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Page 128, line 4. Sir Cloudesley Shovel. An English admiral.

Page 128, line 8. Busby. Richard Busby, an English instructor of the seventeenth century.

Page 128, line 18. Cecil. Lord Burleigh.

Page 128, line 20. figure. Statue of Elizabeth Russell. Story referred to is not authentic.

Page 129, line 4. coronation chairs. There are two. The old coronation chair was made for Edward L.; the new one was made in 1689 for Queen Mary. The English monarchs are all crowned in the old coronation chair. Page 130, line 2. evil. King's evil, or scrofula.

" Anne was the last of a long line of sovereigns, from Edward the Confessor, who exercised the supposed royal gift of healing.” (See Ashton's Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne.)

Page 130, line 16. Sir Richard Baker. An English writer of the seventeenth century, author of Chronicle of the Kings of England. (See Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. III.)


Page 131, line 9. new tragedy. The Distressed Mother, by Ambrose Philips.

Page 131, line 12. Committee. Play by Sir Robert Howard.

Page 131, line 21. Mohocks. A lawless gang who made it their business to be on the streets assaulting people and destroying movable property. Ashton says the name probably came from the North American Indians. Spectator.)

(See essay No. 324 in


Page 138, line 22. old put. Foolish or clownish fellow.

Page 140, line 17. book. Paradise Lust, which Addison had been criticising.

Page 140, line 20. lines. Paradise Lost, Book X., 888-908.


Page 143, line 8. Vauxhall. Vauxhall Gardens, sometimes called Spring Garden, was a pleasure resort on the Thames River. It is now built over.

Page 144, line 4. fifty new churches. These were built by Act of Parliament.


Eustace Budgell in the Bee (February, 1773) said of Sir Roger de Coverley, " Mr. Addison was so fond of this character that a little before he laid down the Spectator (foreseeing that some nimble gentleman would catch up his pen the moment he quittert it), he said to an intimate friend, with a certain warmth in his expression which he was not often guilty of T'll kill Sir Kiingere that nobody else may murder him.'"

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