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1871. March 8.-A terrible tornado swept every thing before it from Helena, Arkansas, to Fayette, Illinois.

9.-New York Chamber of Commerce propose a Pacific Ocean cable of 6,515 miles.

14.—Election in New Hampshire-Dem. victory. 17.-Project for a Congregational House in Boston, to cost $200,000.

"19.-The Legislature of Illinois, after ten weeks' hard labor, passed three bills, and one of these was vetoed by the Governor.

"23.-The New York City Viaduct Railway Bill passed by the Senate of New York.

"25.-A meteor, so brilliant as to cast a shadow, seen at New York. On the same day, a fire destroys $250,000 worth of property in the city.

26.-The Tennessee reaches Charleston with the San Domingo Commissioners.

Great American Project set on foot to explore Palestine and Jerusalem.

31.-Magnificent aurora; a great cloud of blood-red in the north-east sky; the sight "to be remembered a life-time." During the month, a sun spot of 2,300,000 square miles was visible.

April 2.--Two sharp earthquake shocks at San Francisco, California.

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3-4.-Elections in Rhode Island and ConnecticutRepublican victories.

8.-Roger Williams' statue unveiled at Washingt'n. 11.-Equal Rights Bill passed the Mississippi Legislature.

14.-The Ku-Klux Bill passes the U. S. Senate. "17.-Nebraska State Insane Asylum at Lincoln, burnt, and two inmates perish.

"18.-A United States captain and 14 soldiers killed by Indians in Texas.

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20.-Ku-Klux Enforcement Bill passed by Congress and signed by the President.

"27.-Indians massacre whites in Dakota.

A new line of steamers projected from New York to

"28.-U. S. troops shoot 85 Arizona Indians.

May 3.-Indian battle in the Pinal Mountains, Arizona, 28 Apaches killed.

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4.-Pres. Grant issues a Ku-Klux Proclamation. 7-The Joint High Commission announce a treaty prepared.

1871. May 8.-U. S. troops kill or wound nearly 300 Indians in a battle near Laramie.

" 11.-Williamson's road steamer tried on Erie Canal. "12. The Anglo-American treaty made public.

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15.-New territorial government for Washington and the District of Columbia inaugurated.

"20.-Arizona people report 200 citizens murdered by the Apaches.

“21.—Â twelve pound aerolite fell at Searsport, Me. "25.-The Mountain Indians of Arizona declare war against the whites.

"27.-Twenty-one men killed and six more wounded,
in a coal mine at Pittston, Pennsylvania.

June 1.-National Ins. Cong. at Washington adjourned.
The Rhea sunk, and eight persons drowned near New

2.-Governor Butler of Nebraska impeached and removed from office.

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Extraordinary sulphurous cyclone near Macon, Ill.
3.-Ex-Cong. Bowen found guilty of bigamy.
4.-U. S. Army reduced to peace footing, 35,284.
6.-Grand reception to Indian Chiefs at Boston.
"10.-Unveiling of the Morse statue in Central Park,
New York.

"11.-Immense forest fires in Maine.

"12.-The Gregorian Calendar adopted in Alaska to bring Sunday right.

Inauguration day in New Hampshire.

"16.-A telegram from Hong Kong reaches New York, 15,000 miles, and is published in the daily papers next morning.

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19.-National Musical Congress in Boston. Earthquake at Long Island and in New Jersey. Singular sinking of a canal bottom in Morris, N. J. 23.-Terrific thunder storm at Chicago.

"25.-Alabama Claims, footed up to be $12,830,384. "24-25.-Government teamsters attacked by 250 Cheyennes at Fort Hill; eight killed, and three more burnt at the stake.

"29.-Captain Hall leaves New York in the Polaris
for the North Pole.

July 3. The missionary ship Morning Star arrives at

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5.-The Great Washington Treaty proclaimed by the President.

แ 8.-Tidal wave on Lake Superior-cause unknown.

1871. July 11.-Superintendent Kelso, of N. Y., forbids the Orange display, and Gov. Hoffman revokes his order.

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12.-Terrible conflict in New York between the Roman Catholic Irish, and the National Guards and Police. 62 persons killed, and 137 wounded.

13.-Amherst confers LL. D. upon Horace Greeley. "19.-Earthquake in all New England.

22.-The most remarkable aurora ever witnessed, observed at Springfield, Mass., and elsewhere. "24.-United States Scientific expedition to Brazil leaves New York.

"28. The Polaris heard from at Newfoundland.

30.-The "Westfield" explodes her boilers at New York. Of the 400 persons on board, 106 were killed, and 111 more or less injured. Com.'s loss $500,000. Tidal wave 5 feet high on Lake Winnepisseogee, New Hampshire. It was the first ever seen there.

Aug. 1.-Women admitted to Burlington, Vermont, University.

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3.-Fraudulent sale of $9,000,000, Rockford and St. Louis bonds in Frankfort.

4.-Formidable Indian raids in Montana.

