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of the unlearned christians was so other theological works of Dr. P. general, and the dislike of the new His harmony of the evangelists; doctrine was so deeply rooted, that notes on all the books of scripture; it was with very great difficulty, and general history of the christian and not till after a great length of church. His sermons, of which time,that they were brought quietly there are one or two volumes, are to acquiesce in them. If these facts written with great plainness but are established, the conclusion fol- not without pathos—and are callows immediately. No person of culated to have an effect on minds reflection can for a moment main- disposed to religious and moral tain, that the apostles believed and impressions, of Dr. P.'s characdistinctly taught the pre-existence ter as a man, a scholar, a philosoand divinity of their master, and pher, a citizen, a christian, a minthat the great mass of their con- ister, we have made remarks in a verts were unbelievers in their tes- former number. Time will detimony,' Such are the comments termine whether the world is the of one of Dr. P.'s friends upon the wiser and the better that he has design and scope of the argument lived in it. in the history of carly opinions. The following tablet is at the We have not time to remark on conclusion of the volume :.

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Is consecrated to the Memory of the
by his affectionate Congregation,

in Testimony
of their Gratitude for his faithful Attention

to their spiritual Improvement,
and for his peculiar Diligence in training up their Youth

to rational Piety and genuine Virtue :
of their Respect for his great and various Talents,
which 'were uniformly directed to the noblest Purposes :

and of their veneration
for the pure, benevolent, and holy Principles,
which through the trying Vicissitudes of Life,

and in the awful hour of Death,
animated him with a hope of a blessed Immortality.

His Discoveries as a Philosopher
will never cease to be remembered and admired

by the ablest Improvers of Science.

His firmness as an Advocate of Liberty,
and his Sincerity as an Expounder of the Scriptures,

endeared him to many
of his enlightened and unprejudiced Contemporaries.

His Example as a Christian
will be instructive to the Wise, and interesting to the Good

of every Country, and in every Age.
He was born at Fieldhead, near Leeds, in Yorkshire,

March 24, A. D. 1733.
Was chosen a Minister of this Chapel, Dec. 31, 1780
Continued in that Office Ten Years and Six Months.

Embarked for America, April 7, 1794.
Died at Northumberland, in Pennsylvania, Feb. 6, 1804.


Mc Kean's Address. Monthly Catalogue. (Sept.

it is however, though it contains ART. 57.

some sensible remarks on the adThe inaugural address delivered in vantages of education and some

Brunswick, Sept. 9. 1806. By very proper observations on the the Rev. Joseph Mc Kean, late inefficacy of genius without labour, president of Bowdoin College.

we are compelled to say, that his With an eulogy, &c. by Rev. W. friends have consulted their fondJenkë, delivered at his funeral. Dess much more than their judg. 8vo. Portland. 1807.

ment in printing a tract, which we

think will add little to the reputaIf this address had been remark- tion of this very respectable Di. able either for eloquence or science, vine. we should still have pronounced it The Eulogy by Mr. Jenks is an original and unpardonable fault, written in a style of very considerthat it was not written in Latin. As able purity and grace.


For SEPTEMBER, 1807.
Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART.


Hanse Towns; the Marine Ordinances The Life of George Washington, of Louis XIV; a Treatise on the Rights commander in chief of the armies of and Duties of Owners, Freighters, and the United States of America, through. Masters of Ships, and Mariners : and out the war which established their in- the Laws of the United States relative dependence, and first president of the to Mariners : collected and arranged United States. By David Ramsay, M. by Richard Peters, Junr. Esq. In two D. author of The History of the Amer. Volumes. Price Sio boards, and $11 ican Revolution. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 400.bound. Philadelphia, W. P. Farrand. Ornamented with an engraved Head of A Spelling Dictionary, divided into Washington. Price to subscribers, in short lessons, for the easier commitboards, $2,50. Providence, R. Island, ting to memory by children and young E. S. Thomas. 1807.

persons ; and calculated to assist youth Elements of the Greek Language, in comprehending what they read: exbibited for the most part in new selected from Johnson's Dictionary for rules, made easy to the memory by the use of her pupils. By Susanna their brevity, being a translation of Dr. Rowson. 12mo. pp. 132. Boston, J. Moor's celebrated Greek Grammar. West. 1807, To which are added, Greville Ewing's Report of a Cause, John Jessup, vs. Continuation and Syntax. By Samuel John Ffirth, Esq. for a libel. Tried at Blatchford, A. M. Principal of Lansin. Woodbury, Gloucester, March Cir. burgh Academy. New-York, Collins cuit, 1807, before the Hon. W. Russell, & Perkins. 1807..

