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Comprising in only 5 Octavo Vols., the whole 45 Vols. of other Editions, and at prices

calculated to induce all classes to become purchasers,

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Comprising in 5 Vols. 8vo., the 45 Vols. of other Editions, and presenting vast saving of

expense, both in the works and binding.

Historical and Biographical Preface.

24. Character of a very Pretty Fellow--A Toast.. Addisom. V
Original Dedicatioas.

Continental Intelligence-Lines to the French

Introduction-Character of an absent Lover


... Stoele.

-Betterton's Benefit-Continental Intelli.

25. On Duelling-Advice generally unwelcome-

gence--Death of Mr. Partridge ............ Steele.

Continental Inte gence...

2. The Medicine

Harrison. 26. Letter from a Pretty Fellow-froin Louis

Continental Intelligence-Raillery on the


state of France...

Steele. 27. Character of a Rake-a Coquette-Verses on

3. Play-house, a Poem, by Blackmore-Tapes-

a Parrot-Letter from Jeffry Nicknack-
try--Continental intelligence-Benefit of

Continental Intelligence....

28. On Duelling-Continental Intelligence
4. Plan of the Work-Characters of Chloe and

29. Letter from Tim. Switch on Duelling-Cri.
Clarissa-Dramatic News--Strolling Com

tics and Wits-Continental Intelligence..

pany-Conunental Intelligence-Island of so. Character of the Author's three Nephews-


Style of Love-letters..

3. Fallen State of Love-Cynthia, the absent

31. Duelling-Letter to the Author on his being

Lover-Project for the Advancement of

little known in the Country-Continental

Religion-Continental Intelligence-Story


of Unnion and Valentine-Character of the

39. Platonic Ladies-Madonella ........ ........ Svift,

Duke of Marlborough

On Punning..


6. Visit from Sappho-Criticism on Homer and

33. Mrs. Jenny Distaff on the Treatment of the

Virgil - Journal of the Iliad - Continental

Fair Sex-Attempts to seduce her-Conti-
Intelligence-Characters of Alexander and

nental Intelligence.


34. Cures performed by the Author-Saltero's

7. The Author's Will-Kailery on Marriage-


Characters of a Cequette and a Coxcomb

35. Snuff-taking Cynthia's Courtship-Hamlet's

-Epsom Wells, a Comedy-Continental

Direction to the Players


Farnily of X's : (probably)


9. Reformation of the Stage--Continental Intel.

Continental Intelligence

ligence-A Dream of the State of England


96. Mrs. Jenny Distaff--Characters at Epsom-


Congreye's Old Batchelor

Of Africanus


Description of the Morning


Continental Intelligence


Character of Timon-Pastorella converted

37. On the Fox-hunter's Speech-Cæsar to his

from Coquetry-Continental Intelligence Steele.

Party at the Rubicon..


0. Empire of Beauty-Continental Intelligence

38. On Duelling-Whisperers without Business

1. A Similitude-On Death-Modern Prophets Steele. -Characters

....... Addison.

Genealogy of the Staffs ......

(ontinental Intelligence .........

Continental Intelligence..

Steele. 39. Oxford and its Almanack-Dialogue on Duels
19. Corruptivn of Manners and Language-Bite

40. Cure of Lunaticks-On Love and Marriage..
A Winter Piece..............

Phillips. 41. Exercise at Arms—Character of a Questioner
Verses by


-The Author accused of Personalities.....

13 Adventures of the Tatler's Guardian Angel,

42. Lines on Bribery

Pacolet-Continental Intelligence

Steele. Character of Aspasia..


14. Character of Verus-Earl of Essex and Al-

Inventory of the Play-house


chymist-Dumb Fortune-teller and Wi.

49. D’Urfey's Dedication

...... Steele.

dow-To Cerrespondents ...

New System of Philosophy................... Addison.

15. Story of Pacolet-Gamesters-Pleasure ......

On the Sublime


16. Characters at Bath-Letter to Castabella ...

44. Esculapius in love with Hebe-Sale of the

17. On Panegyric-Naked Truth criticised...

Play-house Articles--Humourous Com.

