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NOVELS and TALES of “ The Author of WAVERLEY, comprising Waverley, Guy Mannering, the Antiquary, Rob Roy, Taies of My Landlord, first, second, and third series, with a copious Glossary. Twelve Volumes 8vo. Beautifully printed by Ballantyne. 77. 48. boards.

ILLUSTRATIONS of the Novels and Tales of “ The Author of WAVERLEY," in 12 Prints, after original Designs by William ALLAN, and Engraved in the first style of the art. (Nearly ready.)

New Editions of

WAVERLEY; or, 'Tis Sixty YEARS SINCE. 3 Vols. ll. 1s. boards.

GUY MANNERING; or, The AsTROLOGER. 3 Vols. 11. ls. boards.

The ANTIQUARY. 3 Vols. 11. 4s. boards.
ROB ROY. 3 Vols. ll. 4s. boards.


4 Vols. 11. 8s. boards.

TALES OF MY LANDLORD, SECOND Séries, containing " THE HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN. 4 Vols. ll. 12s. boards.


IVANHOE, a Romance. 3 Vols. post 8vo. ll. 10s.boards.

The MONASTERY, a Romance.' 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. 45. boards.


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Works of Thomas Brown, M. D. Professor of

Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 1. The PARADISE of COQUETTES, a Poem. Second Edition.

Foolscap 8vo. 98. boards. 2. The BOWER of SPRING, with other Poems. Foolscap 8vo.

7s. boards. 3. AGNES, a Poem, in Four Parts. Foolscap 8vo. Ts. boards. 1. EMILY, with other Poems. Foolscap 8vo. 78. boards. 5. INQUIRY into the RELATION of CAUSE and EFFECT.

THIRD EDITION. 8vo. 15s, boards.


EMMELINE, with some other Pieces. By MARY BRUNTON, Author of “ Self Control,” &c. To which is prefixed, A Memoir of her Life, with Extracts from her Correspondence. Portrait. Second Edition. Beautifully printed. Post 8vo. Os. 6d. boards.

The PLANTER'S KALENDAR; or the Nurseryman's and Forester's Guide, in the operations of the Nursery, the Forest, and the Grove. By the late Walter Nicol. Edited and Completed by EDWARD SANG, Nurseryman. Second Edition, improved and enlarged. 8vo. With three engravings. 15s. boards.

The GARDENER’S KALENDAR; or Monthly Directory of Operations in every Branch of Horticulture. By WALTER Nicol. 8vo. Third Edition. 145. boards.

The VILLA GARDEN DIRECTORY; or Monthly Index of Work to be done in Town and Villa Gardens, Shrubbries, and Parterres ; with Hints on the Treatment of Shrubs and Flowers usually kept in the Green-room, the Lobby, and the Drawingroom. By Walter Nicol. Third Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 75. 6d. boards.

A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed from the latest Authorities. By A. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to the King. Exhibiting not only the Boundaries and Divisions, but also the Chains of Mountains, and other Geographical Features of all the known Countries in the World ; comprehended in 53 Maps, from Original Drawings. Engraved in the best style of the Art by Sidney Hall. Royal Quarto. 11. 16s. half-bound. The same neatly coloured, 21. 12s. 6d. half-bound.

OUTLINES of NATURAL PHILOSOPHY; being Heads of Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh. By John PLAYFAIR, F. R. S. L. & E. late Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. With Plates. Third Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. ls. boards.

HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of DISCOVERIES and TRAVELS in AFRICA, from the earliest Ages to the present time ; including the substance of the late Dr LEYDEN'S Work on that Subject. By HUGH MURRAY, F.R.S. E. Second Edition, enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo. With Maps. 11. 7s. boards.

HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of DISCOVERIES and TRAVELS in ASIA. By Hugh MURRAY, F. R. S. E. 3 vols. 8vo. With Maps. (Nearly ready.)

FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS on the STATE of the CURRENCY ; in which the Means of restoring our Circulation to a Salutary State are fully explained. By the EARL of LAUDERDALE. Second Edition. Svo. 6s. sewed.

This day was Published, BY ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE AND CO. Handsomely Printed in Octavo, containing Twelve Sheets Letter

press, and Illustrated with Five Engravings, Price 7s. 6d.


