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That piped his hymn. By his strong word
The startled world shall now be stirr'd,

As with a lion's roar!
A lonely monk that loved to dwell
With peaceful host in silent cell ;
This man shall shake the Pontiff's throne :
Him kings and emperors shall own,

And stout hearts wince before

The eye profound and front sublime

Where speculation reigns.
He to the learned seats shall climb,
On Science' watch-tower stand sublime;
The arid doctrine shall inspire
Of wiry teachers with swift fire ;

And, piled with cumbrous pains,
Proud palaces of sounding lies
Lay prostrate with a breath. The wise
Shall listen to his word; the youth
Shall eager seize the new-born truth

Where prudent age refrains.
Lo! when the venal pomp proceeds

From echoing town to town!
The clam'rous preacher and his train,
Organ and bell with sound inane,
The crimson cross, the book, the keys,
The flag that spreads before the breeze,

The triple-belted crown!
It wends its way; and straw is sold—
Yea! deadly drugs for heavy gold,
To feeble hearts whose pulse is fear ;
And though some smile, and many sneer,

There's none will dare to frown.

None dares but one-the race is rare

One free and honest man:
Truth is a dangerous thing to say
Amid the lies that haunt the day ;
But He hath lent it voice ; and, lo!
From heart to heart the fire shall go,

Instinctive without plan;
Proud bishops with a lordly train,

Fierce cardinals with high disdain,
Sleek chamberlains with smooth discourse,
And wrangling doctors all shall force,

In vain, one honest man.

In vain the foolish Pope shall fret,

It is a sober thing.
Thou sounding trifler, cease to rave,
Loudly to damn, and loudly save,
And sweep with mimic thunders' swell
Armies of honest souls to hell !

The time on whirring wing
Hath fled when this prevail'd. O, Heaven !
One hour, one little hour, is given,
If thou could'st but repent. But no !
To ruin thou shalt headlong go,

A doom'd and blasted thing.

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No. II.



same light and radiant MACHINERY! You have seen—and 'tis no longer Once more, only that They, whom ago than YESTERDAY!-you must well you lately saw tranquil, earuest even remember the picture—which showed to pathos — “ now are frolic"- enough you from the rough yet delicate—the and to spare !-Once more-THE humorous yet sympathetic and pic- FAIRIE3. turesque-the original yet insinuating And see, too-where, centring in pencil of a shrewd and hearty Lusa- herself interest and action of the ratian mountaineer—the aerial, bril- pidly shifting scenery-ever again a liant, sensitive, subtle, fascinating, beautiful granddaughter of Eve steps enigmatical, outwardly—mirth-given, - free and fearless, and buoyant and inwardly-sorrow-touched, congrega- bounding—our fancy-laid boards !-ted folk numberless-of the Fairies Ah! but how much unresembling the Proper!-showed them at the urgency sweet maid !-Outwardly, for loftyof a rare and strange need--clung, in piled is the roof that ceils over the DEPENDENCY, to one fair, kind, good superb head of the modern Amazon, and happily-born Daughter of Man! Swanhilda- more unlike uithin. In- And what wonder?_The once glo- stead of the clear truth, the soul's rious, but now forlorn spirits, leaning gentle purity, the “ plain and holy for one fate-bụrthened instant their Innocence" of the poor fairy-beloved trust upon the spirits ineffably fa- mountain child—SE, in whose peryoured !--What wonder! that often son and fortunes you are invited-for as the revolution of ages brings on the next fifty minutes--to forget your the appointed hour, the rebellious own-harbours, fondly harbours, ill and OUTCAST children of heaven must housemates of her virginal breast! a sue-to their keen emergency-help small, resolute, well-armed and well --oh! speak up to the height of the confederated garrison of unwomanly want, of the succour! and call it faults. Pride is there! The irona lent ray of grace, from the rebellious hard and the iron-cold! There Scorn and REDEEMED children of the earth! -edging repulse with insult!-and --And see, where, in the serene eyes envenoming insult with despair!of the soft Christian maiden, the hal- leaps up, in eager answer to the belowing influence shines !-Auspicious- seeching sighs, tears, and groans of ly begun, the awed though aspiring earth-bent Adoration. And there is Rite, the still, the multitudinous, the the indulged Insolency of a domineermystical, prospers!--Gratefully, as for ing—and as you will precipitately the boon inexpressibly worth-easily, augur-an indomitable Will! And as of their own transcending power there is exuberant Self-Power, that, promptly, as though fearing that a from the innermost mind, oozing up, benetit received could wax cold, the out, distilling, circulating along nerve joyful Elves crown upon the bright and vein, effects a magical metamorhair of their graciously natured, but phosis ! turns the nymph into a squire humanly and womanly weak bene- of arms; usurping even the clamorfactress--the wedded felicity of pure ous and blood-sprinkled joy of manlove!

