Considerations on the substance of the sun

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Metropolis of the United States of America: Printed by Way and Groff, September, 1801 - Počet stran: 87

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Strana 90 - BBOWN, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit : " Sertorius : or, the Roman Patriot.
Strana 90 - An aft, for the encouragement of learning, by fecuring the copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors and proprietors of fuch copies during the times therein mentioned...
Strana 31 - Leyden, of much eminence, said that " he felt himself struck in his arms, shoulders, and breast, so that he lost his breath ; and it was two days before he recovered from the effects of the blow and the terror ; adding, that he would not take a second shock for the kingdom of France.
Strana 69 - ... inches long, held in the hand, over the centre « of the cake, will, of itfelf, begin to move in a circle, « round the iron globe, and conftantly from weft to eaft.
Strana 69 - ... as the distance of the globe from the centre of the cake. If the cake of rosin be of an elliptical form, and the iron globe be placed in the centre of it, the light body will describe an elliptical orbit of the same excentricity with the form of the Cake.
Strana 36 - ... bonds, and round and round him gazed ; Starts up from earth above the admiring throng Lifts his colossal form and towers along ; High o'er his foes his hundred arms he rears, Plowshares his swords and pruning hooks his spears ; Calls to the good and brave with voice that rolls Like Heaven's own thunder round the echoing poles ; Gives to the winds his banner broad unfurl'd, And gathers in its shade the living world...
Strana 34 - O'er the young Sage your mystic mantle spread, And wreath'd the crown electric round his head.— Thus when on wanton wing intrepid LOVE 390 Snatch'd the raised lightning from the arm of JOVE; Quick o'er his knee the triple bolt He bent, The cluster'd darts and forky arrows rent, Snapp'd with illumin'd hands each flaming shaft, His tingling fingers shook, and stamp'd, and laugh'd...
Strana 69 - To this should be added the following description of the manner in which these experiments can be made : " Place a small iron globe, of an inch or an inch and a half in diameter, on the middle of a circular cake of...
Strana 69 - ... and thofe either concentric or eccentric to the centre of the large body about which they move, fo as to make many revolutions about them. And this motion will conftantly be the fame way that the planets move about the fun, viz. from the right hand to the left, or from weft to eaft. But thefe little planets, if I may fo call them, move much fafter in their apogeon than in the perigeon parts of their orbits ; which is directly contrary to the motion of the planets about the fun.
Strana 21 - No objection, says he, ariseth to that great luminary being inhabited ; vegetation may obtain there, as well as with us. There may be water and dry land, hills and dales, rain and fair weather, and as the light, so the season, must be eternal, consequently it may easily be conceived to be by far the most blissful habitation of the whole system.

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