Conducted by Dr BREWSTER and Professor JAMESON; exhibiting a View of the Progress of Discovery in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Natural History, Practical Mechanics, Geography, Statistics, and the Fine and Useful Arts. To be continued Quarterly.

CONTENTS OF NO. IV. Astronomy.-Captain Kater on the ations on Iceland. Beaudant on the Length of the Pendulum in different Geology of Hungary. Points of the Trigonometrical Survey. Zoology.-- Dr Fleming on the Change Mr Rumker on the Solar Eclipse of of Colour in Birds. New Italian 1820. Dr Brinkley on the Obliquity Works on Comparative Anatomy. M. of the Ecliptic and Aberration. Dr Rasconi on the Proteus. On a new Olbers on the Transparency of the Fossil Species of Glutton. Mr Mac. Planet of 1819.-New Comet.

gillivray on the Sea Horse in the He. Optics.-Dr Brewster on the Ab. brides. On Intestinal Worms. Dr sorption of Polarised Light. Ditto, Traill on the White Swallow. Dr on the Optical Properties of Amber. Jacob on a new Membrane in the Hu. Ditto, on the Axes of Crystals. Ditto, man Eye. on Circular Polarisation. Mr J. Watt Botany.-Lyngbye's Arrangement on his perspective Machine.

of the Algæ. Mr Stewart on BuxMagnetism.-Col. Beaufoy on the baumia aphylla. On a New Flower. Variation of the Needle. Variation Uses of Confervæ. M. Nies on Mosses. of the Needle at Lyons.

Gallesio's Theory of the Reproduction Electricity.-Humboldt on Electric of Vegetables. Dr John on Potash in cal Eels.

Vegetables. Chemistry.-Dr MacCulloch on the Navigation.- Captain Hall on a new Chemical Properties of Peat. Dr Method of Laying down a Ship's Marcet on Sea Water. Dr Wollaston Track. Mr Galbraith on a Table for on Potash in Sea Water. Mr Bald correcting the Sun's Altitude. Mr on Steam. Broconnot on Sugar from Scoresby on a Method of Measuring Linen. Saussure on the Decomposi- the heights of Cliffs, &c. tion of Starch.

Useful and Fine Arts. Dr Gosse Meteorology.--Rev. Mr Gordon on on the Formation of Medallions by a Meteorological Journal for 1819. Petrifying Springs. Mr Cadell on the Singular State of the Barometer and Manufacture of Mosaic. Ditto, on Thermometer in January 1820. Storm Antique Marbles, &c. at Rome. Mr at Montreal. Red Rain in Holland. Robison on a Malleable Iron Passage Dr Brewster on the Mean Tempera- Boat. Braconnot's new Method of ture of the Earth.

Dyeing Yellow. Mr Clegg's new MeMinerulogy.- Professor Jameson on thod of producing Coal Gas. Rocks formed by Hot Springs, Air General Science - Mr Scoresby on Volcanous, &c. Dr Hibbert on the the seven Icebergs of Spitzbergen. Rocks of Shetland. Dr Boué on the Mr Tartt on the Earthquakes in South Volcanic Rocks of France and Scot- Carolina. Mr Goodwyn's new Method land. Dr Gilby on the Trap Forna- of Calculating Interest. Dr Ferguson tion in Brecknockshire, Gerhard on on the Marsh Poison. List of Scottish the Formation of Granular Rocks. Patents. Şir G. Mackenzie on Menge's Observ

No. V. will be Published 1st July.

Edinburgh, Marc, 1, 1820.





IVANHOE, a Romance. By “ The AUTHOR of WAVERLEY," &c. Second Edition. Handsomely printed, in three volumes, post octavo, L.I, 10s. boards.

NOVELS AND TALES of “ The AUTHOR of WAVERLEY," comprising Waverley, Guy Mannering, the Antiquary, Rob Roy, Tales of my Landlord, first, second, and third series, with a copious Glossary. Twelve Volumes 8vo. Beautifully printed by Ballantyne. L.7, 48. boards.

