All about etiquette; or, The manners of polite society

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Strana 388 - BIBLE AND PEOPLE'S COMMENTARY" combines, for Clergymen, Teachers, and Students, in one compact, handsome, and portable volume, both the Text of Holy Writ and a full Commentary. The well engraved and printed Maps and Illustrative Engravings, the beautiful many-coloured Pictures, the artistic and useful Register of Family Events, printed in Tints, and ruled for the insertion of the Family Names and Events, all unite to form a Bible for the People of Great Britain, as well fitted for the Cottage by...
Strana 385 - Beeton's British Gazetteer : A Topographical and Historical Guide to the United Kingdom. Compiled from the Latest and Best Authorities. It...
Strana 382 - BEETON'S BOOK of POULTRY & DOMESTIC ANIMALS ; showing How to Rear and Manage in Sickness and in Health— Pigeons, Poultry, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Fancy Mice, Tortoises, Bees, Silkworms, Ponies, Donkeys, Inhabitants of the Aquarium, &c. • • This Volume contains upwards of One Hundred Engravings and Five Coloured Plates from Water-Colour Drawings by HARRISON WEIR.
Strana 380 - New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice. Much Enlarged and carefully Revised and improved, and brought down to the Present Year. A large amount of New Matter added.
Strana 378 - With Maps and Illustrations. BEETON'S DICTIONARY of UNIVERSAL* INFORMATION, A to Z, comprising Geography, Biography, History, Mythology, Biblical Knowledge, Chronology, with the Pronunciation of every Proper Name. "The 'Dictionary of Universal Information,
Strana 385 - Beeton's Medical Dictionary. A Safe Guide for every Family, defining with perfect plainness the Symptoms and Treatment of all Ailments, Illnesses, and Diseases.
Strana 391 - BEETON'S PICTORIAL SPELLING BOOK. 24 pp. Comprising Easy Words of Two Letters to Words of Seven Syllables. 43 Illustrations. 3. BEETON'S PICTORIAL PRIMER AND EASY WORD BOOK. 24 pp. Comprising Easy Words and Easy Reading Lessons from Words of Two to Six Letters. 78 Illustrations. 4. BEETON'S PICTORIAL READER. 24 pp. Comprising Reading Lessons in Prose and Poetry of an Interesting and Progressive Character. 2i Illustrations. 5. BEETON'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OP ENGLAND.
Strana 388 - PEOPLE'S COMMENTARY. With Family Register, and over One Thousand Page and other Illustrations of Biblical Localities, and of Incidents from the Holy Scriptures, by OVERBECK, RETHEL, and other great Scriptural Artists. With a large number of full-page Coloured Pictures. A Family Bible and Commentary, cheap in price, trustworthy In explanations, and attractive in form, has long been desired. "COBBIN'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY BIBLE AND PEOPLE'S COMMENTARY" will be found to give a number of advantages to...
Strana 397 - Life Aboard Ship, as it is Told by Himself. Full of Adventure and Daring Deeds.
Strana 393 - The Christian Life. Bible Helps and Counsels for Every Day throughout the Year. With Red Border Lines. 32. The Perfect Life. By WILLIAM E. CHANNING. 33. Sacred Heroes and Martyrs. By JT HEADLEY. Revised and Edited by JW KIRTON, LL.D., Author of

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