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1860. Feb. 1.-Pennington, of N. J., elected Speaker U. S. House Rep.


May 14.-Japanese Embassy arrives at Washington.
June 3.-Terrible tornado in Illinois and Iowa.

"28.-Steamer "Great Eastern" arrives at New York. July 24.-Sept. 20.-Visit of Prince of Wales to U. S. and Canada.

Nov. 6.-Abraham Lincoln elected President.

7.—The "Palmetto Flag" hoisted in Charleston harbor.

"10.-South Carolina Legislature proposes secession.
"11.-Senator Hammond, of South Carolina, resigns.
"18.-Georgia appropriates $1,000,000 to arm the

Maj. Anderson sent to Ft. Moultrie.

Dec. 1.-Great secession meeting at Memphis.

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3.-Congress met.

"10.-Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury, resigns. "13.-The President opposes reinforcing Ft. Moultrie. "14.-Gen. Cass, Secretary of State, resigns.

"18.—Crittenden Compromise introduced into U. S. Senate.

"20.-South Carolina adopts Secession Ordinance.

"22.-Crittenden Compromise defeated in Com. of 13. "25.-Members of Congress from South Carolina resign. "26.-Maj, Anderson, with 111 men, takes possession of Sumter.

27.-Rev'e cutter "Wm. Aiken" surrendered to S. C. authorities.

"28.-S. C. authorities take Castle Pinckney and Ft. Moultrie.

“ 29.—John B. Floyd, Secretary of War, resigns. Jan. 2.--Gov. Ellis, of N. C., takes possession of Ft. Macon. 4.-Gov. Moore, of Alabama, seizes Ft. Morgan, and United States arsenal at Mobile.

National Fast Day, by order of the President.

Jan. 8.-Jacob Thompson, Secretary of Interior, resigns.
9.-Feb. 1.-Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia,
Louisiana, and Texas passed secession ordinances.
Steamer "Star of the West" fired on in Charleston harbor.
Jan. 11.-John A. Dix appointed Sec. of Treasury, vice
Thomas, resigned.


13.-Florida troops take possession of Pensacola Navy-yard.

"18.-Virginia appropriates $1,000,000 for State de


1861. Jan. 21.-Jeff. Davis resigns his seat in the U. S. Senate. 24.-U. S. arsenal at Augusta, Ga., seized.

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Feb. 1.-Mint and custom house, N. O., seized by La. authorities.

4.-Southern Confederacy formed at Montgomery,


Peace Cong. meets at Wash'n-Ex-Pres. Tyler, Pres. Feb. 9.-Jeff. Davis elected President of Southern Confederacy.

"19.-Fort Kearney, Kansas, seized by the Confeder


Mar. 1.-Gen. Twiggs expelled from the army for treason. Peace Congress adjourned, after a stormy session-accomplished nothing.

Mar. 5.-Beauregard takes command at Charleston, S. C. "7.-Beauregard stops all intercourse between Ft. Sumter and Charleston.



1861. April 12.-Bombardment of Fort Sumter commenced. 13.—Maj. Anderson capitulates, and sails for New


15.-President Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers. " 17.-Jeff. Davis offers letters of marque to privateers. 18.-Arsenal at Harper's Ferry destroyed by the Commander.

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Col. Coke and 400 men, from Penn., arrive at Washington.
April 19.-The 6th Massachusetts regiment fired on in
Baltimore-2 soldiers and 11 of the mob killed.
Pres. Lincoln declares the Southern ports in a state of

แ 20.—Gosport Navy-yard and 8 war-vessels destroyed.
The 4th Massachusetts Regiment arrives at Fortress

April 25.-Virginia proclaimed a member of Southern

May 4.-McClellan placed in command of the Dep'm't
of Ohio.

5.-Gen. Butler takes possession of the Relay House, Maryland.

6.-Arkansas secedes.

1861. May 11.-Charleston, S. C., blockaded.

"13.—England acknowledges the insurgent states as bel ligerents.

"16.-Gen. Scott orders the fortification of Arlington Heights.

"18.-Gen. Butler takes command of the Department of Virginia-head-quarters, Fortress Monroe.

"20.-North Carolina secedes; Kentucky declares neutrality.

"21.-Tennessee secedes.

"22.-Fortifications at Ship Island destroyed by Union


"24.-Federal troops cross the Potomac; Alexandria occupied; Col. Ellsworth shot.

"26.-All postal services in the seceded States suspended.

June 3.-Hon. S. A. Douglas dies at Chicago.

Beauregard takes command of Confederates at Manassas

“10.-Maj. Winthrop killed at Big Bethel.
"14.-Confederates evacuate Harper's Ferry.

"15.—The captured privateer "Savannah" arrives at
N. Y.

"17.-Gen. Lyon defeats the Confederates at Booneville, Mo.

"20.-Gen. McClellan assumes command in West Virginia.

