Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Počet stran: 304
"Beware of False Prophets." Matthew 7:15 THE BOOK MANY LEADERS HOPE YOU NEVER FIND OUT ABOUT! Are there false, fruitless and even deceptive predators in the pulpits of the modern church? If so, are these deceivers leading multitudes to the worship of false gods through their damnable heresies? Are "seeker-friendly" churches creating a new class of "Christians" who have no concept of authentic, Biblical Christianity? Are there leaders who are building their own kingdoms in lieu of God's and doing so on your dime? Are we hearing the full counsel of the LORD from those in leadership, or the psychology and programs of mere men? Are beguiling emissaries in our midst drawing believers away from pure devotion and intimacy with Jesus Christ? Do these things exist within your local fellowship? Are you truly being instructed in the right ways of the LORD? Explore the answers to these and many more questions in this bold, insightful, and resourceful look at the church world today. WHAT YOU WILL GAIN FROM READING THIS BOOK: What specific erroneous teachings are circulating in the church world and how to identify and expose them How to discern the genuine leaders who truly follow the Word and Spirit of God, from the false and fruitless who are using God's money to build their own kingdoms How to please the LORD by positioning and establishing His written revelation as final authority in your personal life How to discern and cease wasting your brief existence on this earth supporting wolves in sheep's clothing How to serve God with a loving and concerned heart from the foundation of divine immutable truth "This book is a dynamic tool for the discerning Christian who wants to be an effective servant of the LORD." Dan White

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