Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey Through Russia and Siberian Tartary: From the Frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamtchatka

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Charles Knight, 1825

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I have to join the troops of readers who enjoyed this book. More than many others i've read regarding the Romanovs, both fiction and non, this is an unique view of the family as seen from an insider ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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John Dundas Cochrane (1793-1825) was a Royal Navy officer and the cousin of the more famous Thomas Cochrane, 'The Sea Wolf'. Without any chance of a sea command at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, John ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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Strana 71 - Among the public buildings are to be reckoned magazines for bread, for powder, for sailors, for convicts, for wine, and for arms ; a guardhouse, smithy, hospital, chancery, school, and a building for the chief and his assistant. All, however, with the exception of the hospital, sailors' barracks, and school, are at best, like the rest of the city, but emblems of misery and wretchedness.
Strana 40 - ... finest species. Next to these furs, the dogs of Kamtchatka may be considered as forming a great part of their riches. These faithful and useful animals are employed to transport fish, supply the house with water, the cattle with hay, — in short, to do all the work that horses perform in England. They are fed as circumstances may dictate, being always left to shift for themselves from June to October.
Strana 69 - Russian government will pay any attention to the serious and deplorable situation of the peninsula of Kamtchatka is of no personal consequence to me, though I may well feel a strong interest concerning a place in which I resided for more than a year, and where I married. The ceremony was attended with much more pomp and parade than if it had been celebrated in England : it took place on the 8th of January ; and I certainly am the first Englishman that ever married a Kamtchatdale, and my wife is undoubtedly...
Strana 249 - Russian language to appreciate duly the value of such hearsay information. His manuscript must become voluminous, and, of course, too bulky to be sent by private hands ; it can only therefore be forwarded by the post, where, without doubt, it will be subject to the examination of those whose duty it is to inspect documents of such a nature as this is likely to be, and will be treated according to its merit. In every country, even in England, we find that foreigners should be careful of what they...
Strana 133 - The fiuriats appear a lazy, dirty, but contented race; and quite as unmanly, cowardly, and servile as the Kamtchatdales. The city of Selenginsk, standing upon the right bank of the river, is indeed a miserably decayed place, art and nature seeming to do their utmost to bury it in oblivion. A garrison of one thousand men is still kept up — to no purpose; for the locality of Verchney Udinsk must soon complete its ruin. It possesses but one respectable merchant, who has consequently an undisputed...
Strana 42 - Of the people in general, I can only say they are as amiable and honest as ever. They are now established in villages, all built in the old Russian style, which are clean and comfortable. During the summer, or fishing season, they leave their winter residences for the balagans or places which they use for drying their fish. Thus the summer is employed in preparing food against the winter, which latter is taken up in the chase. Beyond this, the Kamtchatdale is still the same lazy, drunken, serrile...
Strana 126 - Selenga runs, \ve coasted it for thirty miles before we arrived at the place of crossing. The ice was so clear, transparent, and slippery, that 1 could not keep my feet, yet the horses are so accustomed to it, that hardly an instance occurs of their falling. We crossed the lake, and reached the opposite village, which has a considerable monastery, in time to breakfast; we had been two hours and a half in going the distance, forty miles. Such is, however, the rapidity with which three horses abreast...
Strana 248 - I know not. He, indeed, may go there as well as any where else, for he will see just as much ; but there is so little to be seen by those who have even the use of their eyes, that I cannot divine what interest he can have to attempt it, without even a knowledge of the Russian language.
Strana 131 - The field chosen on the banks of the Selenga, is, no doubt, the very worst ; and this is known even to the missionaries, but, I presume, it is too comfortable a birth to be given up. I have every respect for them personally, but really I cannot think justice is done to the people of England, to say nothing of the poverty and ignorance of a large portion of the people of Ireland, in squandering money in every part of the world, while there are so many poor and religiously ignorant in our own empire....
Strana 270 - I feel convinced that compassion is the leading characteristic of those who are termed barbarians; and that man, in a state of nature, will freely give to the distressed that bread which he would not sell for money. I am confident that man is really humane, and that he gives more from the dictates of a good heart, than from ostentation. I have received food from a family who were almost in a starving state ; and am therefore justified by grateful experience in affirming, that those people who are...

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