The Complete Critical Guide to Alexander Pope

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New York, 2000 - Počet stran: 219
This series offers a powerful and timely synthesis of literary history and close reading informed by up-to-date scholarship and contemporary theory- concise and remarkably comprehensive introductions to the life, work and criticism of specific writers |o Professor Rob Pope, Department of English Studies, Oxford Brookes University. 'The Complete Critical Guides to English Literature' abound in references to the cultural context of each work and to its past and present reception by the public. 'Complete Critical Guide to Alexander Pope' is part of a unique series of comprehensive, user-friendly introductions which- offers basic information on an author's life, contexts, and works; outline the major critical issues surrounding the author's works, from the time they were written to the present; leave judgments up to you, by explaining the full range of often very difficult critical views and interpretations; offer guides to further reading in each area discussed.

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O autorovi (2000)

Paul Baines is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Liverpool.

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