Bulletin, Vydání 32

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906

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Strana 16 - Navahu but also of the more populous settlements beyond the great mesa to the north where tillable land is wanting. The Tewa Indians assert that the name ' ' Navahu ' ' refers to the large area of cultivated lands.
Strana 30 - Canon del Alamo, are fairly preserved. The upper part of that gorge is wooded, and the caves were thus somewhat sheltered. They offer nothing worthy of special mention, and do not compare in numbers with the settlement at the Rito. The Queres say that these caves also are ' probably
Strana 24 - The main dwelling contained approximately 600 rooms with 10 kivas of the circular subterranean type. A defensive wall extended from the southwest corner of the main building to the rim of the cliff 150 feet away. Below this wall, cut on the face of the cliff, is one of the best petroglyphs in the Southwest, a representation of a plumed serpent seven feet long. The cliff dwellings along the mesa side, extending for three quarters of a mile, contain the largest number of caves in one group. Tshirege...
Strana 16 - Tewa of the pre-Spanish period. This particular pueblo was well situated for agriculture, there being a considerable acreage of tillable land near by — far more than this small population would have utilized. The old trail across the neck of the mesa to the north is worn hip-deep in the rock, showing constant, long-continued use.

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