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APRIL— June, 1917

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Volume XI.

[This Index constitutes a Table of Contents and an Analytical Index of Authors,

Subject Matter, and Titles.]
[Titles of articles appear in italics]

ABDUL Hak Hussein Bey, 437.
Aerial Fighting on the French Front, 287.
AERONAUTICS, Zeppelin attacks, 42; Brit-

ish airplanes at Arras,_267; Lord North-
cliffe on fighting on French front, 287;
exploits of French aviators narrated by
V. Forbin, 328; Zeppelin raids on England
first two years of war, by C. Stienon, 333;
list of Zeppelin raids on England, 337;
British airmen at Arras, 407; attack on
Freiburg in reprisal by British and French,

442; men in American Escadrille, 471. AFRICA, Germany's treatment of colonies,


See also CAMPAIGN in Africa.
ALASKA, price paid and gold produced, 257.
AISVE, Battle of, see CAMPAIGN in Europe,

ALBERT, (Dr.) Heinrich F., 219.
ALEXANDER (Crown Prince of Serbia), 141,

ALEXIEFF, (Gen.) Michael V., 294.
ALGONQUIN (S. S.), account of sinking, 54.
ALICE (Princess of Battenberg), 153.
ALIEN Enemies, see ENEMY Aliens.
Alliance with Merico and Japan Proposed

by Germany, 65.
Allied Successes in France, 246.
ALLIES' Commission, comment on members,

256; list of members; account of visit to United States; important speeches of Bal

four, Viviani, and Joffre, 389-405. Amazing Effects of Shell Shock on Soldiers'

Nerves, 310.
America and the League of Honor, 464.
America Through English Eyes, 78.
" AMERICAN Day," in England and France,

AMERICAN Escadrille 471.
AMERICAN Mission to Russia, personnel and

purpose, 487. Americans Who Have Fought for France,

470. ANCONA (S. S.), mentioned in exchange of

notes between U. S. and Austria-Hungary,

104. ANDREWS (Secretary at Bucharest), 72. ANNIE Larsen (schooner), 220. “ ANZACS,” 503. APPAM (S. S.), decision of Supreme Court,

39. 00 ARABIA, progress of new kingdom; com

munication to U. S., 300; protest of Ulema of Mecca, 307.

See also CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor. UN ARBITRATION, Industrial, in Russia, 295.

ARMED Merchant Ships, discussed in Aus

trian reply to Amer, note on submarine
blockade, 108; contention between Eng-
land and Holland over Princess Melita,
242; Lieut. Gill on status, 275.
See also SUBMARINE Warfare; UNITED

STATES—Armed Neutrality.
ARMED Neutrality, defined, 56; in 1780 and

1800, 57.
See also UNITED STATES-Armed Neu-

trality. ASQUITH, Herbert Henry, discredited in re

port on Dardanelles, 167; address on Pres: Wilson's war message, 224; address in Parliament on U. S. war action, 226; reply to Dardanelles report, 303; on Home Rule, 451; speech in Commons on entry of U. S.

into war, 463. ASTURIAS (hospital ship), 442. At the Western Fighting Fronts, 119. ATHOS (S. S.), 53. ATROCITIES, plot to infect Rumanian

horses and cattle, 72; Teutonic outrages in Poland, 127 ; Austrian troops in Serbia, 143; protest of new kingdom of Arabia to U. S., 306; by Germans in Somme retreat, 538.

See also VANDALISM. AUSTRALIA, troops in battle of Arras, 412;

at Gallipoli, 504. AUSTRIA-Hungary, strength of navy. 103 ;

ultimatum to Serbia and outbreak of war,
140; attitude toward indemnity and an-
nexation, 427.
See also UNITED STATES-Austria-

Hungary, Relations with.
Austria-Hungary's Submarine Note, 104.
AUSTRO-Hungarians in America, number, 42.
AUSTRO-Prussian War, 117.
AZTEC (S. S.), 238.

B BABES (Dr.), 75. BABINSKI sign, 341. BACON, George Voux, 218. Background of Home Rule, 447. BADEWITZ (Lieut.), account of bringing in

of Yarrowdale, 299. BAGDAD, proclamation on relations with

England, by Gen. Maude, 308.

See also CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor. BAKER, (Sec.) Newton Diehl, statement on

alien enemies, 205. BALFOUR, Arthur James, letter of thanks

for services of Amb. Gerard, 64 ; career, 256; visit to U. S., speeches, statements,

&c., 389-405; as Secretary for Ireland, 451. BALKAN Wars 1912-1913, Greece in, 155. BANG, (Dr.) J. P.; excerpts from book

“ Hurrah and Hallelujah,” 522. BARUCH, Bernard M., saving for Govt. on

prices of metals, 234, 387. Battle of Arras, 261, 405. BATTLES,



America Through EngARCHER, William, 20

lish Eyes," 78. ARCHIBALD, James J. F., 218. ARGENTINA, supports U. S. against Ger

many, 228; war attitude, 434. ARLOTTA, Enrico, 405.

Vol. XI

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