Esquire, and justice of the supreme Admiralty Decisions, in the District court of the state of New Jersey. Pr. Court of the United States for the Penn- 25 cents. sylvania District ; by the Honourable Acts of the general assembly of the Richard Peters, containing some deci- Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, passed sions in the same Court by the late F. at a session began and held at LancasHopkinson, Esq. To which are added ter, on Tuesday 2d of Dec. 1806. cases determined in other Districts of Philadelphia, John Bioren. the United States : With an Appendix, The Tocsin or, the call to arms ! an containing the Laws of Oleron ; the essay ; being an inquiry into the late Laws of Wisbuy in the Laws of the proceedings of Great Britain, in her

M. D.

unjustifiable attack upon the liberty and independence of the United States of America.

NEW EDITIONS. 840. pp. 24. Charleston, S. C. printed for the author, hy J. Vols. III. and IV. of Select SpeechHoff. 1807

es, Forensick and Parliamentary, with The New-England Farrier ; being a pretatory remarks. By N. Chapman, compendium of farriery. In four parts. 8vo. Philadelphia, B. B. HopWherein most of the Diseases, to kins & Co. which Horses, Neat Cattle, Sheep and Vol. IV. of the Works of the Right Swine are subject, are treated of; with Honourable Edmund Burke. First medical and surgical Operations there. American, taken from the last London on :-Being the result of many years' edition. 8vo. Boston, John West, experience. Intended for the use of

and Oliver C. Greenleaf. This volume private Gentlemen and Farmers. By , completes the work, which is sold comPaul Jewett, of Rowley. Salem.

plete, at $10 in boards, each volume The Berean, or an Appeal to the containing about 500 pages. Scriptures on questions of the utmost Vols. I. and II. of the Life of Sam. importance to the human race. No. I. uel Johnson, L. L. D. comprehending of Vol. 2. 12mo. Boston, printed for an account of his studies, and numerthe Berean society, by Munroe & Fran- ous works, in chronological order ; a cis. 1807.

series of his epistolary correspondence An Alphabetical Table of the city and conversations with many eminent of New-York. By John Low Price

persons ; and various original pieces of 50 cts. New-York, J. Low.

his composition, never before published. A Discourse delivered before the The whole exhibiting a view of literamembers of the Portsmouth Female

ture and literary men in Great Britain Asylum, on the Lord's Day, August 9, for near half a century during which 1807. By Abiel Abbot, A.m. pastor of he flourished. By James Boswell, Esq. the First Church in Beverly, Mass. 1st American from 5th London edition. 8vo. Portsmouth, printed by Stephen In 3 volumes. 8vo. Boston, publish. Sew:Jl, 1807; and sold by C. Pierce., ed by W. Andrews and L. Blake, and

A Discourse delivered in the First Cushing & Appleton of Salcm. Green, Baptist Meeting House in Boston, on ough & Stebbins, printers. 1807. Wednesday, August 19, 1807, by · Jo- Vol. I. pp. 500. Vol. II. 512. seph Clay, A. M. On the occasion of

A Picture of the Empire of Bonahis installation to the pastoral care of parte, and his Federal Nations ; or,the the First Baptist Church and Society Belgian Traveller-Being a tour thro' in said town. 8vo. pp. 40. Buston, Holland, France, and Switzerland, durManning & Loring:

ing the years 1804 and 5, in a series of The Christian's Magazine, No. 3.- letters from a Nobleman to a Minister Svo. New-York, J. & T. Ronalds.

of State. Edited by the author of the Examination of the passages in the Revolutionary Plutarch,&c. 8vo. Price New Testament, quoted from the Old, $2,25. boards. New-York, Ezra Sar. and called prophecies concerni.g Jesus geant. 1807. Christ. To which is prefixel, an es. Vol. V. Part II. of The New Cy. say on dream, shewing by what opera. clopedia, or Dictionary of Arts and tion of the mind a dream is produced Sciences. By Abraham Rees, D.D., in sleep, and applying the same to the F. R. S., editor of the last edition of account of dreams in the New Testa.

