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in the interest of Public Health, and the solution was probably hinted at editorially in these pages last month. Dentists should be compelled to register and take out a license annually. And perhap if every five years, the dentist should be obliged to pass a new examination in order to receive a continuance of his license, it might become impossible for the Parlor men to say that any private dentist is rendering poor service.

In these days when the physicians are attributing so many diseases to the teeth, and particularly to the bad dentistry done with the sanction of a state license to practice, the duty of legislatures to pass drastic laws for conservature of Public Health is increasingly evident.

"I did $10,000 worth of business.” Practices are advertised for sale on the same basis. Yet this is not the true income any more than are the gross receipts of a grocer or a dry-goods merchant. Any business man who regarded his total cash intake for the year as his income would be considered by his business associates as headed for the bankruptcy court or the lunatic asylum. The business man knows that out of his gross receipts must come his operating expenses, insurance, depreciation, replacement of stock, and interest on investment before he can

even begin to estimate his profit for his year's work. Yet prior to the passage of the present law, the great majority of physicians would have been unable to estimate their income on any other basis. Few physicians, except city specialists with offices separate from their homes, have been in the habit of separating their business from their family and personal expenses. The income tax law has made it not only necessary, but also highly profitable for us to keep books more carefully than we have heretofore done, since exemption is allowed for all legitimate professional operating expenses. This calls for definite figures as to the amount spent for office rent, attendants and maintenance, drugs and surgical dressings, maintenance of automobile or other conveyance, medical periodicals, associations and meetings, etc. In a word, it requires us to estimate the cost of carrying on our business, and the difference between this and the gross receipts. Many physicians who have heretofore been entirely ignorant of what their business was costing them have been surprised to learn that their real professional income was one-third or one-fourth what they had supposed. The income tax, in its present form at least, is a war measure, and few, if any, will regret its disappearance or material modification; yet if during the time that it is in force we learn to keep systematic records of receipts and expenditures, it will have taught a most important lesson.-Jour. A. M.A., Jan. 11, 1919.

THE WORK OF THE DOCTORS. The government recently issued a statement to show that of 71,114 wound and injury cases to soldiers, tabulated in the American expeditionary force hospitals, 85.3 per cent. recovered and returned to duty. The number of deaths was a little more than 8 per cent. Of nearly 170,000 cases of disease among soldiers, more than 93 per cent. recovered and returned to duty. All of which goes to show that the soldiers have had the best medical and surgical attention the country could give them. The final figures will show a much higher death rate among soldiers than would have been true had the army escaped the influenza, both in this country and abroad. In a general way the hospital staffs were able to combat this disease, but they were not large enough to treat such an extraordinary situation.

Some of the best surgeons and physicians in America went abroad to take care of the soldiers and many of them are still abroad. A letter received from a surgeon near the front told how he had operated standing up until he was too tired to remain in that position longer. Then, instead of seeking rest, he sat down and continued his work. He considered himself fortunate if he got two or three hours' sleep a night. This was while the fighting

There has been a lull now, and the medical men are catching up with their work and sleep.

One physician who was a Civil war veteran tried to enter the service but was barred because of his age. He admitted that he could not stand much hard work but he said that he might be able to save the lives of a few soldiers before he broke down. That was the spirit of the average physician and surgeon. Practically all of them made great financial and other . sacrifices in order that they might do all within their power for the good of the men who fought.


was on.


Dr. A. B. Lennington died at his home in Maybee, Mich., Feb. 6. Dr. Lennington was a graduate of the Detroit College of Medicine and had practiced in Maybee for about eighteen years. He is survived by a widow and five children.


The present federal income tax law, however unpopular it may be, bids fair to improve the business methods of physicians, and to throw a light on the question of the doctor's income. It is too common for a physician to regard his cash receipts as his income.

A physician when asked how he is getting along will say, "I took in $6,000 last year," or

The death of the following physicians not members of the State Society have been reported: Dr. William Rowe of Union City, Dr. Willia J. Marks of Jackson, and Dr. A. H. Olmstead of St. Louis, Mich.


December 20, 1918. To the Physicians of the Country:

There is danger of an alarming spread of venereal disease during the reconstruction period. Prior to demobilization, the tense morale of the fighting forces is bound to relax. When mustered out, the men will return to conditions in civilian life which have been responsible for venereal disease. Prompt measures must be taken to meet the situation.

Among the striking things disclosed by Army statistics is the value of proper methods of control as developed in the treatment of venereal cases in the Service. The same methods of control will prove equally effective when applied to venereal cases among civilians.

