Tales of the Ramad'han

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Strana 248 - tis as soon Taken as seen; for Pompey's name strikes more, Than could his war resisted. Cffis. Antony, Leave thy lascivious wassails. When thou once Wast beaten from Modena, where thou slew'st Hirtius and Pansa, consuls, at thy heel Did famine follow ; whom thou fought'st against, Though daintily brought up, with patience more Than savages could suffer...
Strana 55 - To the ocean now I fly, And those happy climes that lie Where day never shuts his eye, Up in the broad fields of the sky.
Strana 23 - And level pavement. From the arched roof) Pendent by subtle magic, many a row Of starry lamps and blazing cressets, fed With naphtha and asphaltus, yielded light As from a sky.
Strana 306 - Is not His deed, whatever thing is done In heaven and earth ? Did not He all create To die again ? All ends, that was begun : Their times in his eternal book of fate Are written sure, and have their certain date. Who then can strive with strong necessity, That holds the world in his still changing state ; . Or shun the death ordain'd by destiny ? When hour of death is come, let none ask whence, nor why.
Strana 220 - It was a chosen plot of fertile land. Emongst wide waves set, like a litle nest, As if it had by Natures cunning hand Bene choisely picked out from all the rest, And laid forth for ensample of the best...
Strana 142 - But breathe revenge, and for the combat burn. As on some mountain, through the lofty grove, The crackling flames ascend, and blaze above; The fires expanding, as the winds arise, Shoot their long beams, and kindle half the skies: So from the polish'd arms, and brazen shields, A gleamy splendour flash'd along the fields. Not less their number than the embodied cranes, 541 Or milk-white swans in Asius
Strana 107 - XLIII. Therewith they gan, both furious and fell, To thunder blows, and fiercely to assail Each other, bent his enemy to quell ; That with their force they pierc'd both plate and mail, And made wide furrows in their fleshes frail, That it would pity any living eye : Large floods of blood adown their sides did rail ; But floods of blood could not them satisfy : Both hungered after death ; both chose to win, or die.
Strana 298 - Bermudas, walled with rocks, who does not know? That happy island where huge lemons grow, And orange trees, which golden fruit do bear, The Hesperian garden boasts of none so fair; Where shining pearl, coral, and many a pound, On the rich shore, of ambergris is found.
Strana 288 - O, not possible; She's kept as warily as is your gold; Never does come abroad, never takes air, But at a window. All her looks are sweet, As the first grapes or cherries, and are watch'd As near as they are.
Strana 237 - He knew the cause of every malady, Were it of cold, or hot, or moist, or dry, And where engendered and of what humour, He was a very perfect practisour.

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