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Goudie, Robert, 78, Cowgate street
McLeod, Donald, 49, Cowgate street

Scott, M. & J., 139, Cowgate street
KIRKWALL, Orkney Isles. - Pop. 3,895.

Anderson, James, Bridge street
Leonard's Newsagency, Bridge street. 1840.
Mackintosh, William R., Victoria street

Peace, William, & Son, Albert street
KIRRIEMUIR, Forfarshire.- Pop. 4,179.

Lowden, William, Roods street
Mills, William B., 22, High street

Nicoll, Alexander H., 39, High street
LANARK, Lanarkshire. - Pop. 4,759.

Morrison, John D., 44, Bloomgate
Thomson, D. A. V., 29, High street

Whitefield, N., 103, High street
LARKHALL, Lanarkshire.Pop. 8,360.

Baxter, Walter, Montgomery street

Burns, William, Union street
LEITH, Edinburghshire. — Pop. 67,660.

Donaldson, John T., 133, Ferry road
Grant, John, 191, Great Junction street.
McCart, James, 9, Charlotte street
Matheson, J. S., & Co., 47 and 48, Shore.

Waterston & Johnston, 19, Bernard street
LERWICK, Shetland.--Pop. 3,783.

Duncan, Charles J., 155, Commercial street
Manson, T. & J., 16, Hillhead. 1885.

Dialectic and Antiquarian
Matthewson, T., 51, Commercial street.
Morrison, Hector, 74, Commercial street

Sandison, C. & A., 123, Commercial street
LESLIE, Fifeshire.- Pop: 2,177.

Goodall, Robert, High street

Jollie, P., & Son, High street
LEVEN, Fifeshire.-

Pop. 3,998.
Malcolm, David, 80, High street

Porter, Thomas, 36, High street
LINLITHGOW, Linlithgowshire.-Pop. 4,154.

Clark & Steel, 86, High street

Hardie, Robert, 164, High street
LOCHEE, Forfarshire. -Pop. 12,370.

Gray, Andrew, 131, High street
Hutcheson, David, 1, High street

Irvine, J. & W., 105, High street
MACDUFF, Banffshire. ---Pop. 3,707.

Gammie, John L., 41, Duff street
West, William, & Co., 23, Duff street



New and Second-hand

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MOFFAT, Dumfriesshire. — Pop. 2,290.
Forrest, William, High street.

(Circulating Library)
Grieve, James, & Co., Market place

Knight, Robert, 16, Well street
MONTROSE, Forfarshire.Pop. 13,048.
Balfour, Robert R., 133, High street.

New and Second-hand
* Davidson, David P., 21 and 23, Castle street. New and Second-hand

Sinclair, Robert L., 78, High street
MOTHERWELL, Lanarkshire.-Pop. 23,500.

Aikman, George, 11, Brandon street
Bell, William, & Co., 114, Brandon street
Cameron, Kenneth, 84, Merry street
Gray, James, 74, Brandon street
Laird, Robert, 90, Muir street

Stothers, Thomas, 2, Muir street
MUSSELBURGH, Edinburghshire. -Pop. 8,885.
Aikman, James, 92, High street.

(Circulating Library)
Fenton, John, 104, High street.

(Circulating Library) Gordon, A. C., 119, High street.

(Circulating Library)
NAIRN, Nairnshire. —Pop. 4,651.

Campbell, Alexander, 125, High street
Harrison, William, 78, High street.

Melven, Brothers, 25, High street

Reid, Robert C., 11, High street
NEWMILNS, Ayrshire.-Pop. 3,704.

Boyd, James, Main street
Mitchell, Archibald, 17, Main street

Walker, M. & W., Main street
NEWTON STEWART, Wigtownshire. —Pop. 2,332.

McCredie, William S., 12, Victoria street
OBAN, Argyleshire.—Pop. 4,377.
* Boyd, T., 54 to 58, George st. (Circ. Library). New and Second-hand

Est. 1883. Gælic, English Books relating to the Highlands, and Miscellaneous
Galbraith, Archibald, Argyll square
Macdonald, Hugh, Alexandra road.

(Circulating Library)
McKay, D., Queen's Park place.

