The Declaration of Independence: A Primary Source Investigation Into the Action of the Second Continental Congress

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The Rosen Publishing Group, 2003 - Počet stran: 112
As a way of invigorating the teaching of American history and culture, President George Bush announced a broad government initiative. One of the programs proposed by the president will offer grants for curriculum improvement, making important documents accessible to students and teachers. Primary source material, such as replicas of the Emancipation Proclamation, can help children gain a deeper understanding of our past and the principles that are steeped in our cultural roots. In the words of President Bush: "American children are not born knowing what they should cherish--are not born knowing why they should cherish American values. A love of democratic principles must be taught." Primary Sources--Correlated to the History Curriculum--Provide a Firsthand Look at the Documents that Record the Growth of Our Nation Correlated directly to the high school history curriculum, this series is based on the original historical documents that record the political growth of our nation. Rich with primary sources, these books allow students to see pages from each document as they learn more about the ideas within it. Each document is analyzed in detail and placed within the context of our current freedoms. Help your students see firsthand the evolution of political ideas as they read the revisions that each document underwent before it was accepted. This exciting series brings to life the very ideals upon which the United States was founded. This book tells the real story behind the writing of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson--how the delegates to the Second Continental Congress amended it and polished its language, and finally chose to declare themselves an independent nation.

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Chapter Two Events Preceding
Chapter Three Thomas Jefferson
Chapter Four The Influences on Jefferson
Chapter Five Editing the Declaration
Chapter Six The Declarations Legacy
Appendix The Declaration
Primary Source Image List
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