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Y aim in writing this book has been to present something that is a little more

than a personal impression, and a good deal less than a considered history, of the Peace Conference. The latter task will be taken in hand in due time by more competent hands than mine, and it will make its appeal to its own special public. What I have endeavoured to produce is an account, checked by such official documents as are available, which will convey to the general reader some not wholly inadequate impression both of what the Conference did and how it did it.

During the three months I spent at Paris as Special Correspondent of the Daily News at the Peace Conference I was unexpectedly, as well as undeservedly, fortunate in the contacts various persons intimately concerned in the making of Peace allowed me to establish with them. While there are many conversations that must still remain confidential, enough may be said to convey what is not an entirely external view of the transactions at Paris.

I am greatly indebted to certain personal friends

with special knowledge who have read different portions of the book and made suggestions of much value regarding it. If I do not mention their names it is because I have no right to associate them with any kind of responsibility for what I have written.

H. W. H. October, 1919.

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