The United States. Public Health Service, therefore, appeals to every member of the medical profession to co-operate in accordance with the enclosed bulletin. You are asked to give assurance of your support by signing and returning the post card. Subsequently, each physician enlisted in this movement will receive a copy of the revised "Manual of Treatment of Venereal Disease," prepared by the United States Public Health Service in accordance with the latest methods of treating venereal disease in the Army, and distributed in co-operation with the State Board of Health. If you have not replied you should do so at once.

RUPERT BLUE, Surgeon General.

list of all physicians engaged in the practice of industrial medicine?

It has been the practice of this Department to hold semi-annual conferences of Industrial Physicians and Surgeons for several years. These Conferences are well attended, and a great deal of valuable matter is presented in the discussions. In order to reach all physicians interested it is desirable to have their names upon our mailing list. The next Conference will be held early in 1919, and it is, therefore, essential that the names and addresses of all Industrial Physicians and Surgeons be in my hands as soon as possible after January 1st.

Expressing to you my deep appreciation for your courtesy in calling this matter to the attention of your readers, I am

Very sincerely yours,

Francis D. PATTERSON, Chief, Division of Hygiene.

State News Notes

COLLECTIONS. Physicians' Bills and Hospital Accounts collected anywhere in Michigan. H. C. Van Aken, Lawyer, 309 Post Building, Battle Creek, Michigan. Reference any Bank in Battle Creek.

THE STUDENTS' LIBRARY ASSOCIATION of the Middlesex College of Medicine and Surgery solicits donations of Medical and Scientific libraries, Medical books, bound and unbound volumes of back numbers of Medical and Scientific Magazines, and funds for current American and foreign Medical Journals. Fennie Hraba, Class '21, Association Secretary University of Massachusetts School for Medicine, East Cambridge, Mass.

I am

February 6th, 1919. Dr. F. C. Warnshuis,

Grand Rapids, Mich. Dear Doctor Warnshuis :

I am making a collection of urological specimens and am writing you along with a number of my friends asking for aid. If you have anything in the way of a specimen or specimens, either normal or abnormal, that you don't in particular need, Supra Renal Gland, Kidney, Bladder, Ureter, Prostate or Urethra, I would thank you for the same. looking for specimens from the lower animals as well as the human.

I shall gladly meet any expense incurred.

Thanking you for any assistance that you can or would care to give, I am,

Yours fraternally,

G. V. BROWN, M.D. 919 Smith Bldg., Detroit.

P. S.-If a pathological report is desired on any specimen we would be pleased to furnish you with such gratis.

Dr. Henry P. Cook, a first lieutenant in the U. S. Army medical corps, who entered army service more than a year ago and who served with the British army in France and Belgium, has received his honorable discharge and has returned to Flint to resume the practice of medicine. Dr. Cook's services were loaned to the British army by the American army and he spent many months with the British soldiers in the field, seeing much of the fighting and having some remarkable war experiences.

Captain Henry Vaughan, former deputy health commissioner, now with the army sanitary corps, has been appointed health commissioner at Detroit succeeding Dr. James W. Inches, new police commissioner.

Dr. Leo C. Donnelly recently discharged from the orthopaedic section of the Medical Corps has moved his office from 727 Jefferson avenue, East, Detroit, Mich., to 607 Kresge Medical Bldg., Detroit, and will limit his practice to orthopaedic surgery.

Harrisburg, Pa., December 23, 1918. Dr. F. C. Warnshuis,

Grand Rapids, Mich. My dear Sir:

Will you kindly call attention in the next issue of your Journal to the fact that Dr. Francis D. Patterson, Chief, Division of Industrial Hygiene and Engineering Department of Labor and Industry, Harrisburg, Pa., is desirous of obtaining a complete

Dr. R. F. Miller has been appointed city physician at Adrian, Mich. For the last four years, or since the adoption of the present charter, there has been no such officer at Adrian.

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It is the Editor's desire to have this department of the Journal contain the report of every meeting

that is held by a Local Society. County Secretaries are urged .

to send in these reports promptly

ALPENA COUNTY The Alpena County Medical Society met Thursday evening, Jan. 30, 1919, at the New Alpena hotel. After dinner the following officers were elected for the following year:

President-Otto Bertram.
Vice President-Dr. George Lister.
Secretary-Treasurer-Dr. Leo Secrist.

Dr. Dunlap was appointed delegate for the state meeting and Dr. E. E. McKnight, counselor.

Vice-Pres.-Dr. N. DeHaas, Fremont.
Secretary-Treas.-Dr. W. H. Barnum, Fremont.

