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West View of the Cathedral at Rheims
Portrait of Mrs. Robinson
Remarkable Cobweb found at Bristol
Ancient Font in Mierionethshire
Portrait of Monsieur Mofnier
View of the Temple at Paris
Portrait of William Earl of Mansfield
View of the Abbey of St. Denis
Portrait of Old Parr
The holy Vial at Rheims
Portrait of Thomas Pennant, Esq.
View of the Market-House at Marlborough
Portrait of Hyder Ali Cawn
Monument intended for Henry Fielding
View of the Hospital at Canterbury

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By Permission of the Right Hon. HENRY DUNDAS.

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Outlines of a Plan of foreign Government, of commercial

Economy, and of domestic Administration, for the Afiatic Interests of Great Britain.

Printed for. J. Sewell, No. 32, Cornhill; and J. DEBRETT,


The Authorities, upon which the Whole of this Detail rests, have been obtained either from the Records of the Company and from the Archives of the State, or from the Communications of those, whole official and local Knowledge qualify them to aid their Country upon this important Occalion.

Of whom may be had, HI. A SHORT HISTORY of the EAST-INDIA COMPANY; exhibiting a State of their Affairs abroad and at home, political and commercial; the Nature and Magnitude of their Commerce and relative Connection with the Government and Revenues of India: Alfo, Remarks on the Danger and Impolicy of Innovation, and the practical Means of insuring all the good Effects of a free Trade to the Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland, by Matter of Regulation, without disturbing the established System. By FRANCIS RUSSELL, Esq. Price Four Shillings.

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