The Rambler in North America, MDCCCXXXII.-MDCCCXXXIII.

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R. B. Seeley and W. Burnside, 1836

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Strana 169 - The way, and the only way to check and to stop this evil, is for all the red men to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land as it was at first, and should be yet ; for it never was divided, but belongs to all for the use of each. That no part has a right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers ; those who want all, and will not do with less.
Strana 218 - I am not aware that any part of the surface assumes the form and exhibits the same phenomena. Some hold, that the whole of the vast region over which they extend, was once submerged, and there is much to be said in support of this theory. They appear, however, under various forms, and from observation I should divide them into three great divisions : the "oak-openings...
Strana 212 - It is a grievous thing that Government is not stronghanded enough to put a stop to the shameful and scandalous sale of whiskey to these poor miserable wretches. But here lie casks of it for sale under the very eye of the Commissioners, met together for purposes, which demand that sobriety should be maintained, were it only that no one should be able to lay at their door an accusation of unfair dealing, and of having taken...
Strana 205 - The fort contained within its palisades by far the most enlightened residents, in the little knot of officers attached to the slender garrison. The quarters here consequently were too confined to afford place of residence for the Government Commissioners, for whom and a crowd of dependents, a temporary set of plank huts were erected on the north side of the river. To the latter gentlemen we, as the only idle lookers on, were indebted for much friendly attention ; and in the frank and hospitable treatment...
Strana 169 - The being within, communing with past ages, tells me that once, nor until lately, there was no white man on this continent. That it then all belonged to red men, children of the same parents, placed on it by the Great Spirit that made them, to keep it, to traverse it, to enjoy its productions, and to fill it with the same race. Once a happy race. Since made miserable by the white people, who are never contented, but always encroaching. The way, and the only way to check and...
Strana 206 - Next in rank to the officers and commissioners, may be noticed certain store-keepers and merchants resident here, looking either to the influx of new settlers establishing themselves in the neighborhood, or those passing yet farther to the westward, for custom and profit, not to forget the chance of extraordinary occasions like the present. Add to these a doctor or two, two or three lawyers, a land agent, and five or six hotel keepers. These may be considered as stationary, and proprietors of the...
Strana 204 - Companies of old warriors might be seen sitting smoking under every bush ; arguing, palavering, or ' powwowing,' with great earnestness ; but there seemed no possibility of bringing them to another Council in a hurry. Meanwhile the village and its occupants presented a most motley scene. The fort contained within its palisades by far the most enlightened residents, in the little knot of officers attached to the slender garrison.
Strana 204 - Father, and asked their opinion thereon. Thus pressed, they looked at the sky, saw a few wandering clouds, and straightway adjourned sine die, as the weather is not clear enough for so solemn a council. However, as the Treaty had been opened, provision was supplied to them by regular rations; and the same night they had had great rejoicings, — danced the war-dance, and kept the eyes and ears of all open by running howling about the village. Such was the state of affairs on our arrival. Companies...
Strana 92 - ... exquisitely folded up, but do not yet unfurl themselves ; — and lastly, the head, with its antennae, disengages itself, and you behold before you the new-born insect freed from its prison. The slough is not disengaged, but remains firmly fixed in the fibres of the wood ; and the insect, languidly crawling a few inches, remains as it were in a dose of wonder and astonishment.
Strana 214 - Even though convinced of the necessity of their removal, my heart bled for them in their desolation and decline. Ignorant and degraded as they may have been in their original state, their degradation is now tenfold, after years of intercourse with the whites; and their speedy disappearance from the earth appears as certain as though it were already sealed and accomplished.

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