The Pathfinder

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G.P. Putnam, 1853 - Počet stran: 515

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Strana 172 - the females—" if you find the target touched at all, I'll own to a miss. The Quarter-Master cut the wood, but you'll find no wood cut by that last messenger." " Very true, Pathfinder, very true," answered Muir, who was lingering near Mabel, though ashamed to address her particularly, in the presence of the
Strana 294 - tells me he had such feelings towards your own mother, and I think I've seen something like it, in the young people I have, from time to time, guided through the wilderness. Yes, yes— I dare say it's all nat'ral enough, and that makes it come so easy, and is a great comfort to me.
Strana 506 - continued Pathfinder, rising and drawing nearer to our heroine with grave decorum, " kiss me. Jasper will not grudge me one kiss : then we'll part." " Oh! Pathfinder," exclaimed Mabel, falling into the arms of the guide and kissing his cheeks again and again, with a freedom and warmth she had been far from manifesting
Strana 207 - Well; and Colonel Washington may be a useful subject, too. He is the American prodigy; and I suppose I may as well give him all the credit you ask. You have no doubt of the skill of this Jasper Eau-douce ?" " He has a French name, and has passed much of his boyhood in the French colonies
Strana 172 - but then you are not a true rifle-shooter. As for boasting, I hope I'm not a vain talker about my own exploits ; but a man's gifts are his gifts, and it's flying in the face of Providence to deny them. The serjeant's daughter, here, shall judge atween us, if you have the
Strana 418 - Catching up Mabel, and putting her under an arm as if she were an infant, the sinewy frame of the woodsman was exerted to the utmost, and he succeeded in entering the building. The tramp of his pursuers seemed immediately at his heels. Dropping his burden, he turned, closed the door, and had
Strana 416 - and heart are both right with that lad, depend on it, Mabel; and the notion taken up by Lundie, and the Quarter-Master, and the sarjeant, and your uncle, too, is as wrong, as it would be to think that the sun shone by night, and the stars shone by day. No—no—I'll answer for
Strana 13 - you have met Christian men in the wilderness, and such as know how to treat all kindly that are disposed to peace and justice. I'ma man well known in all these parts, and perhaps one of my names may have reached your ears. By the Frenchcrs, and the red-skins on the other side of the
Strana 499 - her power, for there was a single instant when the astonished, almost terrified girl stole a glance at Jasper, as if distrusting Pathfinder's history of his feelings, read the truth of all he said in that furtive look, and instantly concealed her face again, as if she would hide it from
Strana 62 - all the benefit expected from the artifice of the fire was necessarily lost. But that consideration became of little moment, just then, for the secreted were menaced with an immediate discovery by those who had kept on a level with the river. All the facts presented, themselves clearly, and as it might be by intuition, to

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