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Marie Šechtlov: Photography 1960-1970 offers a rare look into the graphic yet humanistic vision of a Czechoslovakian woman photographer during a decade of political and social upheaval. This high-quality publication is a tribute to Šechtlová's lyrical approach, situated within the Czech avant-garde lineage, which creatively sidestepped the difficulties of expressing humanistic values under a repressive communist regime that imprisoned her husband for his photographic activities. Among her wide repertoire, All Eyes (1964), a joint effort with poet Jan Noha, establishes a balancing point between image and text by utilizing metaphoric, dramatic abstraction, unconventional perspective, and unusual use of focus, to communicate hopefulness for the future.
--Robert Hirsch is an artist, curator, educator, historian and author of several books (such as Seizing the Light: A Social History of Photography; Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age)

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