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Ave Cæsar, morituri te salutant (or Ave Imperator, te salutamus)

Hail Cæsar, we who are about to die salute you (or Hail Emperor, we salute you.) SUETONIUS-Tiberius Claudius Drusus. XXI. 13. See Note by Samuelis Pitissus, SUETONIUS Opera. Vol. I. P. 678. (1714) The salutation of the gladiators on entering the arena. Morituri te salutant. Quoted by an American officer as he saluted the Statue of Liberty on leaving New York for his place in the Great War.


Death, if thou wilt, fain would I plead with thee: Canst thou not spare, of all our hopes have built, One shelter where our spirits fain would be Death, if thou wilt?

SWINBURNE-A Dialogue. St. 1.


For thee, O now a silent soul, my brother,

Take at my hands this garland and farewell. Thin is the leaf, and chill the wintry smell, And chill the solemn carth, a fatal mother. SWINBURNE-Ave Atque Vale. St. 18.

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Whatever crazy sorrow saith,

No life that breathes with human breath Has ever truly long'd for death. TENNYSON-Two Voices. St. 132.


Dead men bite not.

THEODOTUS, when counselling the death of POMPEY. See PLUTARCH-Life of Pompey.


Et "Bene," discedens dicet, "placideque quies


Terraque securæ sit super ossa levis."

And at departure he will say, "Mayest thou rest soundly and quietly, and may the light turf lie easy on thy bones."

TIBULLUS-Carmina. II. 4. 49.


I hear a voice you cannot hear, Which says, I must not stay; I see a hand you cannot see, Which beckons me away. TICKELL Colin and Lucy.


These taught us how to live; and (oh, too high The price for knowledge!) taught us how to die. TICKELL On the Death of Mr. Addison. L.81. (See also PORTEUS)


I believe if I should die,
And you should kiss my eyelids where I lie
Cold, dead, and dumb to all the world contains,
The folded orbs would open at thy breath,
And from its exile in the Isles of Death
Life would come gladly back along my veins.


Go thou, deceased, to this earth which is a mother, and spacious and kind. May her touch be soft like that of wool, or a young woman, and may she protect thee from the depths of destruction. Rise above him, O Earth, do not press painfully on him, give him good things, give him consolation, as a mother covers her child with her cloth, cover thou him.

Vedic Funeral Rite. Quoted in New York Times on the death of "Buffalo Bill."


Venit summa dies et ineluctabile tempus.

The supreme day has come and the inevitable hour.

VERGIL-Eneid. II. 324. Same in LUCAN. VII. 197.


Vixi, et quem dederat cursum fortuna, peregi: Et nunc magna mei sub terras currit imago.

I have lived, and I have run the course which fortune allotted me; and now my shade shall descend illustrious to the grave.

VERGIL Eneid. IV. 653.


Irreameabilis unda.

The wave from which there is no return [the river Styx].

VERGIL Eneid. VI. 425.


Usque adeone mori miserum est? Is it then so sad a thing to die? VERGIL-Eneid. XII. 646.

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