19. On Signs : (probably).....

Addison. plaint of Punch-The Country Gentleman

Distress of Newswriters....

who cannot bear a Jest-Continental In-

19. History of Esquires-Busy Body-A Trip to


the Jubilee-Letter from Madame Mainte-

45. Story of Teraminta-Puppet-shows-Scene



ef bodily Wit-Characters of Florio and

20. Complaint of a Lady


Dramatic News and Criticism..

Addison 46. Character and Gallantries of Aurengezebe-
Continental Intelligence.. ...


Lines on the March to Tournay without
21. Characters of a Gentleman and a Pretty Fel-

beat of Drum-Continental Intelligence

low-The Fox-Dramatic Writers of the

47. Character of Sir Taffety Trippet-Cure for

last and present Age-Letter on Mr. Bick-

the Spleen-Passions expressed by Shak-
erstaff's Prophecy of his Death-Witch-


craft-Continental Intelligence

48. Shades of Conscience and Honour--Genius

2. Cynthia in Love-Lindamira's Lovers-Cave

of Credit

Underhill-Young Lady in Love with a

49. Love and Lust-Florio and Limberham-


23. Cure for Fits in Married Ladies-Leiter to

50. History of Orlando the Fair-Powell's Pup-

the French King-Continental Intelligence


Rake ...

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51. History of Orlando, Chap. 1–Pantomime

83. Remarks on the Table of Fame-Maria de.

Tricks-Powell's Puppet-show


clares a Passion for the Author-His An.

52. Use of Delamira's Fan-On Modesty-Cha-

swer-Advantage of being able to say, No-

racters of Nestor and Varillus-the mo-

Continental Intelligence

dest Man and the modest Fellow....

Censure of Ladies who attend Trials for
33. The civil Husband-Dramatic Criticism-

Rapes—Case of Lucretia-Egotism of the
Continental Intelligence...

French Writers-On giving Advice, a Fable

54. The Government of Affection-The Wife and


Matrimonial Quarrel and Reconciliation-

the Mistress--Complaint against Stentor-

Character of the Dappers--Death of Cyn-
Death of Lisander and Coriana ..


55. Story of a Cure performed on a blind young

86. Scene of Country Etiquette... ........ Addison,

Man-Continental Intelligence...

On Modesty


56. On Sharpers-Instances of Longevity in

87. Humorous Criticism on Serjeant Hall's

France-Notices to Correspondents

Letter-Glory shared among an Army...

57. Emilia, a Woman too humble-Sharping Ex:

88. Or Story-tellers under the Names of Gunners

tortioners-Satire on the French, applied

and Gunsters ...
to the English-New Coxcomb....

A Dancing-master practising hy Book ..... Addison. V
98. Continence of Scipio-Grammatical Pedantry 89. Letter to the Author-His History of his
-Continental Intelligence....

Life-Evil of unreasonable Visits-Players

59. On Sharpers-Rafting Shops-Character of

saying more than is set down to them.... Steele.

Actaon-Author accused of writing Non-

99. Unity of Sentiment in treating the Passion

of Love-Its allegorical History........ Addison. -

Family of Greenhats


On a Scene in Richard III...



Steele. 91. Maria's Visit-A Case of Love and Envy-
Lo. A Rake reclaimed by his father's Liberality

Impertinence of Nic Doubt-Play-house
Women to be gained by Nonsense-Mars

-Scene of a true and feigned Poet


92. On Praise with Exceptions_Libellers-Re.

61. Men of Fire described-Use of Satire-Dis.

commendation of Charles Lillie....

tinction between Goldsmiths and Copper-

93. Letter from Switzerland-Remarks on Tra.

smiths-Stentor-Education and Beauty of

velling-Fools not to be exported—Thc Au-
Women-Letter from the Artillery Ground

thor's Precautions against Assaults....... Addison. »
62. Sharpers described as a Pack of Dogs-On
Wit-Women the best Speakers-Sallust

ation of Mr. Lillic-Notices of an Alman-
censured-Story of Dampier's Boatswain-

ack, &c.....

Continental Intelligence..