Mr. Chambers's Dictionary, with the ment; with an appendix, containing my assistance of eminent professional genprivate thoughts of a future state, and tlemen. First American edition, reremarks on the contradictory doctrine vised, corrected, enlarged, and adapted in the books of Matthew and Mark.

to this country, by several literary and By Thomas Paine. New York, for the scientifick characters. 4to. Price author. 8vo. pp. 56. price 38 cts. $4 for the half-volume. Philadelphia,

Two Minor Catechisms, for the use S. F. Bradford. Lemuel Blake, No 1, of Parents and Instructors in teaching Cornhill, agent in Boston. their children and pupils. By Joseph Improvements in Education, as it Emerson, pastor of a church in Bever- . respects the industrious classes of the ly. 8vo. pp. 16. Boston, Munroe & community ; containing, among other Francis.

important particolais, an account of the Vol. IV. No. 9.


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Institution for the education of 1000 Transactions of the American Philopoor children, Borough Road, South- sophical Society, part second of vol. 6th. wark, and of the new system of education on which it is conducted by J. WORKS ANNOUNCED. Lancaster. From the 3d London edi. Mess'rs. Belcher & Armstrong and tion, with additions. To which is pre- Oliver & Munroe have issued proposals fixed, a Sketch of the New York Free

for publishing A Dictionary of the Eng. School Price 62 cents. New-York,

lish language. In which the words are Collins and Perkins.

deduced from their

originals, and illus. The Art of Reading ; containing a trated in their different significations number of useful rules, exemplitied by

by examples from the best writers. a variety of selected and original pie.

To which are prefixed, a history of the ces, calculated to improve the scholar

language, and an English grammat in reading and speaking with propriety; By Samuel Johnson, LL.D. To which and to impress the minds of youth with will be added, the pronunciation of sentiments of virtue and religion. 7th Walker. In four volumes, royal octavo. edition. 12mo. Bustm, John West.

To be printed word for word from the Graham's Birds of Scotland. 12mo.

Ninth London Edition, with the Life Boston, Jobn West, & David West.

of the author by Dr. Aikin, and embela No. VII. of Shakespeare's Plays : lished with an elegant engraved like. containing King John, Richard 11. and

It will be delivered to subscri. Henry IV. part I. 12mo. Boston bers in four hall volumes, containing Munroe & Francis.

upwards of 500 pages each, neatly done The Trial of John Wilson, alias Jen, up in boards, at $2, 25 to be paid on kin Ratford, for mutiny, desertion, and delivery. It will be executed on a new contempt : to which are subjoined a and handsome type and good paper, and few carsory remarks. pp. 28. 12mo.

put to press when 800 are subscribed Boston, Snelling & Simons.

for. Gentlemen, holding subscription

papers are particularly requested to reWORKS IN THE PRESS, turn the number subscribed thereon to A new work, entitleil, A compen. the publishers the 1st of next January, dious system of Universal Geography, Samuel Mackay, A. M. Professor of designed for schools. Compiled from the French language in Boston, proposes the latest and most distinguished Euro- to publish by subscription, a Chronolopean and American travellers, voyagers, gical Abridgement of the French Re. and geographers. By Ehjah Parish, volution, from the Year 1787 to the A.M. minister of Byħield, Massachu. Year 1792, including the most astonishsetts. Newburyport, Thomas and ing events, which distinguish that meW bipple.

morable era : to serve as an introduc. The 6th Number of the Christian tion to a subsequent uninterrupted hisMonitor, by a Society for promoting torical correspondence, of about 1500 Christian Knowledge, &c. 12mo. Bos- original letters, written by men of taton, Munroe & Francis.

lents, rank, reputation, and honour ; A second volume of the Miseries of which will complete a full History of Human Life. 12mo. Boston, Belcher France, from that period, and without & Armstrong.

chasm, to the peace with Austria, after Shakespeare's Miscellaneous Poems, the battle of Austerlitz. This publicawithi a Life of the author. 12mo. Bos- tion will comprise four volumes, 8vo. ton, Oliver & Munroe.

of 500 pages each. The price $2,50 C. & A. Conrad & Co. of Philadel- a volume, in boards, and payment or phia have in the press the following delivery. The compiler says, The cor. works :

respondence is carried on by men atCarr's Journey through Holland in tached to different parties, and affords the autumn of 1806.