Delegate to State Medical Society-Dr. Geerling, Fremont.

Alternate-Dr. Chas. B. Long.
Medico-Legal-Dr. N. DeHaas.

No further business appearing the meeting adjourned.

W. H. BARNUM, Secretary.

At the annual meeting of the Muskegon County
Medical Society the following officers were elected :

President-F. B. Marshall, Muskegon.
Vice-President-Dr. A. B. Poppen, Muskegon.
Secretary-Treasurer-Dr. J. T. Cramer, Muskegon.


The regular meeting of the Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine occurred Jan. 28th, 1919.

There was a short discussion of the pending Medical Legislation and of the support that was being given it.

The scientific program consisted of papers entitled :

"Complete Muscle Operation in Primary and Secondary Perineorrhaphy." (Illustrated by case reports and lantern slides.) By Dr. C. E. Boys, Kalamazoo.

"Gastro Intestinal Motility.” (Illustrated with

NEWAYGO COUNTY At the annual meeting of the Newaygo County Medical Society held at Fremont, Michigan, january 14, 1919 the fol'owing officers were elected for the ensuing year. President-Dr. Arthur C. Thompsett. Hesperia.


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lantern slides). By Dr. J. G. Van Zwaluwenburg, Bay City; Dr. H. P. Lawrence, Pinconning; Dr. Ann Arbor.

R. C. Perkins, Bay City; Dr. F. H. Randall, Bay B. A. SHEPARD, Secretary.

City; Dr. R. E. Scrafford, Bay City; Dr. M. R.

Slattery, Bay City; Dr. P. R. Urmston, Bay City. The regular meeting of the Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine occurred Tuesday, February 11, 1919,

Benzie County. with the President, F. C. Penoyer, in the chair.

Dr. C. P. Doyle, Frankfort.
Dr. G. F. Young, chairman of the Illegal Practice
Committee discussed some of the phases of the ques-

Berrien County. tions which confront us regarding illegal practice

Dr. Louis A. King, Baroda; Dr. Myron G. at the present time. He showed how the present

Becker, Jr., Benton Harbor; Dr. Carl A. Mitchell, laws seemed to be inadequate to cover the situation. Letter from the State Secretary was read, in

Benton Harbor; Dr. Warren P. Morrill, Benton which he asked for an appropriation to help bear

Harbor; Dr. Burton L. Stevenson, Benton Harthe expense of the pictorial Victory number of the bor; Dr. David Littlejohn, Bridgeman; Dr. SpenState Journal. The Academy voted $50 toward the cre Van Barnum, Coloma. expense of this issue of the State Journal. The scientific program consisted of papers entitled :

Branch County.
Report of the Work Done for the Michigan Dr. W. J. Bien, Union City; Dr. W. A. Griffith,
State Board of Health on the Mental Condi-

tion of Cases Under Treatment for Venereal
Disease. By Dr. Geo. F. Inch, Kalamazoo.

Calhoun County.
(This paper with discussion sent in for pub-

Dr. J. T. Case, Battle Creek; Dr. E. M. Chaun2. Venereal Treatment of State Cases at Fair

cey, Albion; Dr. James Elliott, Battle Creek; Dr. mount Hospital. By Dr. Walter den Bleyker., R. V. Gallagher, Battle Creek; Dr. J. G. Gage, (This paper with discussion sent in for pub- Battle Creek; Dr. W. Haughey, Battle Creek; lication.)

Dr. G. C. Hafford, Albion; Dr. A. A. Hoyt, Bat3. Observation on Work of the Medical Depart

tle Creek; Dr. J. J. Holes, Battle Creek; ment of the Army in France. By Lieut. Col.

Dr. C. W. Heald, Battle Creek; Dr. T. Kolvoord, James T. Case, Battle Creek.

Battle Creek; Dr. A. C. McCurdy*, Battle Creek;

Dr. W. N. Putman, Battle Creek; Dr. A. H. Ross, OUR HONOR ROLL,

Battle Creek; Dr. A. J. Read, Battle Creek; Dr. County Secretaries, are requested to report the

R. D. Sleight, Battle Creek; Dr. R. C. Stone, names of all members in the Service,

Battle Creek; Dr. L. H. Tower, Battle Creek; Allegan County.

Dr. E. Van Camp, Athens; Dr. C. G. Wencke, Dr. Elmer D. Osmun, Allegan; Dr. Robert P. Battle Creek. Stark, Allegan; Dr. Howard W. Stuch, Allegan: *Died in France, November 28th, 1918. Dr. Orrin D. Hudnutt, Otsego; Dr. Willard R.

