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1492. San Salvador, the first land discovered in America by Christopher Columbus, Oct. 12; Cuba, Oct. 27; Hispaniola, Dec. 6.

1493. A Spanish Colony at Hispaniola.

Second voyage of Columbus.

1495. May 3.-Jamaica discovered by Columbus.

1496. Sebastian Cabot discovers Newfoundland for Henry VII. of England, and by him called Prima Vista. Third voyage of Columbus.

1498. The eastern coast of North America found by Americus Vespucius, after whom America was finally named. 1502. The continent of America discovered by Columbus.

Fourth voyage of Columbus.

Coast of North America explored by Cortereal, a Portu


1506. May 15.-Columbus died at Valladolid.

1507. The New World first called America, after Amerigo Vespucci, by Waldseemuller, of Fribourg.

'Board of American Trade established at Seville.

1508. The Spaniards colonize Cuba, Jamaica, and Porto Rico. Negro slaves imported into Hispaniola. Settlement at Darien.


1511. Cuba conquered by 300 Spaniards.

1512. Florida discovered by Ponce de Leon. 1517. First patent for importing negroes into America granted by Spain.

Mexico discovered by Francisco Fernandez. 1521. Mexico conquered by the Spanish, under Cortez. 1524. Verazzanni, a Florentine navigator, in the service of France, explores the coast of America from the Caroli nas to Newfoundland.

1527. The Bermudas discovered by Juan Bermudas, a Spaniard. 1534. James Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence River, and took possession of the whole country in the name of the King of France.

1535. 1536.

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The mint of Mexico, the richest in the world, begun.
California discovered by Cortez.

Ferdinand de Soto, with a fleet of 10 vessels and a gay
company of 600 men, land at Tampa Bay and com-
mence their march into the interior.

Mississippi River discovered by De Soto.

De Soto dies, and is buried in the Mississippi River.
New Mexico discovered by the Spaniards.

1541. 1542.


1564. Coligny sends a colony of Huguenots to Florida; they are destroyed by the Spaniards.

1565. St. Augustine, Fla., settled by the Spaniards. 1576. Greenland visited by Frobisher.

1583. Tobacco first carried from Virginia to England. 1584. Virginia visited by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Miles Standish born-a military leader of the Pilgrims in
New England. He died in 1656.

1585. Davis' Strait discovered by the English navigator whose

name it bears.

John Cotton, a learned divine of Boston, born. He died in 1652.

First English colony in America, founded at Roanoke. 1587. John Winthrop, Governor of the Colony of MassachuDied in 1649.

setts, born. 1588. William Bradford, second Governor of Plymouth Colony, born. Died in 1657.

1594. Edward Winslow, Governor of Plymouth Colony, born.

Died in 1643.

1601. Roger Williams born. He founded Rhode Island. Died in 1683.

Acadia colonized by the French.

1602. Cape Cod discovered by Bartholomew Gosnold.

1603. Martin Pring, an English navigator, examines the shores and large rivers of Maine, and the coast as far as Martha's Vineyard.

1604. John Eliot, "The Apostle to the Indians," born. Died in 1690.

1605. Quebec founded by the French.

1606. Martin Pring makes a second and more accurate survey of the coast of Maine.

The London and Plymouth Companies receive Charters. 1607. Virginia, sometimes called the Old Dominion, settled in April, at Jamestown, on the James River, by the London Company-the first white settlement in the United States.

A settlement commenced at the mouth of the Kennebec River, Maine, by the Plymouth Company. 1609. Sir John Sommers cast away on the Burmuda Islands. Plot of the Indians disclosed by Pocahontas. Hudson's Bay discovered by Henry Hudson. 1610. The Virginia Colony reduced from nearly 500 to 60. 1613. Pocahontas married to Mr. John Rolf.

The Dutch erect some trading posts at the mouth of the
Hudson River.

1614. New York City founded by the Dutch.

North Virginia called New England by Prince Charles. 24 natives of New England carried off and sold by Hunt. Capt. John Smith explores the coast of New England. 1616. Baffin's Bay discovered by Wm. Baffin, an Englishman

Settlement of Virginia by Walter Raleigh.

1617. Most of the inhabitants from Narragansett to Penobscot swept away by war and pestilence.

1620. The first negro slaves in the English colonies of North America were brought to Virginia in a Dutch vesselof-war.

Dec. 21 (Dec. 11, O. S.).--First settlement in New England, at Plymouth, Mass.