an opportunity to draw impartial conThe Modern Ship of Fools.

clusions. The compiler and translator A new edition of Brackenridge's has received undoubted assurances, that Modern Chivalry, to be comprised in he will be supplied, from time to time, 2 vols. 12mo.

with future vouchers from the same Town and Country, a Comedy by source, which will enable him to bring Thomas Morton, author of Speed the down the work to the epoch of a genePlough, &c.

ral peace in Europe. He is indebted

to Colonel Amelot de Lacroix, a distin: every inquiry, and those who detest guished officer in the French service, flattery will confess, that, in all counfor the precious documents which may tries, men may be found, honest and render this publication useful and in- bold enough to investigate and publish structive. An attachment to General it. The necessary documents to comMoreau forced that officer to our happy plete the work, as far as the battle of shores. This history of the French Austerlitz, are now in the hands of the revolution to the present time, is wor. compiler and translator. The letters thy the attention of reflecting minds. are written by men, whose honour and It will afford alike a lesson to mon- veracity are undoubted ; and they have archs, courtiers, republicks, and future been collected with much care by Col. ages. It will blaze forth the destroy. de Lacroix, one of the correspondents, ing eruption of long restrained passions, to whose perseverance and diligence, and show their baneful effects on the this valuable and correct collection social order of distracted Europe. The owes its entire preservation, and chro. most secret machinations of the dis. nological arrangement. turbers of publick repose wiil be ex. Poems on various subjects. Conposed to light. The deep plots of the taining, Eclogues, Canzonetts, Tales, cabinet of Versailles, and of the re- Odes, the tragedy of the Sorcerer, and publicans, will be unravelled. The a variety of miscellaneous pieces. By sanguinary deeds of the jacobins, and D. R. Preston, author of the Wonthe excesses of an uncontrolled multi- ders of Creation,' Juvenile Instructude, will be exhibited in all their bid. tor,' &c. 12mo, 300 pages. 75 cents. eous forms. The names and characters Thomas L. Plowman of Philadelphia of the principal actors of the horrid has issued proposals for publishing by scenes will be handed to posterity. subscription, Arrowsmith's Map of the The gloom will occasionally be dispel. World, on a globular projection, conled, by some solitary traits of great- taining all the new discoveries to the ness, generosity, courage, zeal, patriot. present time, and exhibiting the extent ism, probity, and of an insuperable love and boundaries of all the empires,kingof glory, so peculiar to the French na- doms, and states in the world, with the tion. The volatile and singular anec- tracks of the most distinguished navig'. dotes, affecting episodes, witty epi. tors, carefully collected from the best grams, interspersed in the correspon. charts, maps, voyages, &c. extant, and dence, will occasionall smooth the reay- regulated by captain Cook's accurate der's brow, and relieve him from the astronomical observations. The size of dark reflections, inseparable from the the map is to be 6 feet by 3, engraved subject of this awful revolution. in the best manner ; the price to sub

The compiler will probe the sources scribers on cloth and rolled, elegantly of disaffection among the army. This coloured, will be eight dollars. will introduce military reflections, and Mr. B. Tanner of Philadelphia prolead to an account of French modern poses to publish a Portrait of the "Rt. tacticks. The inconsiderate man of Rev. Benjamin Moore, D. D. Bishop genius, and the sage of profound medi. of the Protestant Episcopal church in tation will be contrasted ; and the the state of New York, engraved by D. thick veil of hypoerisy, which covered Edwin. the insidious views of the principal ac- A choice collection of fashionable tors in this tragick drama, will be rent songs, entitled, Wild's Budget of without mercy. The work will exhi. Mirth : interspersed with a variety of bit a true account of the various wars, the most comick songs now sung in the and the consequent campaigns, battles, theatres, London : together with a col. sieges, defeats, and their causes. It lection of the most approved pathetick will make known the peculiar charac. and sentimental : as sung by the cele. ter of the French officers and soldiers, brated performers. The work will be compare the martial talents of that na- comprised in three numbers, each to tion, with those of their enemies, and contain 36 pages, duodecimo, and will account for the different revolutions at be executed on a handsome type and home and in the colonies. It will take paper. The price to subscribers will a cursory survey of the naval resources be 20 cents a number. Gentlemen of that empire, of the talents of place. holding subscription papers well retnmn merr and politicians : truth will guide them to the office of Snelling & Simons.

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