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1799. Dec. 14.-Washington dies at Mount Vernon, Va. 1800. Aug.-United States seat of Government removed from Philadelphia to Washington.

Treaty of Peace concluded with France.

1801. June 10.-Tripoli declared war against the United States Exports of the United States-$93,000,000.

1802. Louisiana ceded to France by Spain.

Gen. Daniel Morgan died. Aged 66 years.

1803. March 2.-Samuel Adams, distinguished statesman, died Aged 81.

April 30.-Louisiana purchased of France for $15,000,000.
Commodore Preble sent against Tripoli.

United States frigate "Philadelphia" taken by the Tripol


1804. Brown University, R. I., founded.

Feb. 15-Decatur recaptures and destroys the "Philadelphia.

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Commodore Preble bombards Tripoli.

April 29.-Eaton captured Derne, a Tripolitan city.
June 3.-Treaty of Peace concluded with Tripoli.
July 11.-Aaron Burr kills Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts founded.

1807. Jan. 27.-Aaron Burr arrested for conspiracy.

June 22.-British Frigate "Leopard" attacks the United
States frigate "Chesapeake."

July 2.-British armed vessels ordered to leave the U. S. Dec. 22.-Congress lays an embargo on American ships. Com. Barron, of the "Chesapeake," suspended for 5 years. 1808. Jan. 1.-The African slave-trade abolished.

1809. March 1.-Congress interdicted commerce with England and France.

1811. May 16.-U. S. frigate "President" defeats the "Little Belt."

Nov. 7.-Gen. Harrison defeats the Indians at Tippecanoe.
Population of the United States-7,239,903.

1812. Jan. 11.-An additional force of 10,000 men authorized. June 18.-War declared against Great Britain.

July 12.-Gen. Hull invades Canada.

July 17.-Fort Mackinaw surrendered to the British.
Aug. 5.-Americans defeated near Brownstown.


9.-Americans defeat the British near Brownstown. "16.-Gen. Hull surrenders Detroit to Gen. Brock. Sept.-Gen. Harrison takes command of the Northwestern army.

1813. Jan. 22.-Gen. Winchester defeated at Frenchtown.

April 27.-York (now Toronto) captured by the Americans.

1813. May 1-Ft. Meigs besieged by the British-Gen. Clay defeated.

5.-Proctor defeated at Ft. Meigs by Harrison and Clay.

"27.-Capture of Ft. George, Canada, by the Americans.
"29.-The British repulsed by Brown at Sackett's

Aug. 2.—The British repulsed at Ft. Stephenson by Maj.

"30.-Creek war begins by the massacre at Ft. Mims. Oct. 5.-Battle of the Thames-Proctor defeated by Harrison. Tecumseh killed.

1814. March 27.-Battle of Tohopeka, which ended the Creek


" 30.-The British defeat Gen. Wilkinson at La Colle. July 3.-Fort Erie captured by Gen. Brown.

Aug. 15.-British repulsed at Fort Erie.

24.-Gen. Ross enters Washington and burns the Capitol.

Sept. 12.-Battle of Baltimore, or North Point.

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13.-British fleet repulsed at Fort McHenry.

17.-Gen. Brown attacks the British works at Fort


Nov. 7.-Gen. Jackson drives the British out of Pensacola.

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Dec. 14.-United States flotilla captured on Lake Borgne.
15.-Delegates to the Hartford Convention meet.
They oppose the war.

Dec. 24.-Treaty of Peace between the United States and
England signed at Ghent.

1815. Jan. 1.-The British defeated at New Orleans.

March 2.-The United States declared war against Algiers. May 21.-Commodore Decatur sent with a squadron against Algiers.

1816. April 10.-United States Bank chartered for 20 years. 1817. Jan. 1.-United States Bank opened at Philadelphia. Commencement of the Seminole war.

1818. April.-The Seminoles defeated and dispersed by Gen.


1819. Feb.-Treaty of Amity for the cession of Florida to the United States.

May. The "Savannah "-the first steamer from New
York to Liverpool.

Aug. 23.-Commodore Perry dies in the West Indies.

1820. March 3.-Missouri Compromise passed.

1822. Florida made a territory.

1824. Aug. 15.-The Marquis de La Fayette visits the U. S. 1826 Feb. 13.-American Temperance Society instituted at Boston.

July 4.-Ex-Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died.

1830. May 7.-Treaty between the United States and the Ottoman Porte.

The ports of the United States again opened to British


1832. The Black Hawk war commences.

Cholera in New York.

Nov. 24.-South Carolina declares the doctrine of nullification.

Gen. Jackson issues his celebrated proclamation.

1833. March 4.-Andrew Jackson commences his second administration.

Gen. Santa Anna elected President of Mexico.

1834. President Jackson censured by Congress for removing Government deposits.

1835. War with the Seminoles commenced.

Great fire in New York.

1837. Dec. 25.-Gen. Taylor defeats the Indians at Okeechobee. 28.-Steamer "Caroline" burned by Canadian roy

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The Independence of Texas acknowledged.