the tempestuous and terrible Chase, And the imaginary curtain has drop- which, in the bosom of peace, imaging ped! Lo, where it rises again, disco-' war, shows in the rougher lord o. vering to view our stage, greatly creation himself, as harsii

, wild, and changed, and, a little perhaps, our turbulent! Oh, how much other than actors !—Once more, attaching to the yon sweet lily of the high Lusatian HUMAN Drama, slight, as though it valleys, the shade-loving Flower, the were structured of cloud, of air, the good Maud-herself looked upon with love by the glad eyes of men, women, well opened its proceedings—"tramp, children, Fairies, and Angels! oh, tramp, across the land,” came, flying other indeed! And yet, have you, in at full speed, boar-spear in hand, our this thickly clustered enumeration of madcap huntress; and without other unamiable qualities, implicitly heard note of preparation sounded than their the CALL which must fasten, which own thunder, her iron-grey's hoofs has fastened, upon the gentle Maud's were in the thick of the sage assembly, haughty antithesis—the serviceable re- causing an indecorous trepidation, gard, and—the FAVOUR, even of THE combined with devastation dire to FAIRIES.

persons and—wearing apparel. The FAVOUR!!

This wrong, in the second place, Hear, impatient spectator, the sim- the Fairies will wreak and right. ple plot and its brief process. You And all transgression and injury, are, after a fashion, informed with under one procedure, which is—sumwhat studious, persevering, and un- mary; as, from the character of the merciful violation of all gentle deco- judges and executioners, into whose rum and feminine pity, the lovely hands the sinner has fallen, you would marble-souled tyranness has, in the expect; sufficiently prankish too. With course of the last three or four years, one sleight of their magical hand they turned back from her beetle-browed turn the impoverished heiress of illcastle-gate, one by one, as they show- possessed acres forth upon the highed themselves there—a hundred, all way, doomed to earn, with strenuous worthily born-otherwise more and manual industry, her livelihood ; unless meritorious—petitioners for that til, from the winnings of her handicraft, whip-and-javelin-bearing hand. You she is moreover able to make good, are now to know, that upon this very as far as this was liable to pecuniary morning, an embassy from the willow- assessment, the damage sustained wearers all--or, to speak indeed more under foot of her fiery barb by the germanely to the matter, of the BAS- Fairy realm ; comfort with handsome KET-BEARERS, * waited upon their presents the rejected suitors ; and unbeautiful enemy with an ultimatum til

, thoroughly tame, she yields into and manifesto in one, importing first her softened and opened bosom, now a requisition to surrender; then, in rid of its intemperate inmates, an encase of refusal to capitulate, the an- trance to the once debarred and connouncement that HYMEN having found temned visitant-LOVE. in CUPID an inefficient ally, he was As to the way and style of the about associating with himself

, in Fairy operations that carry out this league offensive, the god Mars, with drift, comparing the Two Tales, you intent of carrying the Maiden-fortress will see, that omitting, as a matter by storm, and reducing the aforesaid that is related merely, not presented, wild occupants of the stronghold into that misadventure under the oak-tree captivity-whereunto she made an- —there is, in the chamber of Swan

hilda, but a Fairy delegation active,

whilst under the Sun's hill whole Elfour castle's strength Will laugh a siege to scorn

dom is in presence; in that resplen

dent hollow, wearing their own lovely herself laughing outrageously to scorn shapes ; within the German castlethe senders and the sent. This crown- walls, in apt masquerade. There they ing of wrong upon wrong will the were grave. Here, we have already Fairies, in the first place, wreak and said, that they are merry. There right.


their office was to feel and to think. But further, later upon the same Here, if there be any trust in appariunlucky day, the Kingdom of Elves, tions, they drink, and what is more being in full council assembled in the critical for an Elfin lip—they eat ! broad light of the sun, upon the fair Lastly, to end the comparisons for greensward; ere the very numerous, our well-bred, well-dressed, and right but not widely sitting diet had yet courtly cavalier, who transacted be


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