How the Immune System Works

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Wiley, 23. 12. 2002 - Počet stran: 144
Not just another immunology book, Blackwell now offers the 2nd edition of How the Immune System Works. Written in the same offbeat, "lecture-style" you're familiar with, the second edition provides a perfect introduction to the essential principles of the immune system, covered in 9 humorous but highly informative "lectures." Perfect as exam-prep review or an enjoyable overview of a difficult subject.

This revised edition features:
· New updates on the Pathophysiology of immunology
· System-based approach that examines immunology as a system
· Unique and engaging style for quick and easy learning

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O autorovi (2002)

Lauren M. Sompayrac, PhD Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder

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