(Circulating Library) Menzies, J., 98, George street

(Circulating Library) PAISLEY, Renfrewshire.-Pop. 66,420.

Ballantyne, John, & Son, 28, High street. 1877. New and Second-hand

Barr, John, 81, High street
* Gardner, Alexander, 7, Gilmour street

Glover, Thomas, 11, Moss street
Goudie, James, 24, High street
McDougal Brothers, 4, Moss street
McDougal, Allan, 20, High street
Menzies, Matthew, 10, Gauze street. 1887. Second-hand

Miscellaneous, Odd Volumes, and Magazines
Parlane, J. & R., 97, High street

Reid, James, Moss street
PEEBLES, Peeblesshire. -Pop. 4,704.

Davidson, Thomas D., 73, High street


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Redpath, Adam, 6, High street

Watson, James, 65, High street
PERTH, Perthshire.-Pop. 30,749.
Barlas, James, 208, South street. 1868.

New and Second-hand
Bruce, John, 46, George street
Christie, John, 32, St. John street.

(Circulating Library) Hay, R. A. & J., 23, George street.

(Circulating Library)
Leslie, Duncan, 20, St. John street
Nicoll, James & Joseph, 41, South Methven st. (Circulating Library)
Robertson, David, 94, High street
Walker, Robert, 38, Mill street.

Wood & Son, 52, High street
PETERHEAD, Aberdeenshire.—Pop. 12,195.

Mennie, James H., 2, Chapel street
Taylor, William L., 23, Broad street.

New and Second-hand
Antiquarian, Scotch Books, Ballads, Poetry, &c.

Wernham, A. G., 15, Broad street
PORT GLASGOW, Renfrewshire.-Pop. 14,624.

McIntosh, Mrs. Mary D., 33, Princes street

Miller, William, 71, Princes street
PORTOBELLO, Edinburgh.Pop. 8,181.

Archibald, Thomas, 144, High street
Black, James, 182, High street
Hunter, Richard, 84, High street.

(Circulating Library) RENFREW, Renfrewshire. -Pop. 6,756.

McKenzie, Robert, High street

Napier, H. A., Canal street
ROTHESAY, Buteshire. -Pop. 9,034.

Campbell & Chalmers, Misses, Montague street
Duncan, Miss, Gallowgate
Harold, Misses E. & J., 12, Albert place. (Circulating Library)
Mackinlay, John, 21, Victoria street.

(Circulating Library) Mackinnon, Hector, 11, Victoria street. (Circulating Library) Wright, C. L., 5, Guildford square.

(Circulating Library) RUTHERGLEN, Lanarkshire. -Pop. 13,074.

Anderson, James, 114, Main street
Mitchell, Lewis, 131, Main street.

(Circulating Library) St. ANDREWS, Fifeshire. —Pop. 6,853.

Cook, Joseph, & Son, 80, Market street
Fletcher, Melville, & Son, 121, South street

Henderson, W. C., & Son, Church street. (Circulating Library) SALTCOATS, Ayrshire. —Pop. 5,895.

Fullerton Brothers, Dockhead street
McInnes, William, Dockhead street

Wallace, Archibald, Dockhead street
SELKIRK, Selkirkshire.—Pop. 5,788.

Douglas, Andrew, Ettrick terrace
Johnstone, Archibald, 24, Market place
Lewis, James, 13, High street
M‘Lean, James C., 1, Buccleuch road
Thomson, Walter, 29, High street

STEVENSTON, Ayrshire. -Pop. of Parish, 6,035.

Dickie, John

Thomson, Hugh
STIRLING, Stirlingshire.—Pop. 18,000.
* Cook & Wylie, 9, Barnton street.

New and Second-hand
Scottish Antiquarian and Historical
Crawford & Co., 7, King street
Drummond's Tract Depôt, Dumbarton road
Mackay, Eneas, 43, Murray place. 1883. New and Second-hand
Shearer, R. S., & Sons, 6, King street. 1849.
Shirra, William L., 83, Port street

Strathern, John, 34, Barnton street
STONEHAVEN, Kincardineshire.—Pop. 4,497.

Bell, Miss Mary, Market square
Taylor, Miss Jane, 16, Evan street

Waldie, Mrs. J. M., 13, Evan street
STONEHOUSE, Lanarkshire. —Pop. 3,400.

