The Routledge Handbook of Mass Media Ethics

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Lee Wilkins, Clifford G. Christians
Routledge, 13. 3. 2020 - Počet stran: 550

This fully updated second edition of the popular handbook provides an exploration of thinking on media ethics, bringing together the intellectual history of global mass media ethics over the past 40 years, summarising existing research and setting future agenda grounded in philosophy and social science.

This second edition offers up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of media ethics, including the ethics of sources, social media, the roots of law in ethics, and documentary film. The wide range of contributors include scholars and former professionals who worked as journalists, public relations professionals, and advertising practitioners. They lay out both a good grounding from which to begin more in-depth and individualized explorations, and extensive bibliographies for each chapter to aid that process.

For students and professionals who seek to understand and do the best work possible, this book will provide both insight and direction. Standing apart in its comprehensive coverage, The Routledge Handbook of Mass Media Ethics is required reading for scholars, graduate students, and researchers in media, mass communication, journalism, ethics, and related areas.


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List of Contributors
A Philosophically Based Inquiry into the Nature of Communicating Humans
A Short History of Media Ethics in the United States
Essential Shared Values and 21st Century Journalism
A Psychological Approach to Understanding Moral Decision
On the Unfortunate Divide between Media Ethics and Media
The Search for Universals
Justice in Media Ethics
What Can We Get Away With? The Ethics of Art and Entertainment in
Culture Is Normative
Justice as a Journalistic Value and Goal
Meanings Merits and Risks
Coercion Consent and the Struggle for Social Media
Digital Ethics in Autonomous Systems
Peace Journalism
Toward an Institutionbased Theory of Privacy

Truth and Objectivity
A 21stCentury Primal Dance of Behavior Technology
Diversity Requires Ethics Change
Moral Reasoning in the Practice of Public Relations
The Ethics of Propaganda and the Propaganda of Ethics
Legislation and SelfRegulation
Moral Problems and Ethical Issues in Chinas Media
Perspectives on Pornography Demand Ethical Critique
The Eroding Boundaries between News and Entertainment and What They Mean
Islamic Reform for Democracy and Global Peace
Intend No Harm Intend to Be of Benefit
Feminist Media Ethics
Spatial Ethics and Freedom of Expression
Media Ownership Autonomy and Democracy in a Corporate
The Media in Evil Circumstances
What Journalism Has in Common with Other
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O autorovi (2020)

Lee Wilkins is Professor Emerita at the Missouri School of Journalism and Wayne State University.

Clifford G. Christians is Research Professor of Communications, Professor of Media Studies and Professor of Journalism Emeritus at the University of Illinois.

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