Between War and Peace: Dilemmas of Israeli Security

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Efraim Karsh
F. Cass, 1996 - Počet stran: 298
This collection of essays by a distinguished group of Israeli, American and British strategists assesses the balance of opportunities and risks confronting Israel at this critical juncture in her history and offers possible solutions to her pressing dilemmas. Among the issues discussed in this volume: the economic consequences of peace for Israeli security; the implications of the New World Order for Israel's strategic interests; military and strategic risks attending the land-for-peace formula and possible solutions; Israel's nuclear weapons and the problem of regional non-conventional proliferation; Israeli-Palestinian water conflicts and ways for their resolution; and, finally, the operational and strategic challenges posed by the Middle Eastern future battlefield.

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O autorovi (1996)

Efraim Karsh is Professor and Director of the Mediterranean Studies Program at King's College, London.

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