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Doctor stood in the place; then he straightened himself as one who, come what may, would play the man, and when he passed Janet's cottage, on his way to the Lodge, that honest admirer of able-bodied, good-looking men came out and followed him with her eyes for the sight of his firm, unbroken carriage

“Miss Kate will be grieving very much atout Dr. Saunderson's death,” Donald explained at the Lodge, "and she went down this afternoon with the General to put flowers on his grave; but they will be coming back every minute," and the Doctor met them at the Beeches.

May I have as fair hands to decorate my grave, Miss Catherine Carnegie,” and the Doctor bowed gallantly; " but of one thing

I have done nothing to deserve it. Saunderson was a scholar of the ancient kind, and a very fine spirit."

"Don't you think," said

Kate," that he was To put flowers on his grave"

like AʼKempis, I mean, and

George Herbert, a kind pitied some of his old friends who had of ... saint ?" seen it their duty to secede at the Altogether one, I should say. I Disruption, and had to practise many don't think he would have known little economies, who travelled third port wine from sherry, or an entrée class and had to walk from the from a moutton chop; beside a man station, and could not offer their like that what worldly fellows you friends a glass of wine. This was the and I are, Jack, and mine is the greater way he must live now, and Daisy's shame.” fund would have to be closed, which “I'll have no comparisons, Padre,” seemed to him now the sweetest pleas -Kate was a little puzzled by the tone ure of his life.

in the Doctor's voice ; “ he was so good “ And Jack! Would to God I had that I loved him; but there are some never mentioned this wretched bank points in the General and you, quite to him. Poor Jack, with the few hun- nice points, and for the sake of them dreds he had saved for Kit!”

you shall have afternoon tea in my For some five minutes more the room,” where the Doctor and General


I am sure,

ful company.


are on

fell on former days and were wonder- stairs, as if I could not be trusted.

Did you think that I would faint, or "It's not really about the road I perhaps weep? The Padre deserves a wish to talk to you,” and the Doctor good scolding, and as for you closed the door of the General's den, Then Kate went over and cast an arm "but about ... a terrible calamity round her father's neck, whose face that has befallen you and me, Jack, was quivering. and I am to blame."

“It is rather a disappointment to " What is it?" and Carnegie sat leave the Lodge, when we were geterect; does it touch our name or ting it to our mind; but we'll have a Kate?

jolly little home somewhere; and I'll “ Neither, thank God," said David- get a chance of earning something.

Dancing, now-I think that I might Then it cannot be so very bad. be able to teach some girls how to Let us have it at once,” and the Gen- waltz. Then, my French is really ineral lighted a cheroot.

telligible, and most colloquial; besides “Our bank has failed, and we shall revolver shooting. Dad, we have to give up everything to pay the our way to a fortune, and at the worst debt, and ... Jack, it was I advised you ’ill have your curry and cheroots, you to buy the shares.” The Doctor and I'll have a well-fitting dress. Voila, rose and went to the window.

mon père." For God's sake don't do that, San When the two Drumtochty men ardie. Why, man, you gave me the best rived next forenoon at the hall in advice you knew, and there's an end Glasgow, where the shareholders had of it. It's the fortune of war, and we been summoned to receive particulars must take it without whining. I know of their ruin, the dreary place was whom you are thinking about, and I filled with a crowd representative of am......a bit sorry for Kate, for she every class in the community except ought to have lots of things—more the highest, whose wealth is in land, dresses and trinkets, you know. But, and the lowest, whose possessions are Davidson, she 'll be the bravest of the on their backs. There were city merthree.”

chants, who could not conceal their "You are right there, Jack. Kate chagrin that they had been befooled ; is of the true grit, but...... Tochty countrymen, who seemed utterly Jazed, Lodge?"

as if the course of the seasons had “Yes, it will hit us pretty hard to been reversed; prosperous tradesmen, see the old place sold, if it comes to who were aggressive in appearance that, when I hoped to end my days and wanted to take it out of somehere.........but, man, it's our fate. Bit body; widows, who could hardly reby bit we've lost Drumtochty, till there strain their tears, seeing before them was just the woods and the two farms nothing but starvation; clergymen, left, and soon we'ill be out of the place who were thinking of their boys taken -nothing left but our graves.” from school and college. For a while

