Rendering Techniques 2001: Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in London, United Kingdom, June 25–27, 2001

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S.J. Gortler, K. Myzskowski
Springer Science & Business Media, 6. 12. 2012 - Počet stran: 355
This book contains the proceedings of the lih Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, th which took place from the 25 to the 27th of June, 2001, in London, United Kingdom. Over the past 11 years, the workshop has become the premier forum dedicated to research in rendering. Much of the work in rendering now appearing in other conferences and journals builds on ideas originally presented at the workshop. This year we received a total of 74 submissions. Each paper was carefully reviewed by two of the 28 international programme committee members, as well as external reviewers, selected by the co-chairs from a pool of 125 individuals. In this review process, all submissions and reviews were handled electronically, with the exception of videos submitted with a few of the papers. The overall quality of the submissions was exceptionally high. Space and time constraints forced the committee to make some difficult decisions. In the end, 29 by papers were accepted, and they appear here. Almost all papers are accompanied color images, which appear at the end of the book. The papers treat the following varied topics: methods for local and global illumination, techniques for acquisition and modeling from images, image-based rendering, new image representations, hardware assisted methods, shadow algorithms, visibility, perception, texturing, and filtering. Each year, in addition to the reviewed contributions, the workshop includes invited presentations from internationally recognized experts.

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Thrifty Final Gather for Radiosity
Simulating NonLambertian Phenomena Involving LinearlyVarying Luminaires
An Illumination Model for a Skin Layer Bounded by Rough Surfaces
Realtime PhotoRealistic Physically Based Rendering
Decoupling Strokes and HighLevel Attributes for Interactive Traditional Drawing
Animating Real Objects With ImageBased Illumination
ImageBased Reconstruction of Spatially Varying Materials
Interactive Multi Resolution Light Field Rendering
Opacity Shadow Maps
Combined Rendering of Polarization and Fluorescence Effects
RealTime Occlusion Culling with a Lazy Occlusion Grid 217
Measuring the Perception of Visual Realism in Images
A PerceptuallyBased Texture Caching Algorithm for HardwareBased Rendering
Interleaved Sampling
Realistic Reflections and Refractions on Graphics Hardware
RealTime High Dynamic Range Texture Mapping

Interactive Sampling Rendering for Complex and Procedural Geometry

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