ILLUSTRATIONS of the NOVELS and TALES of The AUTHOR of WAVERLEY," in 12 Prints, after original Designs by WILLIAM ALLAN, and Engraved in the first style of the art, nearly ready.

The POETICAL WORKS of WALTER SCOTT, ESQ. now first collected in 12 Volumes, foolscap octavo; with a Portrait of the Author, engraved by C. Heath. L.3, 12s, boards.

The Poetical Works of Mr SCOTT are now for the first time collected and

published in a uniform manner, and contain sundry pieces never before giren

to the public. MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. By WALTER Scott, Esq. One vol. 8vo. 14s, boards.

This Volume contains the Bridal of Triermain, Harold the Dauntless,“ Wil

liam and Helen," initated from the Lenore" of BURGER, and all the Smaller Pieces, colleeted for the first time in the recent edition of the Author's Poems. It is printed aniformly with the octava editions, in order to accommodate purchasers of sets of Mc Scott's Pootry in that size, wlick

this volume will complete. SIR TRISTREM, a metrical Romance of the thirteenth Cen. tury. By Thomas of Erceldoune, called the Rhymer. Edited from the Auchinleck MS. by WALTER Scott, Esq. Fourth Edition, 8yo, 15s. boards.

The POETICAL DECAMERON; or Conversations on Eng. lish Poets and Poetry, particularly of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I. By J. PAYNE COLLIER, of the Middle Temple. 2 vols. post 8vo. (Nearly ready.)

TALES OF THE SEMPSTRESSES, 2 vols. past 8ro.


New Works Published by

A DESCRIPTION of the WESTERN ISLANDS of SCOT. LAND, including the ISLE of MAN, comprising an Account of their Geological Structure, with Remarks on their Agriculture, Economy, Scenery, and Antiquities. By J. MACCULLOCH, M.D. F.L.S. In two large volumes 8vo, with a volume of illustrative Engravings, in 4to. L.3, 9s. in boards.

The volume of Plates accompanying this work (and forming volume 3d) is per

culiarly illustrative of the above interesting islands, and consists of 10 highly finished views, 23 plates of geological strata, and 10 maps beautifully co

loured, the whole from drawings by the author, with copious descriptions. A SYSTEM of MINERALOGY. By Robert Jameson, Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh. Three vols. 8vo. A B'w edition, being the third, greatly improved. With numerous plates. L.2, 16s. boards.

TRAVELS in ITALY, GREECE, and the IONIAN ISLANDS, in a Series of Letters, descriptive of Manners, Scenery, and the Fine Arts. By H. W. Williams, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo, with 20 Engravings from original drawings. L.2, 2s. boards.

These Letters will be found to contain much original and important informe

tion. The attention of the traveller and the reader is particularly directed to the remarks and criticisms on works of art, into which the author was naturally led by his professional habits ; exhibiting an ample and accurate account of the paintings, sculpture, and architectural monuments, which form the chief attraction of these interesting countries. The plates are nuwerous, and executed in a suitable manner; among the most curious of them are a fac-simile of a design sketched by Buonaparte, while in Elba, for the uniform of his Guards; the Skull of Raphael; Design of a Cemetry, intended as a hint for the improvement of our burying-grounds in Britain; Castle of Otranto; portrait of the Priest of Delphi ; Monks of Parnassus; Greek Dance; specimens of impressions of Leaves, taken on copper by a

new and simple method, &c. SUPPLEMENT to the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, Volume IV. Part I. Edited by MacVEY NAPIER, F.R.S. Lond. and Edin. Handsomely printed in quarto. With elegant Engra. vings. L.1, 5s. boards. This half volume is prefaced with the Second Part of a DISSERTATION on the

Progress of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences, by the late Professor
PLAYFAIR; and contains 'articles and treatises, written by John Barrow,
Esq.F. R. S., M. Biot, of the Royal Institute of France, William Jacob,
Esq. F.R. S., Dr Leach, J. R. MCulloch, Esq., James Mill, Esq., and other

well known writers.

OBSERVATIONS on the USE and ABUSE of MERCU. RIAL MEDICINES, in various Diseases. By James HAMILTON, Jun. M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Professor of Midwifery in the University of Edinburgh. 8vo. Price 78. 6d. boards

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