Sandie, this is bad form, and..... the victims were silent, and watched you ’ill not hear this talk again; we with hungry eyes the platform door, ’ill get a billet somewhere and wher- and there was an eager rustle when erer it be, the’ill be a bed and a crust some clerk came out and laid a bundle for you, old man;" and at the door of papers on the table. This incident the two held one another's hands for seemed to excite the meeting and set a second ; that was all.

tongues loose. People began to talk to

their neighbours, explaining how they “So this was what you two con came to be connected with the bank, spirators were talking about down- as if this were now a crime. One had


inherited the shares and had never on knowing whether they are to be had resolution to sell them; another punished. The game having now been had been deceived by a friend and unearthed, the pack follow in full cry. bought them; a third had taken over The tradesman tells with much gusto two shares for a bad debt. A minister how one director asked the detectives thought that he must have been sum- for leave to have family prayers bemoned by mistake, for he was simply fore he was removed, and then declares a trustee on estate which had his conviction that when a man takes shares, but he was plainly nervous to praying you had better look after about his position. An Ayrshire Bailie your watch. Ayrshire wished to inhad only had his shares for six months, form the accountant and the authoriand he put it, with municipal eloquence, ties that the directors had conveyed to his circle, whether he could be held to their wives and friends enormous responsible for frauds of years' stand- sums which ought to be seized withing No one argued with him, and out delay. The air grew thick with indeed you might say anything you upbraidings, complaints, cries for venpleased, for each was so much taken geance, till the place reeked with sorup with his own case that he only list- did passions. Through all this ignoble ened to you that he might establish a storm the Drumtochty men sat silent, claim in turn on your attention. Here amazed, disgusted, till at last the Docand there a noisy and contident per- tor rose, and such authority was in sonage got a larger audience by pro- his very appearance that with his first fessing to have private information. words he obtained a hearing. A second-rate stockbroker assured “Mr. Accountant," he said, "and quite a congregation that the assets gentleman, it appears to me as if under of the bank included an estate in a natural provocation and suffering we Australia, which would more than pay are in danger of forgetting our due the whole debt, and advised them to dignity and self-respect. We have see that it was not flung away; and a been, as is supposed, the subjects of Government pensioner mentioned cas- fraud on the part of those whom we ually in his neighbourhood, on the trusted; that is a matter which the authority of one of the managers, that law will decide, and, if necessary, there was not that day a solvent bank punish. If we have been betrayed, in Scotland. The different conversa- then the directors are in worse case tions rise to a babel, various speakers than the shareholders, for we are not enforce their views on the floor with disgraced The duty before us is umbrellas, one enthusiast exhorts his plain, and must be discharged to our brother unfortunates from a chair, utmost ability. It is to go home and when suddenly there is a hush, and gather together the last penny for the then in a painful silence the share- payment of our debts, in order that, at holders hang on the lips of the account- any rate, those who have trusted us ant, from whom they learn that things may not be disappointed. Gentlemen, could not be worse, that the richest it is evident that we have lost our shareholder may be ruined, and ordi- means; let us show to Scotland that nary people will lose their last penny. there is something that cannot be

Speech again breaks forth, but now taken from us by fraud, and that we it is despairing, fierce, vindictive. One have retained our courage and our speaker storms against Government honour.” which allows public institutions to de- It was the General who led the apfraud the public, and refers to himself plause so that the roof of the hall as the widow and orphan, and another rang, but it is just unto Ayrshire and assails the directorate with bitter in- the rest to say that they came unto vective as liars and thieves, and insists themselves-all men of the old Scots

breed—and followed close after with Davidson ”—to an Athole farmera mighty shout.

