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1869. Feb. 1.-United States Supreme Court decides Internal Revenue Laws constitutional.

"19.-Jefferson Davis and his sureties released.

แ 24.-The Copper Tariff Bill passed, over veto.
26.-Capital of West Virginia located at Charleston.
Constitutional Amendment passed, over the veto.
Passage of Bill to strengthen the public credit.

Mar. 4. Hon. J. G. Blaine, of Maine, elected Speaker
of the United States House of Representatives.

April 5.-United States Supreme Court decides the State taxation of national bank stock legal.

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9.-Passage of the Reconstruction Bill.

10.-100 lodges Arrapahoe Indians surrender.

17.-Arrival of first cargo of tea at Chicago via Pacific Railroad.

May 10.-Central Pacific Railroad completed.

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"17.-Gen. D. E. Sickles appointed Minister to Spain.
"29-30.-Decoration of Union Soldiers' graves.
June 1.-Corner-stone of the Atlanta (Ga.) Univ'ty laid.
10.-200 acres of the Mount Vernon estate sold.
"15-18.-Great Peace Jubilee Concerts in Boston.
18.-Death of Honorable H. G. Raymond, of the
New York "Times.”

Dedication of Monument in Gettysburg Cemetery.
July 3.-Equestrian Statue of Washington unveiled in

" 8.-Monument to Fitz Greene Halleck dedicated at
Guilford, Conneticnt.

" 14.-Frightful accident and loss of life on the Erie Railroad.

National Convention of Y. M. C. A. at Portland, Me. "22.-Commodore S. S. Lee died in Virginia.

" 23.—Death of Ex-Governor Crapo, of Michigan. Arrival of steamers laying the French Cable, at Duxbury, Massachusetts.

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30.-Death of Hon. Isaac Toucey, of Connecticut.
Aug. 8.-Total eclipse of the sun, visible in the U. S.
"12.-Com. Jarvis, U. S. N., died at Geneva, Illinois.
18.-Nat. Educational Convention, at Trenton, N. J.
Sept. 6.-Disastrous fire in a coal shaft near Scranton,

Secretary John A. Rawlins died at Washington.
Destructive gale in Massachusetts and Maine.

12.-Large meeting in Quebec favoring annexation to United States.

"24.-Unparalleled gold excitement in New York.

1869. Oct. 1.-Boiler exp. at Ind. State Fair. 25 persons killed. "4.-Violent tornado on the coast of Maine.

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5.-60th annual session of the A. B. C. F. M. at Pittsburg.

"8.-Death of Ex-Pres. Franklin Pierce. Aged 64. “13.—Gen. W. W. Belknap, of Iowa, app. Sec. of War. "20.-C. W. Eliot installed Pres't of Harvard College. "27.-Remarkable meteor exp. near Forest Station, O. "28.-Steamer "Stonewall" burned below St. Louis. More than 200 lives lost.

Nov. 1.-Cincinnati School Board forbid reading the Bible in the Public Schools.

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4.-George Peabody died at his residence in London. 8.—Rear-Admiral Stewart died at Bordentown, New Jersey. Aged 92.

11.-Death of Robert J. Walker in Washington.

แ 12.-Amos Kendall, Ex-Post-master-General died. Aged 80.

"23.—Indiana Supreme Court decide National Bank Currency taxable.

“25.—Ă. D. Richardson mortally wounded in New York Tribune office, by Daniel McFarland.

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Dec. 6. Fem. Suff. Bill passed by Wyoming Legislature. 20.-E. M. Stanton confirmed as Judge of U. S. S. C. 1870. Jan. 8.-Death of Major-General J. A. Mower at N. O. 14.-Bill passed for the re-admission of Virginia. "21.-Prince Arthur, of England, arrived in N. Y. 25.-Peabody funeral fleet arrives at Portland, Me. 28.-U. S. corvette Oneida sunk by British steamer Bombay, near Yokohama, Japan. Many lives lost. Feb. 7.-Legal Tender Act declared unconstitutional by Chief Justice Chase.

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"-8.-Funeral of George Peabody at Peabody, Mass. "15.-Superior Court of Cincinnati decide against the authority of the School Board to exclude the Bible from the Public Schools.

Ohio River bridge at Louisville formally opened. Mar. 5.-Forty families massacred by Indians in Texas. 7.-Women serve as jurors in Wyoming Territory. 8.-Governor Austin, of Minnesota, vetoed the Woman's Suffrage Bill.

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26.-Pierre Soule died at New Orleans. "30.-Ratification of the 15th Amendment officially proclaimed.

Apr. 2.-Great earthquakes it San Francisco.

12.-The Saint Thomas treaty expires by limitation.

1870. Apr. 19.-The U. S. Senate pass the Georgia bill.

27.-The floor of the Court-house at Richmond, Virginia, falls. Nearly 200 persons killed and wounded. May 6. Return of General T. Jordan, the Cuban Commander, to New York.

"23.-Beginning of the Fenian raid into Canada.
"24.-Proclamation of President Grant against the
Fenian raid.

"26.-The North Pacific R. R. Bill becomes a law.
30.-Decoration of Union soldiers' graves.

June 6.-Reception of Red Cloud and the Sioux chiefs at Washington.

11.-Death of William Gilmore Simms, at Charleston, South Carolina.

"21.-Bill to abolish the franking privilege defeated. "29.-The San Dom. treaty rejected by the Senate. July 3. The new Constitution of Illinois adopted.

