Violence in the Skies: A History of Aircraft Hijacking and Bombing

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Summersdale Publishers Limited, 10. 3. 2016 - Počet stran: 320

Aviation security expert Philip Baum delves into the archives to reveal the stories behind the most astonishing and shocking crimes in aviation history, calling on real-life testimonies from hijackers, crew members, passengers and politicians. The human stories behind the criminal attacks that have plagued aviation since 1911 are detailed in this authoritative and thrilling account of aviation security history, from the legendary hijacks by left-wing and Palestinian groups of the twentieth century, to the more recent suicide attacks carried out by fundamentalists and the psychologically disturbed.

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O autorovi (2016)

Philip Baum is the Managing Director of Green Light Ltd, a training and consultancy firm specialising in inflight security, hijacker and unruly passenger management, and the use of behavioural analysis and profiling techniques as screening methodologies. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Security International, the global trade journal for airport and airline security.

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