The Last Duty Done

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iUniverse, 30. 4. 2003 - Počet stran: 128
"At a time when there is an apparent dearth of able orators in this country, what a pleasant surprise to have listened to your splendid discourse on Eisenhower at the 9:29's breakfast this morning."
J. Felix Sagarino
Head of the Armed Forces
Writers League

"Heartfelt congratulations! You have indeed accomplished a great deal for yourself and others and I am very proud to be included with those who have contributed to your success. The thing that pleases me more than anything else is that you remember me."
Nelson A. Sly
Chief Scout Executive
Charter Oak Counsel
Boy Scouts of America

"I am nominating Rev. John P. Robertson for a Freedoms Foundation Award for his very moving and patriotic sermon on Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Robertson manifests the ideals that Freedoms Foundation wishes to emphasize in our American Society-a man who every day lives the American credo."
Dr. Stephen F. Maio
Superintendent of Schools
Wakefield, MA, and
President of the Bay State
Chapter of Freedoms Foundation

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