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12.-Serious riot between the Catholics and Orangemen in New York.

14.—Congress grants $3,000 per an. to Mrs. Lincoln. 15.-General Starr and other Fenians sentenced to two years imprisonment.

"21.-International Convention of Young Men's Christian Association at Indianapolis.

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Aug. 14.-Death of Ad. Farragut at Portsmouth, N. H.
Sept. 8.-The U. S. recognized the French Republic.
9.-Death of Dr. N. Lord, Ex-pres. of Dart. College.
"30.-Great floods in Va. Richmond partially sub.
Oct. 1.-Yellow Fever raging on Governor's Island, N. Y.
8.-Second neutrality proclamation by the Pres.
"20.-Severe shock of an earthquake in the North-
east and Middle States.

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"21-Thomas Hughes, M. P., lectures in New York. Nov. 7.-Bloody Riots in Donaldson, Louisiana.

"14.-Minister Motley peremptorily recalled from England.

"24.-Army of the Cumberland meets at Cleveland. Dec. 1.-The S. Court of Mass. decides that a contract carried into effect on Sunday can not be repudiated.

4.-Arrest of General Jordan, the Cuban commander, in New York.

6.-Death of Gen. Hiram Walbridge in New York. "20.-Articles of impeachment preferred against Governor Holden of North Carolina.

1871 Jan. 1.-Terrific gales on the entire Atlantic coast.

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2.-Reception at the President's White House

omitted. A custom never before departed from since Washington's day.

1871. Jan. 2.-Council of Indian nations at Ocmulgee, and a constitution adopted by a vote of 52 to 3.

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3.-Celebration of the 8th anniversary of Presi dent Lincoln's Proclamation of Emancipation.

4.-Trial of Cadet Smith and others at West Point. 7.-Twenty car-loads of tea arrive at New York 23 days from Hong Kong via San Francisco.

8.-Alarming spread of hoof and mouth disease in New England.

9.-Correspondence between Secretary Fish and Minister Motley submitted to Congress.

The Cincinnati Clergy resolve against the license of prostitution in that city.

10. The great coal mine strike begins in Penn. The Mint Bill passed by the U. S. Senate.

In Kansas women made clerks in both Houses, and a girl appointed a page.

7-12.-The Hornet lands men on the coast of Cuba, who are attacked by Spaniards, and 17 men killed or captured.

"11.-The United States Senate passes the San Domingo Commission Bill.

Fourteen mariners desert from the Pensacola Navy yard and all are drowned in trying to escape.

12.-The famous Ohio Liquor Bill becomes a law. "13.-The $300,000,000 five per cent. Refunding Bill, passed by the House.

Woman suffrage defeated in Congress; 3,000 women having memorialized Congress against it.

"14-16.-Heavy and disastrous snow storm over the Western states.

"14.-Steamer T. L. McGill exploded her boilers on the Mississippi, 58 persons perished.

15.-First arrival of teas at N. Y. via Suez Canal. "17.-Sailing of the Tennessee with San Domingo Commissioners.

"18.-Fourteen Japanese nobles arrive at San Francisco to attend college in the United States.

At Laconia and Lake Village, New Hampshire, several earthquake shocks are felt.

"19.-The first car load of California cotton sent to New England.

"24.-Annual session of the Workingmen's assembli at Albany, New York.

1871. Jan. 25.-Vinnie Ream's statue of Lincoln unveiled at Washington.

28.-British America joins the Dominion of Canada.
Steamer W. R. Arthur exploded her boilers near Island
No. 40 on the Mississippi and burnt. 87 lives lost.
Feb. 1.-Congress admits the Georgia Senators, and the
South is now all represented.

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Sixty Indians killed in a fight on the Colorado River.

3.-The U. S. Senate pensions the soldiers of 1812. 5.-The New Hamburg, New York, Railway catas trophe killed and roasted or drowned 22 human be ings, and cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

6.-Congress votes $20,000 to defray expenses of investigating Ku Klux outrages.

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7.-Committee of Ways and Means agree to report a bill for the repeal of the Income Tax.

8.-New Jersey ratifies the 15th Amendment. "10.-Messrs. Fish, Hoar, Schenck, and Williams confirmed as High Commissioners, for the settlement of the Anglo-American difficulties.

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11.-Two steamers leave New York with provisions for France.

19.—The Chief Jus. of S. Court of Ark. impeached.
The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor before, imp.
"20-21.-Unparalleled tropical storm in San Fran.
"23.-Dead lock in Indiana Legis., 34 Rep. resign.
" 26.—Arrival of 26 Japanese Nobles and Princes in
New York.

March 1.-To this date, 6,000 women have memorialized
Congress against granting Woman Suffrage.

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A tidal wave swept through Long Island Sound.

2.-Boston Post Office Appropriation Bill passed in the Senate-cost not to exceed $1,500,000.

Severe earthquake shock in Eureka, California.

The Boston, Hartford, and Erie Railroad Company declared bankrupt.

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4.-The Forty-first Congress expires, and the Fortysecond Congress is organized.

Treaty of Com. formed between Italy and the U. S.
Riot and murder at the Pennsylvania coal mines.

5.-Reign of terror in S. C. by Ku-Klux outrages. A bloody Chinese fight in San Francisco.

6.-Horrible scene in court at Meridian, Miss. Judge Bramlette shot dead by a negro and ten negroes shot and killed

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