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Tantæne animis cœlestibus iræ.

Can heavenly minds such anger entertain? VERGIL-Eneid. I. 11.



A rod twelve feet long and a ring of wire,
A winder and barrel, will help thy desire
In killing a Pike; but the forked stick,
With a slit and a bladder,—and that other fine

Which our artists call snap, with a goose or a duck,

Will kill two for one, if you have any luck;
The gentry of Shropshire do merrily smile,
To see a goose and a belt the fish to beguile;
When a Pike suns himselfe and a-frogging doth

The two-inched hook is better, I know,
Than the ord'nary snaring: but still I must cry,
When the Pike is at home, minde the cookery.
BARKER-The Art of Angling. (Reprint of 1820
of the 1657 edition)


For angling-rod he took a sturdy oak;
For line, a cable that in storm ne'er broke;
His hook was such as heads the end of pole
To pluck down house ere fire consumes it whole;

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