The Lives of Haydn and Mozart: With Observations on Metastasio, and on the Present State of Music in France and Italy

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Strana 386 - I am not a judge of the dispute ; all that I know is, that Mozart is the greatest composer now existing." Mozart answered the critic on Haydn, " Sir, if you and I were both melted down together, we should not furnish materials for one Haydn.
Strana 343 - The emperor sent for Wagenseil, and gave up his place to him by the side of the piano. ' Sir,' said Mozart to the composer, ' I am going to play one of your concertos ; you must turn over the leaves for me.
Strana 181 - It was while he was amusing himself with them that he projected his Horatii, and his Matrimonio Segreto; that is to say, the finest and most original serious opera, and the first comic opera of the Italian theatre.
Strana 404 - Who is he?' interrupted Mozart. 'He does not wish to be known.' - 'Well, what does he want?' - 'He has just lost a person whom he tenderly loved, and whose memory will be eternally dear to him. He is desirous of annually commemorating this mournful event by a solemn service, for which he requests you to compose a requiem.
Strana 405 - What time do you require ?" — " A month." — "Very well ; in a month's time I shall return — what price do you set on your work?" — "A hundred ducats."* — The stranger counted them on the table, and disappeared. Mozart remained lost in thought for some time : he then suddenly called for pen, ink and paper, and, in spite of his wife's entreaties, began to write. This rage for composition continued several days ; he wrote day and night, with an...
Strana 406 - I have found it impossible,' said Mozart, ' to keep my word ; the work has interested me more than I expected, and I have extended it beyond my first design. I shall require another month to finish it.
Strana 212 - Iv rny early youth, I went with some other young people, equally devoid of care, one day during the extreme heat of summer, to seek for coolness and fresh air on one of the lofty mountains which surround the Lago Maggiore, in Lombardy. Having reached by day-break the middle of the ascent, we stopped to contemplate the Borromean isles, which were displayed under our feet, in the middle of the lake, when we were surrounded by a large (lock of sheep, which were leaving the fold to go to their pasture.
Strana 382 - The poor man regarding him as a sort of deity, replied stammering and confounded, " Imperial Majesty ! Mr. the maitre de chapelle of his imperial majesty ! I cannot. It is true that I have waited upon you several times, You shall give me a crown."
Strana 214 - The fluter played with additional skill; the shepherd fell into a passion, whistled, scolded, and pelted the poor fleecy amateurs with stones. Such as were hit by them began to march, but the others still refused to stir. At last the shepherd was obliged to entreat our Orpheus to stop his magic sounds; the sheep then moved off, but continued to stop at a distance, as often as our friend resumed the agreeable instrument. The tune he played was nothing more than the favourite air of the opera then...
Strana 406 - The work has interested me more than I expected, and I have extended it much beyond what I at first designed." " In that case, it is but just to increase the premium ; here are fifty ducats more." —" Sir," said MOZART, with increasing astonishment, " who then are you ?"—" That is nothing to the purpose ; In a month's time I shall return.

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