The Plays of Philip Massinger

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A.T. Crocker, 1868 - Počet stran: 644

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Strana 9 - Dor. Be nigh me still, then : In golden letters down I'll set that day. Which gave thee to me. Little did I hope To meet such worlds of comfort in thyself, This little, pretty body ; when I, coming Forth of the temple, heard my beggar-boy, My sweet-faced, godly beggar-boy, crave an
Strana 186 - from the commonwealth ; Actors may put in for as large a share As all the sects of the philosophers : They with cold precepts (perhaps seldom read) Deliver, what an honourable thing The active virtue is : but does that fire The blood, or swell the veins with emulation, To be both good and great,
Strana 383 - Thou art a fool ; In being out of office I am out of danger ; Where, if I were a justice, besides the trouble, I might or out of wilfulness, or error, Run myself finely into a premuniré, And so become a prey to the informer. No. I'll have none oft ; 'tis enough I keep
Strana 398 - You are a right kind father. Over. You shall have reason To think me such. How do you like this seat? It is well wooded, and well water'd, the acres Fertile and rich ; would it not serve for change. To entertain your friends in a summer progress ? What thinks my noble lord
Strana 397 - To my wish : we are private. I come not to make offer with my daughter A certain portion, that were poor and trivial : In one word. I pronounce all that is mine, In lands or leases, ready coin or goods. With her. my lord, comes to you ; nor shall
Strana 398 - You run, my lord, no hazard. Your reputation shall stand as fair. In all good men's opinions, as now ; Nor can my actions, though condemn'd for ill, Cast any foul aspersion upon yours. For, though I do contemn report myself, ' As a mere sound, I still will be so tender Of what concerns you, in all points of
Strana 450 - Dur. Pretty pastime, nephew ! 'Tis royal sport. Then, for an evening flight, A tiercel gentle, which I call, my masters, As he were sent a messenger to the moon, In such a place flies, as he seems to say, See me, or see me not ! the partridge sprung, He makes his stoop ; but wanting breath, is
Strana 398 - fame, Nor your unquestioned integrity. Shall e'er be sullied with one taint or spot That may take from your innocence and candour. All my ambition is to have my daughter Kight honourable, which my lord can make her: And might I live to dance upon
Strana 398 - Wellborn's, (As by her dotage on him I know they will be,) Shall soon be mine ; but point out any man's In all the shire, and say they lie convenient, And useful for your lordship, and once more I say aloud, they are yours. Lev.
Strana 338 - cease to be. Strike, and strike home, then ; pity unto me, In one short hour's delay, is tyranny. Thus, like a dying swan, to a sad tune I sing my own dirge ; would a requiem follow. Which in my penitence I despair not of, (This brittle glass of life already broken With misery,) the long

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