1838. Rebellion of the "Sons of Liberty," in Canada.

President prohibits American citizens aiding the Canadians.

Nov. 7.-Battle of Prescott, U. C.-the rebellion suppressed.

National debt of United States paid-surplus revenue divided among the States.

Mexico declares war against France.

1839. March 9.-Peace concluded between France and Mexico. Oct. 9.-United States Bank suspends payment.

Disturbances on the north-eastern boundary of Maine. 1841. Upper and Lower Canada united into one province. April 4.-President Harrison dies and John Tyler succeeds him.

May 31.-Congress meets in extra session.
Aug. 9.-The Sub-Treasury Act repealed.
แ 18.-Bankrupt Act passed.

1842. The Dorr Insurrection in Rhode Island.

The Seminole war terminated.

Treaty with England settling North-eastern Boundary

1843. June 9.-Washington Allston, painter, died at Cambridge. Aged 64.

1845. Anti-rent riots in New York.

Mexico declares war against the United States.

1846. April 24.-Hostilities commence with Mexico. May. The Mexicans bombard Fort Brown.

18.-Taylor crosses the Rio Grande and takes Mata


July 6.-Com. Sloat takes possession of California.
Aug. 22.-New Mexico annexed to the United States.
Nov. 14.-Tampico, Mexico, occupied by United States

1847. Jan.-Mexicans massacre Americans in New Mexico. March 29.-Vera cruz surrenders to Gen. Scott.

Sept. 12-14.-Chepultepec stormed, and city of Mexico taken by assault, by the Americans, under Gen. Scott. 1848. Feb. 2.-Upper California ceded to the United States. "22.-Treaty of Peace with Mexico signed at Guadaloupe, Hidalgo.

Cultivation of the tea-plant commenced in South Carolina. Dec. 8.-First deposit of California gold in the Mint. 1849. April 25.-Parliament House at Montreal burned by insurgents.

1850. July 9.-Death of President Taylor.

"10.-Inauguration of Millard Fillmore.
Sept. 18.-The Fugitive Slave Act passed.

Texas Boundary settled by payment of $10,000,000 to

New Mexico and Utah admitted as Territories.
Slave-trade abolished in the District of Columbia.

1851. April 16.-The light-house in Boston Harbor carried away. May 8.-Southern Right's Convention at Charleston, S. Č. Nov.-The frigate "Mississippi" sent to Turkey for Kossuth.


Dec.-Kossuth arrives in New York.

"14.-Principal room of the Congressional library burned.

Jan.-The Ohio State House burned.

1853. May 30.-Dr. Kane sails on his Arctic expedition.
July 8.-Com. Perry's expedition arrived at Japan.
Dec. 16.-Santa Anna elected Dictator of Mexico for life.
1854. Jan. 5.-Steamer "San Francisco" foundered at sea-
240 U. S. troops lost.

Mar. 8.-Commercial Treaty concluded with Japan.
April 20.—Miss Dix's Bill favoring the indigent insane

1854. April 28.-U. S. announces neutrality in the Eastern Question.

May 31.-Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed by Congress.

June 7.-Reciprocity concluded with England.

July 13.-Bombardment of Greytown, Central America, by a United States man-of-war.

Dec.-Death of J. Harrington, last survivor of the battle of Lexington.

1855. Feb. 1.-U. S. steamer Waterwitch


fired on, on the

Nov. 3.-Passmore Williamson released from 3 months' imprisonment in the Wheeler Slave Case.

Dec. 8.-Abdication of Santa Anna, Dictator of Mexico. 1856. Feb. 2.-N. P. Banks elected Speaker of U. S. House of Representatives.

April 17.-Quebec made the seat of Canadian govern


May 22.-Senator Sumner, of Mass., assaulted by Brooks, of S. C.

"28.—The British Envoy ordered to quit Washington. June 24.-Gen. Walker recognized as President of Nic


July 13.-J. W. Geary confirmed as Governor of Kansas.
Aug. 30.-Extra session of Congress adjourns.

1857. Mar. 6.-The Dred Scott Decision delivered by C. J. Taney.

"26.-R. J. Walker appointed Governor of Kansas. Aug. 24.-General financial panic begins.

Sept. 8.-Loss of the "Central America

and 450 lives.

23.-Commencement of the great religious revival. Dec.-Commercial failures this year, 5,123; liabilities, $291,757,000.

1858. Feb.-Juarez declared President of Mexico-war ensues. "14.-U. S. army defeats the Mormons in Utah.

Mar. 28.-Nicaragua seeks the protection of the United

April 30.-The "English Kansas Bill" passes Congress.
May 23.-Minnesota State Government organized.

June 10.-Atlantic Telegraph fleet land.

แ 13.-Treaty of Amity with China signed.

Aug. 5.-Completion of the Atlantic Telegraph.
7.-Ottawa made the Capital of Canada.

Oct. 5.-Crystal Palace, New York, burned.

1859. April 4.-Mr. McLane reorganizes the Juarez Gov., Mex. Oct. 3.-J. Y. Mason, Minister to France, dies at Paris. “17.—John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry, Va.

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