Kos. Scene of Domestic Felicity...

63. Of the Enjoyment of Life with regard to

96. Every worthless Man a dead Man-Pecu-

otherg-Use of Ridicule....

liarities of Dress—Game killed by the

Madonella's Platonic College..


French King-Charles Lillie...


Continental Intelligence

Steele, 97. Hercules courted by Pleasure and Virtue,

64. Continental Intelligence

an Allegory

Character of Cleontes

Hughes. 98. Letter from a Woman in Love-Impressive

65. Character of a Batlle-Critic-Conduct of the

Tendency of Poetry....


Bath Sharpers ...:

Steele. 99.) Advantages from having but one Theatre

66, Eloquence of the Pulpit

Swift and Steele.

Attack and Expulsion of Divito-Remon.

Infelicity of Riches to one who is not a Gen-

strance of the Upholders....
tleman-Sharpers-Continental Intelligence Strele. 100. Goddess of Justice distributing Rewards... Aduison.

67. Proposals for Tables of Fame.....

Swift. 101. Danger of Authors from Pirates....

Continental Intelligence-Skill of Transi.




Steele, 102. Continuance of the Vision of the Goddess of

88. Tables of Fame-Female Sharpers............ Swift.



Causes of Tears-Notice of a sharper-Of a

103. Applications for Permission to use Canes,



Addison and Steele.

99. On acting our parts in Life well-Promotion

104. Happiness, how secured in the married State Steele.

of Eboracensis-Letter from two Ladies in-

105. History of Will Rosin-Art of Knocking....

clined to marry the same Man-Bravery

106. Catalogue of Poetical Stock-Criticisin on a

of the Allies-Various Notices....

Passage in Hamlet-Surrender of Mr. Jef-
10. Eloquence of the Pulpit............. Swife and Steele. fery Grogram
List of Sharpers...

Steele. 107. Case of a Lover tormented by a Coquette...
71. Danger of Satirical Writings.................. 108. Degradation of the Stage-Dignity of Human
Irregular conduct of a Clergyman...., Swife.

Nature-Errors of the French Writers... Addison.

Betterton's Hamlet-Reformation of Man.

109. Fashionable Visiting-Notice from the Up-

ners at Oxford....



79. Story of Pætas and Arria-Want of Earnest.

110. Court of Judicature of the Dead in Reason

ness in the Pulpit-Favonius-Decision of

Addison and Steele.

a Wager..

111. On the Prevalence of Irreligious Principles

73. Letter from Monoculus, and Answer......

Addison and Sleele.
Account of a Club of Gamesters

Hughes. 112. Amusements and Relaxations of great Men
Election for Queenhithe Ward...

-Misfortune of Idleness..


142 Letter from a Lover-Letter on the Tendency

113. Inventory of a Beau...


of satirical CharactersTable of Fame--

Petition of William Jingle, Coach-maker-
Continental Intelligence..

Notice to the Dead


Miss Jenny's Marriage--Choice of Matches

114. Death-bed Scene..

Addison and Steele.

in the Bickerstaff family...... Addison and Steele. 115. Squire Nicolini-Taste for Puppet-Shows
76. Errors of Good-nature-Complaint of Love-

Death and Character of Sir Hannibal-
well Barebones.............


Defence of the Tatler..........

Hughes. 116. Court of Judicature on the Petticoat....... Addison.

Continental Intelligence-Notice to a young

117. On the Pleasure derived from the Deliver-



ance of the Good from Danger-The Au-
77 Affectation of Faults and Imperfections-

thor's Dream....

Original Letter from Marshal Boufflers-

118. Irregular Conduct of the Dead-Letters from

Bath Physicians..

Partridge, &c.-Petition of Penelope Prim Steele.

78. Letters soliciting Places at the Table of Fame

119. Discoveries of the Microscope-A Dream.. Addison.

- Character of Hippocrates-Advertise-

120. Vision of the Three Roads of Human Life-

ment and Notice to Correspondents......

Dogget's Benefit....

79. Advice to married Persons-Mrs. Jenny's

121. Consultation on the Sickness of a Lady's

Wedding-dinner-Notice of a Pamphlet..

