Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law, [1845-1856]: Heretofore Condensed by Thomas Sergeant and Thomas M'Kean Pettit, Now Reprinted in Full, Svazek 17

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Strana 691 - June no contract for the sale of any goods, wares and merchandizes, for the price of ten pounds sterling or upwards, shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold, and actually receive the same, or give something in earnest to bind the bargain, or in part of payment, or that some note or memorandum in writing of the said bargain be made and signed by the parties to be charged by such contract, or their agents thereunto lawfully authorized.
Strana 551 - ... arrests, restraints, and detainments of all kings, princes, and people, of what nation, condition, or quality soever, barratry of the master and mariners, and of all other perils, losses, and misfortunes, that have or shall come to the hurt, detriment, or damage of the said goods and merchandises, and ship, &c., or any part thereof.
Strana 17 - Where two parties have made a contract which one of them has broken, the damages which the other party ought to receive in respect of such breach of contract should be such as may fairly and reasonably be considered either arising naturally, ie, according to the usual course of things, from such breach of contract itself, or such as may reasonably be supposed to have been in the contemplation of both parties, at the time they made the contract, as the probable result of the breach of it.
Strana 529 - ... notice in writing of such action, and of the cause thereof, shall be given to the defendant one calendar month at least before the commencement of the action...
Strana 529 - That all Actions and Prosecutions to be commenced against any Person for any thing done in pursuance of this Act shall be laid and tried in the County where the Fact was committed, and shall be commenced within Six Calendar Months after the Fact committed, and not otherwise ; and Notice in Writing of such Action, and of the Cause thereof, shall be given to the Defendant -One Calendar Month at least before the Commencement of the Action...
Strana 529 - ... shall become nonsuit, or discontinue any such action after issue joined, or if, upon demurrer or otherwise, judgment shall be given against the plaintiff, the defendant shall recover his full costs as between attorney and client, and have the like remedy for the same as any defendant has by law in other cases...
Strana 455 - That the Defendant converted to his own Use, or wrongfully deprived the Plaintiff of the Use and Possession of the Plaintiff's Goods ; that is to say, Iron, Hops, Household Furniture [or as the Case may be"].
Strana 591 - Nothing herein contained shall apply to any action, suit, proceeding, or bill in any court of common law, or in any ecclesiastical court, or in either house of parliament, instituted in consequence of adultery, or to any action for breach of promise of marriage.
Strana 275 - NOTICE of OBJECTION to be given to the OVERSEERS. To the Overseers of the Parish [or Township, at the Case may be,~\ of . I HEREBY give you Notice, That I object to the Name of the Person mentioned and described below being retained in the List of Voters for the County [or for the Riding...
Strana 589 - ... that the plaintiff take nothing by his writ, and that the defendant go without day.

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