Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Usama M. Fayyad, Andreas Wierse, Georges G. Grinstein
Morgan Kaufmann, 2002 - Počet stran: 407

Mainstream data mining techniques significantly limit the role of human reasoning and insight. Likewise, in data visualization, the role of computational analysis is relatively small. The power demonstrated individually by these approaches to knowledge discovery suggests that somehow uniting the two could lead to increased efficiency and more valuable results. But is this true? How might it be achieved? And what are the consequences for data-dependent enterprises?

Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery is the first book to ask and answer these thought-provoking questions. It is also the first book to explore the fertile ground of uniting data mining and data visualization principles in a new set of knowledge discovery techniques. Leading researchers from the fields of data mining, data visualization, and statistics present findings organized around topics introduced in two recent international knowledge discovery and data mining workshops. Collected and edited by three of the area's most influential figures, these chapters introduce the concepts and components of visualization, detail current efforts to include visualization and user interaction in data mining, and explore the potential for further synthesis of data mining algorithms and data visualization techniques. This incisive, groundbreaking research is sure to wield a strong influence in subsequent efforts in both academic and corporate settings.

* Details advances made by leading researchers from the fields of data mining, data visualization, and statistics.
* Provides a useful introduction to the science of visualization, sketches the current role for visualization in data mining, and then takes a long look into its mostly untapped potential.
* Presents the findings of recent international KDD workshops as formal chapters that together comprise a complete, cohesive body of research.
* Offerss compelling and practical information for professionals and researchers in database technology, data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, statistics, pattern recognition, information retrieval, high-performance computing, and data visualization.


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Visualizing Massive Multivariate TimeSeries Data
CharacterBased Data Visualization for Data Mining
Visualization in the Knowledge Discovery Process
Benchmark Development for the Evaluation
Data Visualization for Decision Support Activities
An Integrated
Visualizing Data Mining Models
Visualizing the Simple Bayesian Classifier
An Adaptive Interface Approach for RealTime
Integrating Data Mining and Visualization Processes
Visual and Algorithmic
Use of the Manifold Concept in Model Visualization
Document Mining and Visualization
Research Issues in the Analysis and Visualization
A CaseBuilding Toolkit

Model Visualization
Issues in TimeSeries and Categorical Data Exploration
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