Lap-Dog-Fondness for Animals.....

80. Exorbitant Price of Books-Letters from a

122. The Author's Appearance at Dogget's Bene-

splenetic Gentleman-From a Limper-

fit-Virtuous feelings of an Athenian Au-
Continental Intelligence..................


81. Vision of the Table of Fame................. Addison. 123. Continuation of the Vision of the Three

Taking of Mons ...,


Roads of Life....

(12. Story of the Cornish LoversOf a Lover who 124. On Expectations from the Lottery...........


kills bis Mistress.............

125. Proposals for a Receptacle for Persons out of

their Wits





195. Characters of a Prude and Coquette-Story

the Indian Kings-Impertineace of Mi.

of the Gascon and the Widow.............. Steele,



199. On Pride, as affecting the Reason.......

171. Mischiefs arising from Passion-Story of
128, Letter from a Fortune-hunter-From a de-

Mr. Eustace.
serted Female.....

173. Errors in Education-Character of Horace.
199. Dutch satirical Pictures-Letter from Pas-

1747 Various species of mad persons-Lady Fid.
quin at Rome....

get and Will Voluble....

19, Superiority of Great Britain in the number

175. On the Life of People of Condition.....

of eminent Characters-Estcourt's Benefit

176. On Heroism in Sufferings—Eucrates, the

ISI. Trial of the Wine-brewers...


good-natured Man-Characters of Mar.

132. Characters of the Members of the Club at

tirs and Aristeus-Letter from an Idle

the Trumpet......


Man and his Daughter....

133. OR Silence-Instances of its Significancy.. Addison. 177. On Dedications....

134. Transmigration of Souls-Petition of 'Job

178. On Don Quixote-The Upholsterer at the

Chanticleer-Cruelty to Animals.... Steele.


135. Distinction between Ancient and Modern

179. Letter on the Construction of a Green-house.

Free-thinkers—The latter how to be treat-

180. Injustice of not paying Tradesmen-Or Show
ed-Anecdote of a French Officer....

and Extravagance...

136. History of Tom Varnish-Petitioners for the

181. On the Death of Friends of the Author's


Father--Sale of Wine..
TT. Various abuses of Speech-Swearing-De-

182. Pleasures of the Theatre-Characters of
parture of the Duke of Marlborough, &c.

Wilks and Cibber....

138. Deference to the Opinion of the World

189. Decay of Public Spirit-Character of Regwus

-Gyges' Ring-Actions of Public Spirits 184. On Marriage, and the custornary Ceremo-

nies-Impertinence of Wags..

139. Women more improveable than Men-On '185. Cruelty of Parents thwarting the Inclina-

Courtship-The Author's Discoveries by

tions of their Children in love-Story of

the use of his Ring......

Antiochus and Stratonice....

140. Letters on a charitable Provision for poor

186. Characteristics of Vanity, Pride, and Ambi-


of Archias-Use

tion-Correspondents' Neglect of Postage

of the Term, Madam - Indecorums at

187. Pasquin

of Rome, his Letters to the Author

Church-From an Inquisitive Lady..

-Coffee-house Conversation ....

141. Education of Girls - Whetters - Noisy

188. Letter on a Green-house-From Rustic

Neighbours-Letter from a Valentine

Character of Desdemona-Of Bullock and
Petition of the inhabitants of Gotham..


149. Political Anxiety-Recommendation of

189. An example of judicious Education-Cha-

Charles the Toyman.....

racter of Sam Bickerstaff and his family.

143, Sister Jenny appears in her own Chariot

190. Party writing-Answer to Pasquin's Letter

The Author's Letter to her Husband-

A Law Case- Letter to the king of France.

Provision for Pastorals-Public Impostors 191. Mischief of making Vice commendablom

Joshua Barnes....

Character of Polypragmon-Lee's Alex-

144. Prevalence of Extravagance and Show-

Change of Manners in Scotland...

192. Characters in a Stage-coach-Anecdote of
145. Complaint against the Oglers—Angel at the

two Ladies and their Husbands, Passen-

Royal Exchange...

gers in a Packet-boat....


