Poems. By John Dyer, L.L.B.: Viz. I. Grongar Hill. II. The Ruins of Rome. III. The Fleece, in Four Books..

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John Hughs, 1761 - Počet stran: 175

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Strana 15 - Tis thus the busy beat the air, And misers gather wealth and care. Now, ev'n now, my joys run high, As on the mountain-turf I lie; While the wanton zephyr sings, And in the vale perfumes his wings ; While the waters murmur deep ; While the shepherd charms his sheep ; While the birds unbounded fly, And with music fill the sky, Now, ev'n now, my joys run high.
Strana 11 - In all the hues of heaven's bow, And, swelling to embrace the light, Spreads around beneath the sight.
Strana 13 - Big with the vanity of state ; But transient is the smile of Fate ! A little rule, a little sway, A sun-beam in a winter's day, Is all the proud and mighty have Between the cradle and the grave.
Strana 13 - And see the rivers how they run, Through woods and meads, in shade and sun Sometimes swift, sometimes slow, Wave succeeding wave, they go A various journey to the deep, Like human life, to endless sleep...
Strana 14 - Ever charming, ever new, When will the landscape tire the view! The fountain's fall, the river's flow, The woody valleys warm and low; The windy summit, wild and high, Roughly rushing on the sky; The pleasant seat, the ruined tower, The naked rock, the shady bower; The town and village, dome and farm, Each give each a double charm, As pearls upon an Ethiop's arm.
Strana 12 - That cast an awful look below ; Whose ragged walls the ivy creeps, And with her arms from falling keeps : So both a safety from the wind On mutual dependence find. 'Tis now the raven's bleak abode ; Tis now th...
Strana 78 - First, howe'er, Drive to the double fold, upon the brim Of a clear river, gently drive the flock, And plunge them one by one into the flood...
Strana 15 - Be full, ye courts ! be great who will ; Search for Peace with all your skill : Open wide the lofty door, Seek her on the marble floor : In vain...
Strana 12 - The yellow beech, the sable yew, The slender fir that taper grows, The sturdy oak with broad-spread boughs.
Strana 180 - Europeans ; whom the circling cup Of luxury intoxicates. Ye routs, Who for your crimes have fled your native land; And ye voluptuous idle, who in vain Seek...

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