Hamilton, John

Stevenson, William
STORNOWAY, Ross-shire. - Pop. 11,710.

Macpherson & Co. Limited, 54, Point street
STRANRAER, Wigtownshire. -Pop. 6,171.

McLachlan, William, 34, George street

Roberts, John, 11, George street STRATHAVEN, Lanarkshire.Pop. 5,069.

Bryson, N. W., Waterside street

Morton, Alexander, Common green
Thurso, Caithness-shire. —Pop. 3,930.

Cormack, Miss K., High street
Malcolm, John, Traill street

Russell & Leslie, Traill street
TILLICOULTRY, Clackmannanshire. — Pop. 3,939.

Stewart, Adam, High street Troon, Ayrshire.-Pop. 3,581. Dickie, John, 77, Temple hill.

(Nautical) Murchland, Charles, Ayr street.

(Circulating Library) Young, Robert, 18, Temple hill WICK, Caithness-shire.-Pop. 8,463.

Bain, Donald H., 18, Breadalbane terrace, Pulteney town
Bruce, Arthur, Bridge street
George J., & Son, Bridge street
Rae, William, High street
Reid, Peter, & Co., 42 and 44, Union street
Ross, Daniel, High street

Sutherland, William, High street
WISHAW, Lanarkshire. -Pop. 14,869.

Archibald, Richard, 85, Main street
Hay, Alexandra, 40, Main street
McRaith, Robert, 8, Main street
Pomphrey, William, Main street
Reid, William B., 13, Main street

IRELAND. ARMAGH, Ulster.-Pop. 7,438.

M’Watters, Robert P., English street

White, Samuel, English street
ATHLONE, Cos. Roscommon and Westmeath.-Pop. 6,742.

Bell, R. & J., Castle street
Hogan, Thomas, Church street

Walsh, John, Connaught street
BALLYMENA, Co. Antrim. —Pop. 8,655.
Blair, William, Church street.

(Circulating Library) Erwin, William, & Co., Ballymoney street

Erwin, Thomas, Church street BANDON, Co. Cork. —Pop. 3,488. Crowley, M., South Main street.

(Circulating Library) Hurley, E., South Main street BELFAST, Co. Antrim.- Pop. 300,000.

Catholic Book Company, 6, Berry street
Cleeland, James, 26, Arthur street. 1864.

Early Belfast printed, Topographical, Rare, and Curious
Dargan, T., 17, Castle lane, & Smithfield. 1880. New and Second-hand

Theological, Educational, and Antiquarian
Eason & Son, Limited, 17, Donegall Street. ( Wholesale and Retail)
Mayne, William E., 2, Chichester street
McWilliams, James, Smithfield.

Mullai), William, & Son, 4, Donegall place (Wholesale and Retail)
Olley & Co., Limited, 8, Royal avenue.
Religious Tract and Book Depot, 116, Royal avenue
Robb, J., & Co., Castle place and Lombard st. (Wholesale and Retail)
Shone, James, & Co., 9, Lombard street. 1885. New and Second-hand

Early Printed, Irish, First Editions, Fine Art, Educational, and General
Ulster Unitarian Christian Association, 35, Rosemary street
CARLOW, Co. Carlow.Pop. 6,619.

Colgan, Patrick, Tullow street
Conlon, P. J., Tullow street
Hoey, Miss, Tullow street
Kelly, John, Tullow street
McQuaide & Co., Dublin street

Power, Mrs. E., Dublin street
CARRICKFERGUS, Co. Antrim.Pop. 4,478.
Bell, James, High street.

(Circulating Library) CARRICK-ON-SUIR, Co. Tipperary.-Pop. 5,608.

Cleary, Thomas J., Bridge street, and Main street

Lynch, Thomas, Kickham street
CAVAN, Ulster.—Pop. 2,968.

Fegan, John, Main street
O'Brien & Co., Main street.

(Circulating Library) Smyth, Thomas J., Main street COLERAINE, Co. Londonderry.-Pop. 5,106.

Eccles, S., & Co., The Diamond
Woods, Miss Annie, Church street.

(Circulating Library)

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