1621. A treaty made with Massasoit.

1622. March 27.-Massacre of 347 Virginians by the Indians. 1623. New Hampshire settled at Little Harbor and Dover. Albany, Capital of New York, settled by the Dutch, and called Beaverwyck.

1624. New Jersey settled.

1628. John Endicott settles at Salem, Mass.

Massachusetts Bay Colony founded.

Charlestown, Mass., founded.

1629. First church in Massachusetts formed at Salem.

First permanent settlement of the Dutch at Manhattan. 1630. Arrival of Governor Winthrop at Boston, with about 1,50C


Dorchester, Roxbury, and Cambridge founded.

1631. First vessel built in Massachusetts, called the "Blessing of the Bay," launched July 4.

John Smith, celebrated in Virginia history, dies. Aged 52 years.

1633. Connecticut settled at Windsor by Holmes, from Mass. 1631. Maryland settled at St. Mary's, on the Potomac, by 200 Catholics.

1635. The Saybrook Colony, Conn., established. 1636. Providence, R. 1., settled by Roger Williams. 1637. War with the Pequot Indians-Connecticut.


First Synod at Newtown, occasioned by Ann Hutchinson.
Delaware settled by the Swedes, near Christian Creek.
The New Haven Colony established.

Harvard College, the first college in the United States, established at Cambridge, Mass., by John Harvard. 1639. Settlements on the Connecticut united as the Connecticut


First printing in America, at Cambridge, Mass. "The Freeman's Oath" and an almanac printed. 1640. Number of emigrants to America to this date-20.000. 1641. New Hampshire united with Massachusetts. 1643. Confederacy formed, under the name of United Colonies of New England, for mutual defense.

1644. The Connecticut and Saybrook Colonies unite. The second Indian massacre occurs in Virginia.

The two settlements in Rhode Island united under the name of Rhode Island.

1645. Clayborne's rebellion in Maryland.

1646. Act of Massachusetts Legislature for carrying the Gos

pel to the Indians.

John Eliot preaches to the Indians.

Second Synod of Massachusetts.

Thomas Mayhew, preacher to the Indians, shipwrecked. 1647. Epidemic. through America.

1650. North and South Carolina settled.

Conversion of the Indians on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. 1651. The Navigation Act passed by the English Parliament. 1652. Voluntary submission of Maine to Massachusetts.

Gorton and Roger Williams make a decree against slavery in Rhode Island.

1655. Law in Massachusetts requiring that "All hands not necessarily employed on other occasions, such as women, boys, and girls, should spin according to their skill and ability."

A civil war occurs in Maryland.

1656. Persecution of the Quakers in Massachusetts.


1656. Ann Hibbins, of Boston, executed for witchcraft. 1663. Carolina granted to Lord Clarendon and seven other noblemen of England by Charles II.

The Albemarle County Colony formed.

New Netherlands taken by the English from the Dutch, and named New York.

New Jersey granted to Lord Berkely and eo. Carteret.
First settlement at Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth).

J. Eliot's Indian Bible, one of the first books printed in
America at Cambridge.

1665. The Clarendon County Colony established.

The Connecticut and New Haven Colonies united. Six towns of Christian Indians in Massachusetts. 1667. The ceding of New York to the English confirmed by the

peace of Breda.

1670. Bees first introduced into New England by the English. South Carolina settled, on the Ashley River.

Conclusion of the American Treaty between England and

1672. White slaves bought in England, and brought to Virginia. Average price for five years' service, £5; while a negro was worth £25.

1673. Virginia ceded to Culpepper and Arlington.

1675. War with Philip, King of the Wampanoags, in New


Indian War in Virginia.

1676. King Philip killed, and his tribe destroyed. Bacon's rebellion breaks out in Virginia. Jamestown burned.

1677. Virginia becomes a proprietary Government, with Culpepper as Governor.

1679. New Hampshire made a royal province (first time).
1680. Settlement begun at Charleston, S. C.
1681. Pennsylvania granted by James II, to William Penn.
1782. Philadelphia founded by William Penn.

The Duke of York grants Delaware to William Penn. 1686. Sir Edmund Andros appointed Royal Governor of New


1687. The Connecticut Charter hid in the "Charter Oak." 1688. New York and New Jersey added to the jurisdiction of

New England.

War with the Indians in New England, which continued several years.

1689. King William's war commenced, and continued 8 years. 1690. Port Royal captured by the English, under Sir Wm.


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