"29.-The Wheeling Government, Virginia, acknowledged by the President.

"The privateer "Sumter" escapes from New Orleans. July.-First United States war loan-$250,000,000. "4.-Congress meets in extra session.

"6.-Fremont appointed to command of Western Department.

"11.-Nine Southern members expelled from the U. S. Senate.

"16.-The President authorized to call out 500,000 men. “22.-McClellan takes command of Army of the Po


Aug. 3.-Confiscation Bill passed.

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แ 5.-Com. Alden bombards Galveston.

6.-Congress adjourns.

"10.-Gen. Lyon killed at Wilson Creek.

"14.-Gen. Fremont declares martial-law in St. Louis. Mutiny of the 79th New York Regiment at Washington. "16.-Gen. Wool takes command at Fortress Monroe.

1861. Aug. 16.-President suspends all commerce with seceded


"23-A large body of Cherokee Indians join Confed


"26.-The Hatteras Expedition sailed from Fortress Monroe.

"29.-Capture of Forts Hatteras and Clarke.

Sept. 6.-Gen. Grant takes possession of Paducah, Ky. 11.-Pres. Lincoln orders Gen. Fremont to modify his emancipation proclamation.

"18.-Secession members of Maryland Legislature sent to Ft. McHenry.

"20.-Lexington, Mo., surrendered to the Confederates. 21.-Ex-Vice-Pres. Breckinridge joins the Confed


Oct. 11.-Confed. steamer "Nashville" escapes from

"29.-Naval expedition, under Com. Dupont and Gen.
Sherman, leaves Fortress Monroe.

Nov. 1.-Gen. Scott resigns as Commander-in-Chief; Gen.
McClellan succeeds him.

66 7.-Halleck assigned to the command of Department
of the West.

"6 8.-Mason and Slidell taken from a British steamer. "18.-C. S. Congress convened at Richmond, Va.

"24.-Mason and Slidell placed in Ft. Warren, Boston harbor.

Dec. 4.-Breckinridge expelled from U. S. Senate for


"6.-Occupation of Beaufort, S. C., by U. S. forces.
"11.-All the islands adjacent to Port Royal occupied
by Union forces.

"21.-17 stone vessels sunk in the harbor at Charles-
ton, S. C.

"30.-N. Y. and Boston banks suspend specie pay


1862. Jan. 1.-Mason and Slidell delivered to the British Min


“12.-The Burnside Expedition sailed from Ft. Monroe. "13.-E. M. Stanton app. Sec. of War, vice Cameron, resigned.

Cameron nominated Minister to Russia, vice Clay, resigned.

"18.-Death of Ex-President Tyler, at Richmond, Va. Feb. 5.-Jesse D. Bright expelled from the U. S. Senate.

6.-Ft. Henry, on Tenn. River, surren. to Com. Foote.

1862 Feb. 8.-Gen. Burnside captures 6 forts on Roanoke Island.

"22.-Jefferson Davis inaugurated President of the
Southern Confederacy.

Mar. 3.—Brigham Young elected Governor of Deseret,

8. The "Merrimac " destroys 2 U. S. vessels. 9.-U. S. Battery "Monitor" defeats the "Merri


"11.-Gen. McClellan removed from the supreme com. mand of the army and appointed to the command of the Army of the Potomac.

April 2.-Pres. Lincoln's Emancipation Resolution passed the Senate.

8.-National Tax Bill passed U. S. House of Rep.
"24.--Destruction of Dismal Swamp canal completed.
"27.-Stars and Stripes raised over U. S. mint in N. O.
Gen. Butler landed his troops near Fort St. Philip.
April 28.-Forts Jackson and St. Philip surrender.
May 7.-Pres. Lincoln visits Fortress Monroe and the fleet.
"9.-Confederates evacuate Pensacola and destroy the

"11.-Confederates blow up the "Merrimac."
"12.-Natchez surrendered to Com. Farragut.

"25.-Gen. Banks retreats from Winchester to Mar-

"26.-Additional troops called for by Government. Gen. Banks' army crosses the Potomac.

Confiscation Act passed the House of Representatives. June 6.—Tax Bill passed U. S. Senate.

20.-Porter, with 10 mortar-boats, arrived off Vicks


"26.-Gen. Pope assigned to command of the Vir ginia army.

27.-Bombardment of Vicksburg commenced.

Fremont relieved of his command, at his own request. July 1.-President Lincoln calls for 600,000 volunteers. "11.-Gen. Halleck appointed commander of all land forces.

"22.-Siege of Vicksburg abandoned.

"27.-Steamer "Golden Gate," from San Francisco burned-230 passengers, and 14 million treasure lost. Aug. 4.-Draft ordered for 300,000 militia.

แ 5.—Gen. Robt. McCook murdered, riding in an am bulance.

“20.—Sioux Indians repulsed at Ft. Ridgely, Minn.

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