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Indeed, above my comprehenfion, the North-west companies were to and may, probably, in the course of unite. time, give to America the climate It leems fuperfluous to add to the of Europe. It is well known, in- foregoing account, that we regard deed, that the waters are decreasing the expeditions of Mr. Mackenzie there, and that many lakes are drain. as, of confiderable importance to ing and filling up by the earth which geography and commerce; and that is carried into them from the higher his narrative contains much infor lands by the rivers : and this may mation and entertainment. It is have foune partial effect."

accompanied with three maps, The writer concludes his work which are well executed: one, ge with confiderations respeing the neral, of the northern part of Ame. "fur-trade; which, he is of opinion, rica, from 400 to 709 N. latitudes would be productive of more advan- and a separate map for each voye "tage both to the public and to the age. merchants, if the Hudson's Bay and

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The Command of the Aufirian Army taken by the Archduke Charles
The Frenck within fifty Miles of Fienna-Confternation of the Imperaliis.
- Armistice of Steyer.-4ffairs of Italy. -Dispules about the Polefino.-
Conversion of Caftiglione. - French Invasion of Tuscany.-Pasage of the
Mincio by the French-and of the Adige.- Armistice of Trevijo. (57

С C H A P. V. Political Views of Bumaparte, after a Pacification with Arria. - The Cha

racter now assumed by France. --Buonaparte cajeles Paull. -and revives the Armed Neutrality of 1780, againk Great Britain.-Convention on the Principles of that Confederation between Frunce and America. - Ambassador fent to the United American States from Denmark.- Disputes between Sreeden and Great Britain.-Capture and Condemnation of a Seesid Convoy.-A Swedish L'efel prefed into the Naval Service of England. Complaints of this made by Spain and Hollund.--Dignified Conduct on that Occasion of the King of Sueden.-Rotellions on the Question concerning the tiberty of the Seas. -Hifory of this Qisestion.----Sweden and Denmark hoftile to England.


C H A P. VÌ. Pacific State of Denmark, A. D. 1500.-Origin of Differences between Det

mark ard Great Britain.Dinithe Ships captured by the English.— Rehaance. -Capture of a Danish Frigate and Convoy.--The Difference betaten the Courts of London and Copenhagen, in confequence of this Incident, amicably hryghed by a British Plenipotentiary, backed by a British Squadron in the Battic, for a Time-but not finally settled.Revival of the armed Neutrality of 1780-in which the lead is taken by the Emperor of Ruffiain Violation of recent Treaties -- An Embargo laid on all the English Shipping in the Poris of Russia, and their Najlers and Crews marclied into the Intorior of Rufjia. A Cmifeder ocy formed against the maritime Claims of Britain, h: Russa, Sucden, Denmark, and Pruffia.- Motives for this. Pruffian Troops enter the Bailiwick of Rilzebultel.-The Danes jeize Hamburgh. ---Bloody Battle at Copenhagen.-Death of Paul I.--The Difputes detweon Great Britain and the northern Powers amicably fettled. (93

CH A P. VII. Dificult and alarming Situation of England.- Indisposition of the King.

Change of Minifiry.-Oflenfible Ground of Mr. Pitt's Refignation.Catholic Emancipation.- Policy of the old Adminifiration in the Mode of their Retirement.--Purity and Firmness of his Majesty's Mind.-Motion by Lord Darnley in the House of Lords for an Inquiry into Part of the Condu&t of his Majesiy's Ministers.--Debates thereon.-Motion priponed.

-Motion by the Earl of Radror for a Call of the Houfe-negalited. In the Houfe of Commons a new Speaker chofen in the Room of Mr. Adding. ton.-Now Chancellor of the Exchequer.--Animated Conversation respecting the Changes in the Administration.-State of Parties.-Characters of Parlies and of their Leaders.


CHA P. VIII. Committee of Supplies.-Nationa! Esimales.-Ways and Aleans.lewa

Tares.-Summary R-ricw of the State of Great Britain, with respect to the Public Rerenue and Expenditure at th:Commencement of 1801—And of the general Safety and Profperity of the Nation.


CHA P. IX. Orier obferred in our Accounts of the Proceedings in Parliument.- leafures

for the internal Sourily and Peare of the Empire.- Vartial Lar in Ireland. - The Nature, Extent, and lurking Remains of Rebellion in Ireland.

-Sele Committee on the House of Cominons, for inquiring into the Site of Ireland and the Conduit of certain dilaffed Perfons in Great Britain. Report from this Conimittee taken into Confidcration.-Revival of Axis for fufpending the labeas-Corpus-da, and preventing seditious and tumultuous Meetings.- Apology for entering so fully into the Spreches of the Irish Members --Silea Commitee of the Houle of Lords for inquiring into the State of Ireland and other Prirposes. -Report of the fame.-Reflections thereon.--A Bill of Indemnity for Ireland.


c H A P, X. Bomties on the Importation of Great -- Improvement of CommÓNS- And

Wafte Lands ---Cultivation of Pola".--- Inquiry into the Sillo Duties, and the Means for remeduing the Inconteniences arising from thenee. -Repeal of Breen Brcad AA --Reliej od I solvent Deblors.-Lut' for preventing the Arrent of Aliens in Great Brit in for Dihls contradied in Frano previous to the Recoluti-Cergymen dertered incapable of beiro Members of the Innfe of Comnions.- Poor Houfeke, ers retired fron Pours Male.-Cenforial Functions of Parliament.-- Rewards.Motions jor luaniries tending to Disgrace and Punishment.--Iudia Budgets for two Ycars preeeding the 25th of March, 1801.--11r. Dindas's Plan for the Government of India.


C H A P. XI. Discusions concerning a free Trade between Great Brilain and India.--Motion

in the House of Comuns, relative to this, by Sir William Pudlevey. --Diferficusand Duhates thereon in the Irishit-blouse.---Hipory, or Origin, of th: Quefiiou.-Difference of Opinion bulaeen the E.-India-lonje and the Board of Control.-L.etir from !Ir. Dundas to the Court of Directors, containing his Opinion and Advice refpecling the Moue carrying in the Trade between Great Brilaill aid iridia:--Taken into Confideration by a VOL. XLIII



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