Living Life to the Full: A Guide to Spiritual Health in Later Years

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A&C Black, 1. 1. 2006 - Počet stran: 177
In Western society people are now living much longer. Old age offers one of the biggest challenges in the journey of life which many struggle with. Una Kroll's new book is packed positive insights arising out of her experience as a medical practitioner and spiritual director. In the most general sense this book is about the spirituality of old age, but it is not written in order to drum religion downs people's throats. Kroll looks at both physical and emotional illnesses and touches on some real issues relating to euthanasia and medical termination without the victim's consent. The honesty and downright common sense of this book make it a rare and extremely useful piece of work. >

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Ageing and the Human Spirit
Meeting Some of the Challenges of Later Life
Living Life to the Full through Finding Freedom
Relationships in Later Life
Caring for the Human Spirit of Older People
Making Choices in Later Life
Some Ethical Issues of Later Life
Living Life to the Full to the Very End
Life after Death
Some Useful Books
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O autorovi (2006)

Una Kroll, MD, is a doctor and priest who practiced many years in a pastoral setting. A devoted campaigner for sexual equality, she was one of the first group of women to be ordained priests in the Church in Wales. She was made deaconess in the Church of England in 1970. She is the author of several books including Trees of Life: The Prayer of Intercession and its Cost. She lives in Wales where she has devoted herself to a solitary life of prayer

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