8.-Nitro-glycerine exploded in Hoosac Tunnel by lightning. Three men killed.

15.-Doctor Hall heard from, at Holsteinburg, Sweden (July 31).

"16.-Twentieth annual meeting of the American
Science Association at Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is decided to prosecute the "Tammany" thieves.
"24.-Great Pension frauds discovered at Wash.
"25.-Duluth Canal opening.

"26.-Terrific hurricane in the Gulf and along the
Atlantic coast.

Alarming fires in Michigan.

Railroad Horrors. 33 persons killed and 50 injured at Revere, near Boston. 20 killed or wounded at Westport, Pennsylvania. 6 killed and 20 wounded at Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

"27.-Steamer Ocean Wave exploded boilers at Mobile, Alabama. 70 persons killed or badly injured.

แ 29.-Great losses by floods in Central New York and Maine.

"30.-Deadly conflict between soldiers and citizens at
Meridian, Mississippi.

Sept. 3.-Iron and Nail Works burnt at Wheeling
West Virginia.


1871. Sept. 4.-Destructive hurricane at Windem, Minnesota, 6.-American Pomological Society meets at Richmond, Virginia.

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8.-Mooshillock Mountain, N. H., 5,050 feet high, made a United States signal service observatory.

9.-The 116th new planet discovered by America. "1-10.-Appalling disaster to an American whaling fleet in the Arctic Ocean-33 vessels destroyed and abandoned.

"19.-Nebraska votes on a new constitution.

"20.-Tidal wave alarm on all the south Atlantic coast.

28.-National Commercial convention at Baltimore. "29.-The committee of "Seventy" sue the Tammany ring.

"30.-Prof. Wilbur fell from his balloon at the height of a mile, at Paoli, Indiana.

Oct. 1.-International money order system goes into operation.

"2.-Brigham Young indicted and arrested.

3.-Sixty-second annual session of A. B. C. F. M., at Salem, Massachusetts.

"3.-Protestant Episcopal Triennial convention at Baltimore.

"5.-Terrible forest fires raging in Wisconsin, Wy-
oming, Arizona, etc.

"8.Election riots in Philadelphia-many injured.
"9-10-The greatest conflagration on record occurred
at Chicago. About 18,000 buildings of all descriptions
were consumed, and the loss put at from $250,000,000
to $300,000,000, and from 100 to 500 persons perished
in the flames, while 90,000 persons were made house-
less and suffering.

“ 9–12.—Awful forest fires in Wisconsin and Michigan,
and whole towns destroyed. The Chicago Tribune says
in Wisconsin and Michigan alone at least 90,000 peo-
ple have lost all their possessions by fire. In all these

western fires it is estimated that 3,000 persons perished in one week.

"12.-Pre-historic skeletons 8 or 9 feet high found in

"13.-Encke's comet seen by New Haven astronomers.
"14 --Chicago relief fund reaches $3,000,000.
"16.-Martial-law in Texas.

17, 18.—Celebration of the completion of European and N. A. R. R., at Bangor, Me., Pres. Grant present.

1871. Oct. 21.-Mormon Hawkins convicted of adultery. "23.-National Police convention at St. Louis. "24.-National Insurance convention at New York. 24.-2,500 Mormon Women petition Congress in favor of Polygamy.

Terrible riot in Los Angeles, Cal.-19 Chinese killed.
แ 23, 24.-Extensive forest fires in western New York.
"27.-Tweed arrested and released on $2,000,000 bail. ·
"28.—Brigham Young and his son indicted for mur-


"29.-Day of fasting and prayer at Chicago.

"30.-Gov. Bullock, of Georgia, disaffected, resigns. Nov. 4.-$500,000 fraud discovered in the Indian Bounty Department at Washington.

6.-New York orders four regiments under arms for to-morrow's election.

7.-Election day in 9 States-Republican victories. 9.-An Aurora so bright in New York as to "cast shadows.'

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"9.-A meteor fell and rolled along the ground beside
a moving carriage, in South Easton, Massachusetts.
"12.-Fred. W. Loring and six others killed on a stage
coach in Arizona.

"14.-Extraordinary storm from Europe to California-
many Atlantic cities flooded.

"15.-American and British Claims Commissioners meet at the National Capitol.

"15.-Gloucester fishing season ends. It has been the most destructive to life and property of any for many years.

* 16.—The “Auk," an Arctic bird, visits New England for the first time.

"17.-Gen. Sherman and staff leave in the Wabash for Europe.

"18.—The Russian fleet with the Duke Alexis arrives in New York.

“ 23.—Duke Alexis visits the Capitol and the President. "25.-Catacazy dismissed and Gen. Orloff made Charge d'Affaires of the Russian legation.

"28.-The Supreme Court of New York pronounces mock marriages legal.

"30.—National Thanksgiving day.

Dec. 2.-United States and England threaten to interfere in Cuban affairs.

"2.-Sec. Boutwell reports a decrease in the National debt of $94,327,708.84, during the fiscal year.

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