Thoughts from a Bridge: A Retrospective of Writings on New Europe and American Federalism

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University of Michigan Press, 2000 - Počet stran: 497
European integration proceeds apace, most recently with the introduction of the Euro in most of the countries of the European Community. Yet many of the same problems have troubled this group since its inception, problems foreshadowed in many ways by the American debates over the nature of our own federation. Eric Stein began the scholarly study of the developing law of the European Community almost at the time of its birth. His thoughts on various problems with integration in Europe demonstrate remarkable prescience and remain important contributions to the ongoing debates and discussions. Viewing European integration both from the perspective of the American experience with federalism and the personal experience of a Europe torn apart by war, Stein offers a unique understanding of the forces propelling and restraining European union. The essays collected in this volume deal with the development of a harmonized set of laws, the comparative study of law, the development of a common European foreign policy, the role of courts in the European Community, and the dissolution of the Czech and Slovak federation, among other topics.
These essays are essential reading for all scholars interested in studying the European Community, the development of law, and advantages and pitfalls of the development of federal systems.
Eric Stein is Hessel E. Yntema Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Michigan Law School and is the author of Czecho/Slovakia: Ethnic Conflict, Constitutional Fissure, Negotiated Breakup.

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Lawyers Judges and the Making of a Transnational
Excerpt from Harmonization of European Company Laws
Uses Misuses and Nonuses of Comparative Law
United States and Europe
Citizen Access to Judicial Review of Administrative Action
Towards a European Foreign Policy? The European Foreign
Non in Commotione Dominus
Panel Statement on Democracy without a People
German Law in European
On the Auschwitz Lie Correspondence
Ethnic Conflict
Reminiscences of the Embryonic EEC
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Eric Stein, Hessel E. Yntema Professor Emeritus of the University of Michigan Law School.

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