Corporation street
Bromley, Charles James, 57 and 133, Newport st. 1840. Second-hand
Bruckshaw, William, 109, St. George's road
Denham, James, 23, Newport street
Duckworth, Edward, 41, Bridge street
Fraser, James Francis, 19, Hibbert street. 1874. Second-hand
Gledsdale, J. W., 18, Deansgate
Kenyon, Robert, 7 and 9, Market street
Read, John, 31, Newport street
Whewell, Robert, & Son, 5 and 7, Folds road
Winterburn, George, 65, Deansgate.

New and Second-hand Boston, Lincolnshire.—14,593.

Baddeley, Arthur W., 29, Market place
Bradley, William, 22, Main ridge.

Wilson & Son, 42, Market place
Dodds, Harold, 1, Market place
Newcomb, James M., 12, Market place

Wing & Broughton, 13, Bargate
BOURNE, Lincolnshire.- Pop. 4,191.

Berry, John H., South street
Morris, John T., West street

Pearce, John T., Market place
BOURNEMOUTH, Hampshire.-Pop. 37,781.

Bright & Co., The Arcade.- New. 22 & 23, Town Hall ave.-- Second-hand

Standard Literature, Natural History, General Science, &c. * Commin, Horace G., 8, Victoria buildings, Old Christchurch-rd. 1892.

Topography, Theology, Natural History, &c. New and Second-hand
Crisp, George J., 6, Westbourne arcade
Fulker, Albert E., Boscombe
Mate, William, & Sons, 62, Commercial road
Sydenham, D. & A., & Co., Marine Library, Pier approach

BOWDON, Cheshire. -Pop. 2,792.

Hallam, Alfred, Peel Causeway

Molineaux, William, Victoria road BOWNESS, Westmorland.-Pop. 2,061.

Hunter, F., The Library

Robinson, Robert, Post Office. BRACKLEY, Northamptonshire.--Pop. 2,591.

Gwillim, Protheroe

Smart, James
BRADFORD, Yorkshire.-Pop. 216,361.

Bilbrough & Kitchingman, Dale street
Blagbrough, Sam, 50, Market street
Brear Thomas, & Co. Ltd, 17, Kirkgate. 1825. New and Second-hand

Telephone, 744
Clough, William H., 28, Forster square
Cockcroft, William, 440, Thornton road
Crooke, Robert, & Sons, 334, Leeds road
Dale, John, & Co., Limited, Bridge street

Goodchild, John, 6, Carlisle road, Manningham
* Matthews & Brooke, Mechanics’ Institute buildings. 1840.

Branch : New Market entrance, Darley-st. New and Second-hand * Miles, Thomas, 13, Sunbridge road. 1879. New and Second-hand

Sporting, Topographical, and General
Power, Fred, Market hall
Russell, George B., 9, Darley street
Waterhouse, Charles, Market hall.

New and Second-hand
Whitham, William, 88, Godwin street.

New and Second-hand Wood, Joseph, Market hall

Woodhead, John, 127, Godwin street
BRADFORD-ON-Avon, Wiltshire.--Pop. 7,687.

Dotesio & Todd, 15, Silver-street
Merrett, The Misses, 43, Silver street
Randell, James, Jun., 44, St. Margaret's street

Rawling, Charles, 11 and 12, Market street
BRAINTREE, Essex. —Pop. 5,303.

Joscelyne, Charles, 78, High street

Shearcroft, John, 9, Bank street BRAMLEY, Yorkshire. -Pop. 14,787.

Wilson, John, 170, Town street

Witts, William, Town street.
BRAMPTON, Cumberland. —Pop. 2,790.

Hodgson, Isaac B., Main street
BRECON, Brecknockshire, Wales. —Pop. 5,646.

Butcher, Mrs. C. E., High street
Davies, Edwin, Church house, Bulwark
Hughes, Mrs. A., High street
Jones, Thomas, 4, Bulwark

Poole, Mrs. H. M., High street
BRENTFORD, Middlesex.-Pop. 13,870.

Coulton, John F., 214, High street
Stutter, Cornelius, 110, High street

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