'46. Varinus Cases of Complainers-Dream of Ju-

193, The Author's Politics--Affairs of the Stage

piter and the Cestinies..


-Letter from Downes the Prompter..


147. Juno's method to regain Jupiter's Affection

194. Passage from Spenser transposed...

Trial of Wine...

Steele. 195. Letter on the Author's Politics-Orders to

149. On the Diet of the Metropolis-Pernicious

Quacks-Letter to Amanda...
Dishes-False Delicacies..

Addison. 196. On the Behaviour of Patrons to their Depen-
149. Ill-natured Husbands-Three Letters of

Pliny to his Wife-Passage from Milton.. Steele. 197. Account of Epistolæ obseurorum virorum
150. Matrimonial Quarrels-Characters of an Af-

-Passion for being thought a Scholar

fectionate Couple..

198. History of Cælia....

151. Effects of a general Mourning-Passion for

199. Remarks on the same-On Marriage Settle-
gay and showy Dress...

ments—Specinien of a Contract....
159. Homer's Description of a future State...... Aldison. 200. Letter from a Lady in Doubt between two
153. Characters in Conversatiou described as In-

Lovers-Plan for raising the Fortunes of

struments of Music.....

Ten young Ladies....

134. Virgil's Allegory and Ideas of a future State 201. Faults of the Women attributable to the

iss. Character of the Upholsterer-A great Poli-

Men-Letters from Lovers-Benefit Plays

-Advertisement from the Trumpet.....

156. Visit of Telemachus to the other World....

202. On unreasonable Expectations-On Heroic
157. Account of a female Concert-Matches pro-

Actions in private Life-Lottery....

posed between the Music of both Sexes...

208. Account of the Drawing of the Lottery-

Letter from the Owner of a Green-house.

159. Vindication of Marriage against the Wits- 204, Improper manner of Address-Character of

Passages from Cicero's Letters........ Steele. Tom Courtly....

160. A Visit and Letter from the Upholster- Addison. 205. On Drunkenness


Letter from a Coquette, and from Tom

206. On Esteem-Character of Jack Gainly, and

Addison 207. Conduct of the Author's three Nephews to
169. Duty of a Censor-How performed by the


his Sister Gatty Of Flavia and Lucia..... Steele.

161. Dream of the Region of Liberty..

a Female Visitor-Character of a Gentle-

Author Subscriptions for the Tatler....

man–Letter from a Lottery Adventurer..

L1es. Critical reading of Ned Softly's Poetry....

208. On injudicious civil People

Character of

164. Remarks on the Author's various Correspon-

the most agreeable Companion.........
dents-Story of an old Soldier....

Steele. 909. Scene between Alexander the Great and his
tos. On the Impertinence of Criticism-Cha-

Physician proposed to a Historical Painter
racter of Sir Timothy Titule....

Addison. 210. Visit to a Censorious Lady of Quality-Let-

106. Rules of Visiting-Character of Tom Modely

ter from an old maid-Continental Intel-

- Notice of a Pastoral Masque, &C....... Stoele.


107. Funeral and Character of Mr. Betterton the

211. Uses of Sunday-On Devotion


212. On Simplicity of Ornament-Letters on an

168. Characters of Impudence and Absurdity-

Ass in the Lion's Skin-From a Virgin, &c.

Education of the Jesuits-Petition of

213. On Dissimulation and Simulation Tom

Sarah Lovely....

Trueman, a Hero in Domestic Life.......

163. On the Evils of Drinking-Character of a

214. On the Rigid and the Supple-Account of a

Country Gentleman - Letter from F.

political Barometer...


215. Account of a Flatterer-And a common Jes.

170. Vicissitudes of human Life-Visit to the

ter-Case of a Widow - Petition of the
Lottery Office-Advertisement of a Heart

Linen Drapers.....


216 Taste of the Virtuosi–Legacy of a Virtuoso

171. Origin of Honour and Title-Behaviour of

--Doath of Mr. Partridge

... Aldison,

Los Pedantry of Tom Folio, the Book-broker..

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