"I am an elder in the Free Kirk, but The sounds of that speech went it iss this man that will be honouring through Scotland and awoke the spirit you." of honest men in many places, so that It was a fine instance of the unfailthe Doctor, travelling to Muirtown, ing tact of Peter Bruce that, seeing third class, with the General, and the carriage out of which the two wedged in among a set of cattle deal- came, and taking in the situation, he ers, was so abashed by their re- made no offer of the first class, but marks as they read the Caledonian straightway dusted out a third with that the General let out the secret. his handkerchief, and escorted them

" Yir hand, sir,” said the chief among to it cap in hand. Drumtochty rethem, a mighty man at the Falkirk strained itself with an effort in foreign Tryst; "gin it bena a leeberty, ilka parts—for Kildrummie was exceptionane o's hes a sair fecht tae keep straicht ally strong at the Junction—but it in oor wy o' business, but ye've gien's waited at the terminus till the outer a lift the day," and so they must needs world had gone up the road. Then all have a grip of the Doctor's hand, their own folk took the two in hand, who took snuff with prodigality, while and these were the body-guard that the General complained of the smoke escorted the Minister and the General from the engine.

to where our Kate was waiting with Nor were their trials over, for on the dogcart, each carrying some morMuirtown platform-it being Friday sel of luggage-Drumsheugh, Burn---all kinds of Perthshire men were brae, Hiilocks, Netherton, Jamie Sougathered, and were so proud of our tar, and Archie Moncur. Kate drove Doctor that before he got shelter in gloriously through Kildruinmie as if the Dunleith train his hand was sore, it had been a triumph, and let it be and the men that grasped it were of said to its credit that, the news having all kinds, from Lord Kilspindie—who, come, every hat was lifted, but that having missed him at the mapse, had which lasted till they got home, and come to catch him at the station, long afterward, was the hand-shake of “ Best sermon you ever preached, the Drumtochty men.

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the 17th of February last, the otic idea, an event worthy of being

Senate Chamber of the Parlia- perpetuated, greatly assisting those inent of Canada presented a pageant who had for many months striven to happily conceived and admirably di- direct pub ic attention to, and win rected by Her Excellency the Count- sympathy for, a national design-the ess of Aberdeen. That termed a Cabot Revival. It remains to be seen Fancy Ball was, in reality, a signi- what Ontario and Nova Scotia will ficant object lesson, illustrative of accomplish, particularly if the other various epochs in Canadian history, Provinces throughout the Dominion eminently calculated to awaken inter- co-operate in this prospective jubilee. est in personages who, during success- When Henry VII., emerging from ive periods, had been prominent in an atmosphere of apathy and grab, the discovery, settlement and progress tickled the palm of “him who founde of the Dominion. It was history in the new Isle,” with a gift of £10 0s. the concrete, from days when, in 982, Od., he doubtlessly premised that “John Eirek, or Leif Eirekson, and his Norse- Kabotto, Venecian,” would not be sole men penetrated the Polar regions, beneficiary. This sudden freak of discovering Iceland and Greenland, munificence must have astounded all to modern times, with Canada, a conversant with the avaricious inbranch of the Empire, her people in- stincts of their sovereign. On the dustrious, contented and prosperous, other hand, he may have been impelled enjoying all the blessings of constitu- by considerations altogether foreign tional rule, and having, as the repre- to issues affecting Britain's geographsentative of Her Majesty, a Governor- ical boundaries. Roasting Lollard General who closely identifies himself martyrs, variegated branding, unartistwith the material interests of the ic ear-slitting, extortions and quelling, commonwealth.

resultant revolutions, were becoming Past and present were happily monotonous as well as exceedingly blended: John Cabot, surrounded by dangerous operations. Added to this, his Venetian friends ; Jacques Cartier, there existed a widespread conviction Champlain ; the early French and that treasure passing within Royalty's English in Acadia-de Monts, Sir abnormally lengthy reach seldom esWilliam Alexander and Charles de la caped absorption. This startling maniTour; the days of Maisonneuve; New festation of prodigality was, therefore, France under de Tracy, Frontenac and a masterpiece of diplomacy, albeit a other courtiers of the “Grande Mon- severe wrench to majestic pursearque” period; English Acadia in the strings. Cabot may have been satisdays of “ Evangeline,” and Montcalm fied, although, on a second occasion, and Wolfe; the coming of the United when "given and graunten” permisEmpire Loyalists—God bless them!- sion to re-visit “the londe and isles of and the regime of Murray and Haldi- late founde by the seid John,” he mand and Simcoe; and then the modern stayed at home, deputing his son, or “up-to-date” statesman-a type Sebastian, to command the expedition. we always have with us! It was, Republics have flourished, empires indeed, a beautiful conception, a patri- decayed, since then, and the year 1897,

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