Cass County. Vaughan, Plainwell; Dr. Robert J. Walker, Saug

Dr. Edgar C. Dunning, Cassopolis; Dr. Chas. atuck.

M. Harmon, Cassopolis; Dr. James H. Kelsey, Alpena County.

Cassopolis; Dr. Walter S. Sharpe, Dowagiac; Dr. Dr. Clarence M. Williams, Alpena.

Ralph P. Jones, Marcellus.
Antrim County.

Charlevoix County.
Dr. Bernard J. Beuker, Atwood; Dr. Edward Dr. Allan M. Wilkinson, Charlevoix; Dr. Hugh
W. Vis, Central Lake; Dr. Versile M. Gates, East- W. Dicken, East Jordan.
port; Dr. Louis N. Yerkes, Elk Rapids; Dr. ·

Cheboygan County. Worth W. Walton, Mancelona.

Dr. Arthur J. Sahs, Cheboygan; Dr. Lyle D. Baraga County.

McMillan, Indian River; Dr. Allen C. Tiffany, Dr. Frank F. Marshall, Pequaming.

Mackinaw; Dr. A. McKillop, Wolverine.
Barry County.

Chippewa-Luce-Mackinac County.
Dr. Maurice J. Cross, Delton; Dr. Birge C. Dr. F. C. Bandy, Newberry; Dr. M. V. Gates,
Swift, Middleville.

Eastport; Dr. R. D. Scott, Rudyard; Dr. T. R.

Whitmarsh, Ypsilanti; Dr. R. C. Winslow, Sault Bay County.

Ste. · Marie; Dr. I. V. Yale, Sault Ste. Marie. Dr. F. S. Baird, Bay City; Dr. F. W. Brown, Bay City; Dr. S. L. Ballard, Auburn; Dr. C. V.

Clare County. Crane, Tawas City; Dr. V. H. Dumond, Bay City; Dr. Arthur R. Mussell, Clare; Dr. Burton J. Dr. E. Goodwin, Bay City; Dr. E. S. Huckin, Sanford, Clare.

Clinton County. Dr. M. S. Gregory, Eureka; Dr. W. A. Scott, St. Johns; Dr. D. H. Silsby, St. Johns; Dr. W. M. Taylor, Ovid.

Delta County. Dr. J. L. Conover, Rapid River; Dr. H. W. Long, Escanaba; Dr. J. J. Walch, Escanaba.

Dickinson County Dr. Robert E. Hayes, Channing; Dr. Gustavus W. Moll, Foster City; Dr. Samuel E. Cruse, Iron Mountain,

Eaton County. Dr. Stanley A. Stealy, Charlotte; Dr. Wells B. Fillinger, Grand Ledge; Dr. Clyde L. D. McLaughlin, Vermontville.

Genesee County. Dr. G. H. Bahlman, Flint; Dr. C. S. Ballard, Flint; Dr. M. W. Clift, Flint; Dr. C. P. Clark, Flint; Dr. Henry Cook, Flint; Dr. V. H. DeSomoskeoy, Flint; Dr. J. W. Evers, Flint; Dr. G. R. G g, Flint; Dr. B. Goodfellow, Clio; Dr. J. N. Houton, Flushing; Dr. J. Houston, Swartz Creek; Dr. J. G. R. Manwaring, Flint; Dr. F. B. Miner, Flint; Dr. R. S.. Morrish, Flint; Dr. W. H. Marshall, Flint; Dr. J. W. Orr, Flint; Dr. A. T. Pauell, Flint; Dr. K. G. Pratt, Flint; Dr. F. E. Reeder, Flint; Dr. W. C. Reid, Grand Blanc; Dr. A. J. Reynolds, Flint; Dr. E. C. Rumer, Flint; Dr. H. E. Randall, Flint; Dr. F. A. Roberts, Flint; Dr. B. R. Sleeman, Linden; Dr. W. H. Winchester, Flint; Dr. L. S. Willoughby, Flint.

Gogebic County. Dr. C. D. Collins, Ironwood; Dr. G. J. Curry, Watersmeet; Dr. E. B. Stebbins, Ironwood.

Grand Traverse-Leelanau County. Dr. G. A. Holliday, Traverse City; Dr. G. M. Johnson, Traverse City; Dr. W. D. Mueller, Traverse City; Dr. E. L. Thirlby, Traverse City; Dr. L. N. Yerkes, Elk Rapids.

