Breslauer beiträge zur Literaturgeschichte, Vydání 10

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Metzler., 1907

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Strana 86 - Into a pretty anger, that a bird, Whom art had never taught cliffs, moods, or notes, Should vie with him for mastery, whose study Had busied many hours to perfect practice. To end the controversy, in a rapture Upon his instrument he plays so swiftly, So many voluntaries, and so quick, That there was curiosity and cunning, Concord in discord, lines of differing method Meeting in one full centre of delight.
Strana 86 - mongst troops of spirits : No ring of bells to our ears sounds, No howls of wolves, no yelps of hounds ; No, not the noise of water's breach, Or cannon's throat our height can reach. [Above.\ No ring of bells, &c. Fire. Well, mother, I thank your kindness ; you must be Gambolling i' th' air, and leave me to walk here like a fool and a mortal.
Strana 133 - He saw a cottage with a double coach-house, A cottage of gentility; And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin Is pride that apes humility.
Strana 75 - Yet art thou still but Faustus, and a man. Couldst thou make men to live eternally Or being dead raise them to life again, Then this profession were to be esteem'd. Physic, farewell! Where is Justinian?
Strana 154 - Will no one tell me what she sings? — Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow For old, unhappy, far-off things, And battles long ago: Or is it some more humble lay, Familiar matter of to-day? Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain, That has been, and may be again?
Strana 86 - The idea of what they love, first in themselves : Or, like to glasses, so their minds take in The forms of their belov'd, and them reflect. It is the likeness of affections, Is both the parent and the nurse of love. Love is a spiritual coupling of .two souls, So much more excellent as it least relates Unto the body ; circular, eternal ; Not feign'd, or made, but born : And then, so precious, As nought can value it, but itself.
Strana 82 - I'd go out of myself, And give this fury leave to dwell within This ruin'd cottage, ready to fall with age! Abjure all goodness, be at hate with prayer, And study curses, imprecations, Blasphemous speeches, oaths, detested oaths, Or...
Strana 134 - Seincte Jameses Freers marched next, Echone hys parte dydd chaunt; Behynde theyre backes syx mynstrelles came, Who tun'd the strunge bataunt...
Strana 76 - But what are kings when regiment is gone But perfect shadows in a sunshine day? My nobles rule, I bear the name of king; I wear the crown but am...
Strana 173 - Dichtwerk poetisch zu reproduziren , so läßt sich, wenn die Dichtung einer der morgenländischen, ihrem ganzen Genius nach von der unsrigen so verschiedenen Sprachen angehört , dies Ziel bei Beobachtung wörtlicher Treue nicht erreichen. Vielmehr wird größere oder geringere Freiheit ersordert, wenn letztere auch nicht bis zu dem Extrem zu gehen braucht, welches Rückert in seinen srüheren Arbeiten sich verstattete. Durch solche...

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