Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut

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Strana 473 - The Judges of the Supreme Court of Errors, and of the Superior Court, appointed in the year 1855, and thereafter, shall hold their offices for the term of eight years, but may be removed by impeachment; and the Governor shall also remove them on the address of two-thirds of each house of the General Assembly.
Strana 434 - The causes of action so united must all belong to one only of these classes, and must affect all the parties to the action, and not require different places of trial, and must be separately stated...
Strana 374 - Any officer, soldier, seaman, or marine who served for not less than ninety days in the Army or Navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion and who was honorably discharged...
Strana 434 - Upon claims arising out of the same transaction, or transactions connected with the same subject of action, and not included within one of the foregoing subdivisions of this section.
Strana 473 - Probate on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, 1876, and those elected biennially thereafter, shall hold their offices for two years from and after the Wednesday after the first Monday of the next succeeding January.
Strana 384 - ... by virtue of an agreement with .or by consent of the owner of such building or structure or of any person having authority from or rightfully acting for such owner in procuring or furnishing such labor or materials...
Strana 464 - The deputy jailer or deputy jailers under the rules and directions of the county commissioners, shall procure suitable food, clothing and medical aid for prisoners committed on criminal process, and such implements and materials as shall be proper for employing and keeping such prisoners at work, and said commissioners shall draw their orders in payment for the same upon the treasurers of their respective counties.
Strana 435 - Of the parties to the action, those who are united in interest must be joined as plaintiffs or defendants, except as otherwise expressly prescribed in this act.
Strana 389 - ... and every person whose conveyance or incumbrance is subsequently executed or subsequently recorded shah1 be deemed a subsequent purchaser or incumbrancer, and shall be bound by all proceedings taken after the filing of such notice to the same extent as if he were made a party to the action.
Strana 491 - The General Assembly shall have power, by a vote of twothirds of the members of both branches, to restore the privileges of an elector to those who may have forfeited the same by a conviction of crime.

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