Gratiot-Isabella-Clare County. Dr. Ralph E. Dawson, Blanchard; Dr. C. B. Gardner, Alma; Dr. C. D. Pullen, Mt. Pleasant, Dr. A. R. Mussell, Clare; Dr. B. J. Sanford, Clare; Dr. T. P. Vanderzalm, Blanchard; Dr. M. C. Hubbard, Vestaburg.

Hillsdale County. Dr. W. R. Atterbury, Litchfield; Dr. T. H. E. Bell, Reading; Dr. B. F. Green, Hillsdale; Dr. E. A. Martindale, Hillsdale; Dr. H. C. Miller, Hillsdale; Dr. I. J. Stoner, Jonesville.

Houghton County. Dr. J. F. Barton, Calumet; Dr. R. B. Harkness, Houghton; Dr. H. M. Joy, Calumet; Dr. N. S.

MacDonald, Houghton; Dr. P. D. MacNaughton, Calumet; Dr. J. D. McKinnon, Calumet; Dr. F. F. Marshall Pequaming; Dr. V. L. Oler, Kearsarge; Dr. B. H. Olmsted, Calumet; Dr. L. M. Power, Hancock; Dr. James Rhines, Laurium; Dr. D. D. Todd, Adrian; Dr. A. R. Tucker, Mohawk; Dr. L. E. Werry, Calumer.

Huron County. Dr. A. E. W. Yale, Pigeon.

Ingham County. Dr. H. S. Bartholomew, Lansing; Dr. C. L. Barber, Lansing; Dr. M. L. Cushman, Lansing; Dr. F. J. Drolett, Lansing; Dr. Clara Davis, Lansing; Dr. C. W. Ellis, Lansing; Dr. L. A. Humphrey, Lansing; Dr. M. L. Holm, Lansing; Dr. H. B. Knapp, Lansing; Dr. H. W. Landon, Lansing; Dr. R. R. McCrumb, Lansing; Dr. C. H. Murphy, Lansing; Dr. H. A. Miller, Lansing; Dr. A. E. Owen, Lansing; Dr. R. A. Pinkham, Lansing; Dr. J. G. Rulison, Lansing; Dr. M. Shaw, Lansing.

Ionia County. Dr. Verner H. Kitson, Ionia; Dr. Julius H. Powers, Ionia; Dr. Perry C. Robertson, Ionia; Dr. Frederick L. Morse. Lake Odessa; Dr. Nelson McLaughlin, Lake Odessa.

Jackson County. Dr. W. B. Anderson, Jackson; Dr. H. D. Brown, Jackson; Dr. R. Cooley, Jackson; Dr. C. R. Dengler, Jackson; Dr. C. E. DeMay, Jackson; Dr. W. H. Enders, Jackson; Dr. H. L. Hurley, Jackson; Dr. Thos. Hackett, Jackson; Dr. R. G. Hendricks, Jackson; Dr. W. Lake, Grass Lake; Dr. R. H. Leece, Munith; Dr. D. B. Marsh, Jackson; Dr. J. J. McCormick, Jackson; Dr. C. D. Munro, Jackson; Dr. Fred Main, Jackson; Dr. J. A. McQuillan*, Jackson; Dr. J. O'Mara, Jackson; Dr. E. S. Peterson, Jackson; Dr. G. Seybold, Jackson; Dr. G. E. Winter, Jackson. *Killed in France, October 26, 1918.

Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine. Dr. R. U. Adams, Kalamazoo; Dr. Ralph E. Balch, Kalamazoo; Dr. W. Collins, Kalamazoo; Dr. O. H. Clark, Kalamazoo; Dr. L. J. Crum, Kalamazoo, Dr. A. E. Henwood, Kalamazoo; Dr. W. H. Kenzie, Richland; Dr. R. G. Leland, Kalamazoo; Dr. R. A. Morter, Kalamazoo; Dr. N. W. Pinto, Kalamazoo; Dr. R. E. Weeks, Augusta; Dr. G. F. Willey, Kalamazoo; Dr. F. S. Collier, Vicksburg; Dr. D. H. Eaton, Kalamazoo; Dr. J. F. Berry, Kalamazoo; Dr. D. W. Crankshaw, Lawrence; Dr. N. D. Murphy, Bangor; Dr. John Stewart, Hartford; Dr. H. W. Wiley, South Haven; Dr. L. E. Wescott, Gobleville; Dr. W. R. Vaughn, Plainwell; Dr. O. D. Hudnutt, Otsego; Dr. E. D. Osmun, Allegan; Dr. R. P. Stark, Alle

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