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The selfsame sun that shines upon his court Hides not his visage from our cottage, but Looks on alike.

Winter's Tale. Act IV. Sc. 4. L. 455.


In the warm shadow of her loveliness;— He kissed her with his beams.

SHELLEY-The Witch of Atlas. St. 2.


"But," quoth his neighbor, "when the sun
From East to West his course has run,
How comes it that he shows his face
Next morning in his former place?"
"Ho! there's a pretty question, truly!"
Replied our wight, with an unruly
Burst of laughter and delight,

So much his triumph seemed to please him.
"Why, blockhead! he goes back at night,
And that's the reason no one sees him!"
HORACE SMITH-The Astronomical Alderman.
St. 5.

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Give God thy heart, thy service, and thy gold; The day wears on, and time is waxing old. Sun Dial in the Cloister-garden of Gloucester Cathedral.


Our life's a flying shadow, God's the pole,
The index pointing at Him is our soul;
Death the horizon, when our sun is set,
Which will through Christ a resurrection get.
Sun Dial inscription once on the South wall of
Glasgow Cathedral.


The night cometh when no man can work. John. IX. 9.


Thou breathing dial! since thy day began
The present hour was ever mark'd with shade.
LANDOR-Miscellaneous Poems. Vol. VIII.
P. 92. (1846)


A lumine motus.

I am moved by the light.

MAETERLINCK-Measure of the Hours. Motto.


Horas non numero nisi serenas.

I count only the hours that are serene. MAETERLINCK-Measure of the Hours. Mentioned as found by HAZLITT on a Sun Dial near Venice.


L'heure de la justice ne sonne pas Aux cadrans de ce monde:

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