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The soft droppes of raine perce the hard

He that despiseth small things will perish Marble, many strokes overthrow the tallest Oke. by little and little.

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LYLY-Euphues. ARBER's reprint. P. 81. (1579)

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The phrase "public office is a public trust," has of late become common property.

CHAS. SUMNER-Speech in the United States Senate. May 31, 1872. According to COL. JOHN S. WOLF, of Champaign, it originated in a decision of JUSTICE SAMUEL D. LOCKWOOD, of the Illinois Supreme Court, prior to 1840. He served from 1825 to 1848. Washington Star, May 5, 1891, assigns it to THOMAS M. COOLEY. See Constitutional Law. (Pub. 1880.) P. 303. CHARLES JAMES Fox. (1788) SYDNEY SMITH in Edinburgh Review. (1825) WEBSTER-Bunker Hill Address. (1825) PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON'S Message. (1867) ABRAM S. HEWITT Speech. (1883) DANIEL S. LAMONT. Motto of Pamphlet. (1884)

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More proselytes and converts use t'accrue To false persuasions than the right and true; For error and mistake are infinite,

But truth has but one way to be i' th' right. BUTLER Miscellaneous Thoughts. L. 113.


No words suffice the secret soul to show, For Truth denies all eloquence to Woe. BYRON-Corsair. Canto III. St. 22.

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A man protesting against error is on the way towards uniting himself with all men that believe in truth.

CARLYLE-Heroes and Hero Worship. IV.


Truths turn into dogmas the moment they are disputed.

G. K. CHESTERTON-Heretics.


When fiction rises pleasing to the eye,
Men will believe, because they love the lie;
But truth herself, if clouded with a frown,
Must have some solemn proof to pass her down.
CHURCHILL-Epistle to Hogarth. L. 291.


Qui semel a veritate deflexit, hic non majore religione ad perjurium quam ad mendacium perduci consuevit.

He who has once deviated from the truth, usually commits perjury with as little scruple as he would tell a lie.

CICERO Oratio Pro Quinto Roscio Comodo. XX.

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